Humsafar Episode 23 Review

Author’s Note:

Humsafar spoke to me right from frame one – a heart to heart that is seldom possible in a pretentious world that thrives in manipulating our emotions. Humsafar has been a straight shooter that brought our deepest emotions to the fore and by doing that, has earned a permanent place in our hearts.


The final episode of Humsafar finishes what it set out to do – narrate a poignant story of two innocent hearts ripped apart by a vicious scheming mother only to find each other on the basis of strength of character, maturity, and love.

“Maa se zyaada insaan ka is duniya mein koi nahi hota,
Aapne to meri duniya hi khatam kar di”

Ashar believed in his mother above all else. While he could never say no to his father, Baseerat, he trusted in sharing his innermost feelings only with his mother. She was his support, his lifeline, and until the image got shattered into thousand pieces, she was the only woman he completely, blindly relied on. A woman he had no reason to distrust, a mother who was supposed to protect him against all odds, deceived and manipulated him using the knowledge of his nature as her weapon.

The scene where Ashar confronts Farida, at the onset, relays the hurt, humiliation, and utter helplessness of a son betrayed by his mother. The very manners instilled in him by his mother initially forbid him to rip her apart unmindful of the respect a mother deserves. But as she continues to assault his wife’s character and questions Hareem’s parentage the father in him takes over.

Ashar’s anguish at his mother’s betrayal makes him question her love for him. It is impossible for a man to fathom that a mother could ruthlessly destroy her own son’s happiness. There are moments in this scene when we can glimpse the little child in him, bruised and shattered, begging his mother to convince him that her treachery and the pain she caused him is not true, is not intentional. But the man in him recognizes and has witnessed the brutality with which his mother had single handedly, painstakingly mapped his destruction.

Farida’s honest moments

Farida, on hindsight, has been deceptive right from the word go. When you think back, you wonder, has she ever been in love with anyone other than herself. She was a simple mother, wife, mother in law to start with only to later metamorphosis into simply evil. The last scenes in this episode, where she turns neurotic are her only honest moments in the entire drama.

She breaks down with the knowledge of her actions, succumbing to her subconscious that assails her with guilt, regret, and fatality at her wrongdoings. This scene gives us a glimpse of humanity and goodness in her that probably was deeply buried by her insecurities, her false sense of pride, and misplaced sense of justice on behalf of her son.

As a viewer, I’m happy to see Ashar taking care of his mother when she needs the love of her son the most. Goes to show, revenge is overrated, forgiveness is divine.

“Mohabbat mari to nahi,
Lekin kahin kho zaroor gayi hai”

As much as I loved the confrontation between Ashar and his mother, which was predictably intense, I could not wait for the scene between Ashar and Khirad that gave me goosebumps. How would a woman who was forced by circumstances to relinquish her love for a man who did not stand up for her, react to finally hearing him break down with guilt and self-disgust at what she had to go through because of his distrust?

The fact that tugged at my heart was her honest confession to Ashar that she has no idea how to bring back the feelings of love for Ashar that had once consumed her. To be fair, Ashar not once laid the blame on his mother, instead took the blame on himself, as a man rightly should. He was responsible for his wife and he miserably failed to uphold her honor no matter what the circumstances.

Khirad finally letting go of her loneliness and confessing that she is tired of standing alone and fighting brought tears to my eyes. Ashar promises her that he would never let her go.

The happy family – THE moment!

The scene we envisioned and wished for a million times was finally here and predictably, I had a goofy grin on my face. Am sure you did too. Three months later, Ashar watched his daughter getting happily drenched in the rain, reminded him of his wife doing the same during the happy days of their marriage. The look between Ashar and Khirad that followed spoke volumes without a single word being uttered. Alongside her husband who was lost in her eyes, Khirad looked radiant, clad in bright hues of blue and yellow. Against the backdrop of the rains with their daughter present as witness to their growing love for each other, Humsafar ended on a happy romantic note.

Tribute to Humsafar

Humsafar will remain a benchmark in the art of story telling for years to come. Script writing is a different ball game to penning down a story as a book. Farhat Ishtiaq has excelled herself with a tight script, crisp dialogues, and deep characterizations that have kept us glued to the plot. Sarmad Khoosat with his simple yet exemplary execution of the strong script has made Humsafar the phenomenon it is today.

The actors Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan have immortalized the characters of Ashar and Khirad by infusing so much life and individuality into playing them on screen.

Who would have thought that Navin Waqar would give a seasoned performance as the traumatized Sara in her first ever television appearance as an actor? She did and the multi-talented actor hopefully will grace us with many more notable performances in the near future.

Atiqa Odho convinced and fitfully deceived us with her acting prowess as the scheming neurotic mother of Ashar. Farida is the most layered character of the drama and she has effortlessly portrayed every emotion to justify the layers.

Last but not the least, Qurat-ul-Ain Baloch’s melodious voice crooning the title track of humsafar will remain in our hearts as a buzz that reminds us of a drama we will always cherish.

Neeraja Unni
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Humsafar Episode 22 Review

Author’s note: In this episode, we see the birth of truth and the death of desperation. We see how all the characters reach their destination solely based on their actions, decisions, and choices.

HumsafarAshar – The awakening!

The fog over his mind finally clears in this episode when he finds the letter Khirad wrote to him years ago. In the letter, she explains the injustice meted out to her by his mother and Khizer. The words of his father on his deathbed that should have ideally made sense to him years ago comes back to haunt him along with the letter, reinforcing Khirad’s innocence. He was blinded by his ego, his insecurities, and his lack of trust in his love. He failed to reach out to his wife when she needed him the most and that is an unforgivable failure of a husband. Khirad, and in retrospect, both Ashar and Hareem, need not have gone through the hell at the hands of his mother if only he had trusted his wife, as a husband should.

Khirad – Sacrifice!

She is THE woman, every worthy man’s dream come true – Strong, resolute, dignified, humble, and brimming with unconditional love for her child. My heart broke into a thousand pieces when Ashar read her letter stating why she left Hareem with him, and I wasn’t aware of the tears streaming down my cheeks at the humility with which Khirad wrote the letter even though Ashar did not deserve it. I cried for the only character in this show that did not deserve even a percent of what was meted out to her at the hands of her husband and her mother in law. She was never at fault. By renouncing her right to the only reason for her survival (Hareem), she shines as an example for all the virtues of a woman, a human being and a mother.

Farida – Dark Soul!

Vitriolic, vile, and vindictive, Farida is anyone’s nightmare. Sweet, pretty on the outside, and loathsome on the inside, even her own son, Ashar was in the dark about his mother’s true self. I wonder if her husband, Baseerat, even had an inkling about her nature. If he dint, he was the lucky one to go before she shed her goodness garb. She hit the pits when she contemplates having made a mistake in not killing Hareem when she was in Khirad’s womb. A woman who can think of such evil cannot be called a woman. I’m waiting for her to get what she deserves at the hands of her son.

Sara – Wasted Life!

I cried! I couldn’t help it, I cried for Sara, for the loss of a beautiful intelligent woman whose soul was tainted by unrequited love, misplaced trust, unjustified hatred, and lack of self worth. If one closely follows the journey of Sara in Humsafar, under the guise of a self-confident, independent minded, modern girl resided an insecure, dependant, and angry child who had mindlessly clung to the image of Ashar as her soul mate and refused to believe otherwise. As a result, she was a tormented soul who neither lived nor died peacefully.

Zarina – Repentance!

I cannot fathom a mother’s loss. It is too profound for words. My heart goes out to Zarina for losing her only daughter, Sara to circumstances that could have been altered. She woke up a little too late to a reality that was already killing her daughter. Despite her initial insistence that Sara cut off all ties with Ashar, a married man, she did later on give in to her daughter’s adamancy and her sister, Farida’s schemes to do away with an innocent Khirad.

Khizer – Vile!

Khizer once again proved to be a spineless man, who Sara was right to reject right from the start. A person sincerely repenting for his misdeeds would stay put and state the truth instead of rushing off at the first sign of trouble. Ashar slaps Khizer and throws him out of his office when the latter comes to visit wanting to explain everything to Ashar in a bid to get even with Farida for failing to convince Sara to marry him.

Hareem – Innocence!

An innocent bystander to this entire drama, and a victim nevertheless, it was heart wrenching to see her stand so desolately on her bed wanting to know where her mother was. As a mother, I still feel it is not a prudent choice to leave a child behind that too without an explanation. One can only imagine the trauma a child will go through knowing her mother abandoned her however noble the cause maybe.

The scene in which Ashar reads Khirad’s letter to him that was written when she was mercilessly thrown out would remain one of my favorite scenes of Humsafar. Am glad the contents of the letter were revealed towards the end of the show. As you listen to Khirad’s cry for help and trust, along with the scenes of her humiliation being played out on the screen, images of her helplessness, hurt, and ultimately the death of Khirad who was in love with Ashar flashes through your mind.

She warned him that she would die if he dint trust her and get her back. So she did. Khirad who blindly loved and trusted Ashar died the day her daughter was born without Ashar by her side and in her place the mother who unconditionally and devoutly loved only her daughter was born.

Ashar’s emotional upheaval while reading the letter is nothing compared to hearing his mother confirm what the letter states. It must be gut wrenching to hear his mother, the only person he had implicitly trusted till date, confess that she should have killed his daughter while in her mother’s womb. Ashar’s guilt at mistrusting his wife, hurt at losing her love, and shock at his mother’s role in destroying his life, leaves him speechless and grieving.

Precap for Episode 23 (final episode)

Ashar after the shattering revelation of his mother’s misdeeds comes face to face with the woman who single handedly destroyed the very life she gave him. Farida refuses to accept her sins and tries to tarnish Khirad when Ashar stops her and asks his mother a question no child should ever ask a mother.

Neeraja Unni
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Humsafar Episode 21 Review

Author’s note: A friend once told me that a woman does not need a man’s approval even in the form of love to validate her worth. Living in a society which measures a woman’s value with the presence of a man in her life, this is easier said than done. Humsafar, to me, is not just a story being told brilliantly or merely a poignant journey of the characters we have come to love, but it is more of a validation for what my friend truly believes.


Through the tale of two women, Khirad and Sara, ‘Humsafar’ reinforces the fact that a woman’s self-worth is a measure of what she is with or without a man by her side. Khirad is the epitome of a woman I would forever strive to emulate. Her strength of character and her resolve is evident even at times when all the odds have been stacked against her; she has forged ahead with clarity of purpose that is truly extraordinary. Sara, on the other hand, symbolizes weakness that I dread, a weakness born out of an all-consuming love that destroys one’s essence.

Heart knows what the mind doesn’t

Ashar’s anguish over his heart wanting Khirad back in his life rips him apart. His mind refuses to believe he could want a woman who had ruthlessly crushed his heart and betrayed his trust. His mind, trying to find plausible excuses for his heart, pauses to reminisce her words about the virtue of being truthful. He also remembers his father’s dying advice to realize Khirad’s true essence and protect her at all cost. Ashar once again is blind to what his heart has already declared to him – that Khirad is innocent for inspite of all his faults, he is an honorable man who would never love a conceited woman.

The Ultimate Sacrifice of a Mother

Her child’s welfare is paramount for a mother. While it is no different for Khirad, she takes it several notches higher by deciding to let Hareem live with her father who is in a better position to offer her daughter the security she needs. It is a tough decision but Khirad is unwaveringly stubborn to see it through for her daughter’s benefit.

In my view, Khirad’s decision has a major flaw: She has failed to consider a daughter’s need for a mother’s love and presence that is irreplaceable. No amount of security, emotional and otherwise, provided by a devoted father can equal a mother’s loving embrace or her unwavering support for a daughter.

Torment turns Full Circle!

I enjoy Farida’s plight of being the tormented instead of the tormentor. Khizer earns brownie points just for that. Karma is about to knock on her door soon. Meanwhile, she is still up to her dirty tricks by telling her son that Khizer with Khirad’s encouragement is waiting for Ashar to divorce her. Ashar’s agony over this information is writ large on his face when it comes from his mother, a person he has no reason (yet) to disbelieve.

Five years ago when Ashar married Khirad, he lacked the maturity to realize the depth of the woman he began to love. After all these years, through separation, betrayal, heartache, and realization he is yet to fully grasp the true strength and integrity of the only woman he has ever loved. Such is the profoundness of Khirad’s spirit; a man has to surpass ordinariness to be truly worthy of her love and devotion. Ashar is but an ordinary man and no less than his penance for failing to recognize her worth will suffice to regain Khirad’s love and trust.

Ashar literally throws his heart at her feet, but Khirad stands strong resolutely refusing to acknowledge his feelings. Ashar is stunned, angry, and hurt at her refusal to talk any further when he lays his heart in front of her requesting her to come back to him at least for their daughter’s sake. Khirad’s smirk at his vehemence that he has whole-heartedly forgiven her for her betrayal says it all.

Navin Waqar once again proves her mettle as an actress in a scene where she breaks down in front of her mother portraying a vulnerable Sara who is helpless in letting Ashar go. She successfully brings out her trauma over her undying love for Ashar and hatred for Khirad. Her impeccable portrayal of Sara left me aching on behalf of a character I don’t usually relate to for it is unthinkable for me to self-destruct in the name of unrequited love.

Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan moved me beyond words with their exemplary performances. Fawad, in my opinion, has joined the ranks of seasoned actors with his flawless portrayal of Ashar in ‘Humsafar’ while Mahira Khan has honed her acting skills with an author-backed role of Khirad.

Precap of Episode 22

The letter that Khirad wrote for Ashar at the time when Farida cruelly ousted her from her home finally reaches the person it was meant for. Ashar after reading the letter breaks down at the injustice meted out to his wife. Another scene I am looking forward to is the one where Ashar slaps Khizer. Now that is something worth waiting for.

Neeraja Unni
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Humsafar Episode 20 Review

Let us not mince words here – this is by far the best episode I have seen of any television show and that’s saying a lot since I watch too many of them.

HumsafarTruth prevails!

Ashar was fed lies and the image of Khirad those lies created in his mind was that of a characterless, heartless, manipulative woman. He had lived with this image that tortured his soul for four and half years. Despite the hatred he felt for his wife, he never let go of her in his heart. Even in hate, he kept her alive within him.

Khirad in her bid to safeguard one thing she considered her own – her self-respect, she let go of the man who had refused to trust her, which was a direct blow to her heart as well as her dignity as a woman. Even in his presence, she maintained a stoic silence regarding their past refusing to dredge up something that was long buried. Her love for Hareem helped her stay focused and gave her the strength to be just a mother.

Living under the same roof with Khirad, no amount of hatred could blind Ashar to her simplicity, her honesty, her goodness of heart, and most importantly her unconditional love and devotion for their daughter. Khirad, just by being herself, was enough to tear away the image falsely and forcibly imbedded in his mind. And that is the way it should be.

Self Respect vs Self destruction

Every woman is born strong from within. Both Khirad and Sara represent that strength. The difference lies in their priorities and the way they have used it. While her self-respect has always been Khirad’s priority in life, Sara let hers take a back seat to her love for Ashar.

Khirad fought through life’s battles to retain her self-respect and dignity, while Sara let herself be manipulated by the self-serving evil designs of another woman for a love of a man who was never hers. She literally ‘fell’ in love while Khirad rose like a phoenix on the strength of love and self-respect.

The episode is replete with memorable moments and it is nigh impossible to pin down one. While Hareem’s operation is in progress, Khirad breaks down in front of Ashar seeking solace and reassurance that her daughter will live the full life she deserves to live. It is heart wrenching to see a broken and helpless Khirad. We did see her break down when she was separated from Ashar but that was nothing compared to the rawness of emotion she displays for her daughter’s life. No man can be blind to the unconditional love of a mother, and it was heartening to see Ashar finally realize the worth of the woman he let go.

The entire team of Humsafar gets a standing ovation for an episode that surpasses extraordinaire with its refined simplicity and honesty of expressions. This, we realize, could not have been possible without Ishtiaq’s crisp writing, Khoosat’s incredible vision, and the actor’s dedication towards their craft. Fawad Khan, Navin Waqar, and Mahira Khan excel with their performance in this episode.

Precap of Episode 21

Heading towards the finale, evil gets to taste its own medicine, when Khizer comes to Fareeda and threatens her with dire consequences if he does not get Sara. Ashar gets agitated to see Khizer walking out of his home and questions Fareeda about his presence in their home. Fareeda determined to cause trouble tells him that Khizer wants him to divorce Khirad.

This is the highlight of the next episode:

Khirad: ‘Main Hareem ko aapke paas chodke jaa rahi hoon, apni poori aamadgi and razamandi ke saath’

Ashar: ‘Main tumhe khud maaf kar raha hoon’

Khirad: ‘Aapki aala zarfi ka shukriya’

It is evident that Ashar is still in the dark about what really happened from the way he proudly albeit pleadingly tells her he has forgiven her. Little does he realize he has offered something too little too late.

Neeraja Unni
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Note: I’m posting my second story, Circle of Trust, chapter wise on a story sharing platform called Wattpad.  Here is the link if you are interested in reading – I’m writing this as part of the NaNoWriMo and JustWriteit a 30 day challenge wherein I write 50,000 words in this month of November. 5 days in, I have barely scraped the surface, but am sure with your encouragement and support I can do it. If you read the story, please leave your feedback in the comments section of the chapter. It’s much appreciated and don’t forget to say hello and introduce yourself 🙂 I would love to meet you there.

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Humsafar Episode 19 Review


Always beware of the calm sea that takes in all the sun, the sand, the rain without so much as a ripple. It is bound to rise up in gigantic waves at some point, engulfing all those within reach.

Ashar and Khirad, despite their face offs are yet to confront their deepest emotions when it comes to each other. They have spent enough time around one another as parents of a child who constantly needs utmost care and purest of love. I eagerly await the day when the dam breaks and both recognize the person they fell in love with at the onset.

Despite their hatred for each other, Ashar and Khirad have each excelled in keeping their darker emotions at bay for the sake of their daughter Hareem. Having been raised around people who have shown sincerest of emotions, Hareem soon recognizes her grandmother’s affections for what it was – shallow.

Out of the child’s mouth

While it is true that God made parents, as He cannot personally take care of them, it is more than true that children are His messengers. Hareem unwittingly requests to see her parent’s wedding album and Ashar digs into that very box that has the misplaced unread letter written by Khirad explaining her innocence. Let us hope Ashar gets to finally read it.

Hareem with all her innocence sees through the games people play while the very games go unnoticed by her father. Ashar fails to see what Hareem clearly recognizes about Ashar’s mother. She doesn’t like it and says so to her father.

Evil comes Full Circle

Khizer, an important factor in breaking Khirad’s marriage, comes back to haunt Farida and Sara. Sara, who has been stringing along Khizer for four long years so as not to risk him revealing their ploy to Ashar, now has to face the repulsive prospect of marrying Khizer for the very same reason. I, for one do not understand the logic of marrying someone else to stay in the good books of the one you love.

Khizer, with his butter smooth manipulation, convinces (subtle blackmail) Farida to take his rishta to Sara. This only proves what the tradesmen always say – it is the middlemen who walk away with the best deal. It was fun watching Farida in a Fix though :- )

The other side of Khirad

The story has already established Khirad as one of the strongest protagonist with her simplicity, her practicality, honesty, and inherent strength that comes from being a mother. But in the scene right after she sees the way Farida behaves with her daughter, we get to see her claws come out and forewarn Farida the consequences of hurting her child in any way. We actually saw Khirad threatening to reveal everything to Ashar, which is so against her basic nature. My chin by reflex went up and I felt proud at the way Khirad lashed out at Farida, with her dignity still intact.

Special Mention – Author’s note

I was thrilled to see Sara’s mom, Zarina, finally admitting the fact that what they did to Khirad and Ashar is nothing short of treachery and unforgivable in the eyes of God. Our actions define us in His eyes and there is no escaping from Him. There is no excuse whatsoever for acting in a way that puts an innocent being in harm’s way. No excuse at all. I sincerely hope Sara realizes her folly and moves on with her life leaving Ashar and Khirad to live their life in peace.

Sharing a child creates an unbreakable bond between couples. It surpasses all the problems of a relationship and becomes THE most important thread that connects the parents. And when the life of that very child hangs in balance, you have no one else to turn to but God. During that difficult phase, one thing that can ease your pain is the emotional support from your partner who shares the anguish of watching your child suffer.

The scenes that portray the above are those that touched my heart. The moments when both Ashar and Khirad together mentally prepare Hareem for hospitalization and the way Khirad prays to God breaking down at the end not knowing if she will ever get her daughter back are those that make Humsafar worth the watch.

Ashar’s quiet reassurance to Khirad and her acceptance of his offer of comfort albeit with only words lights a new hope in my heart for them as a family.

Neeraja Unni
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Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 13 Review

It was a sad sad episode to start with. A relationship as sacrosanct as marriage ending on a non-issue such as failure to find a middle ground is distressing to watch. The thirteenth episode of ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’ was an interesting episode that was thought provoking and helped shed a light on various issues, which were just superficially touched upon in the earlier ones.

Right from the word go, there was a clarity about the plot with each interaction clearing our doubts rather than creating more questions, which is refreshingly different in this episode. I could feel a sense of ‘tehraav’ in the script that made me thoroughly enjoy the interactions between all the characters.

Finally, after skirting around the issue for ages, Zaroon and Asmara sit across the table like adults and thrash out their expectations from each other. What came out clearly from the interaction is that Zaroon has atlast figured out what he wants from his future partner and Asmara has none of the qualities he is looking for in his wife. Honest yet uncompromising in his expectations, Zaroon shows rare maturity in recognizing that Asmara would not make an ideal partner for him. Having said that, his tunnel vision and immaturity surfaces when he confesses to Osama that his measure for an ideal wife is none other than his college arch-rival Kashaf.

Osama and Zaroon’s conversation was long overdue but am happy it happened when it did. From being just a shadow in their friendship trio during college, Osama emerges as the voice of reason and effectively plays devil’s advocate to his long time friend, Zaroon. What are friends for if they do not have the gumption to call you an idiot when you act like one? Osama has always been mature and given valid advice to his friends but Zaroon was blindsided by his own irrationality to give it importance; Asmara railroading Zaroon with her support in his wrongdoings not helping matters.

Just when I was thinking if such a man existed who knew what compromise was, Osama with his clear thinking and understanding has given me hope. This tête-à-tête between the two friends was crucial for the plot to get into Zaroon’s mind and finally find answers for questions that has plagued us for a while. So, janab has been using Kashaf as a yardstick in his search for an ‘ideal wife’, goes to show how skewed up his thought process is. Anyone who knows Kashaf even a little bit, would instantly recognize her fierce sense of individuality and her distrust of men, two qualities that right away disqualify her as an ideal candidate for the title of ‘Mrs. Zaroon Junaid’. Banda smart hai but relationships ke maamle mein ek dum bewakoof hai.

After Zaroon’s talk with Asmara, wherein he basically tells her ‘this what I want, this is who I am, take it or leave it’, the parents get involved when it becomes clear that their kids are on the verge of breaking their engagement on something that can be worked out with compromise and adjustment. They probably would have if they knew or had seen how it is done. Children gather most of the ingredients that make up their personality from watching their parents. While Zaroon’s father has compromised and adjusted to accommodate his wife’s independent streak and her ambitions, he has somehow failed to project it as a positive quality to his children.

Couple of things stood out and hit me squarely in my jaw during Zaroon’s interaction with his father. While I have always held the senior Junaid as a man who has given wings to his wife, I was a little taken aback to hear him assure Zaroon that Asmara would follow his ways once she steps into this house instead of asking his son if he had stopped to consider the wants and wishes of his future wife. When Zaroon bitterly comments on his upbringing in a dysfunctional family, Junaid clearly does not think on the same lines insisting there was nothing wrong. I have always thought Junaid understood his son’s anguish over a nearly-absent mother in his life, clearly I was wrong.

As an aside, every woman with a career has to make sacrifices with respect to her family to effectively balance her ambitions with her domestic duties and responsibilities. A husband, who is not just vocally supportive but goes an extra mile to share the responsibility of bringing up their children, is a blessing for a wife. It also contributes to providing a sense of balance to their children’s world.

Ghazala and Junaid, as all parents do, try to place blame on each other for their children’s lack of ability to comprehend, cope, and compromise in a difficult situation. Sara’s predicament does not gain my sympathy at all. She comes across as childish, immature, and completely self absorbed. Absolute lack of emotion on Sara’s face when Farhan agrees to the divorce tipped the scale for me. I have no compassion nor intention to shift the blame for her decision on to her mother, for as an adult, the onus of a relationship and decisions concerning those relationships rests solely on her.

Did a lightening strike while I wasn’t looking? Murtaza admitting that he had no role to play in his daughters’ achievements came as a bolt from the blue. Better late than never, Murtaza finally exhibits a sense of shame in being a poor role model of a father and thinks he does not have the right to ask any favor from his daughters. Right said Murtaza! But looks like Kashaf is in no hurry to neither forgive nor forget his nonchalant behavior towards her family all these years. Rafia tries in vain to patch things up between father and daughter and it was heart wrenching to see how of the acts of one man has left such deep scars in her.

Sigh! Let us shift focus from heavy discussions and concentrate on the fun part of the episode. Like a delicious tempting dessert after a seven course meal, Zaroon and Kashaf’s meeting at Badin as colleagues has renewed my hunger for this drama several notches higher. Oh! They are fire and ice. What a delight to watch them on screen together. Zaroon is back to being his charming, disarming self going all out to woo her. He never learns! Good for us, we get to see him getting humiliated again and again by Kashaf and her sharp tongue. He wants her personal number; she gives him her official one with disapproval. He tries to get familiar; she shoots him down with a glare. He grins, she rolls her eyes. Oh! How I love these two.

Precap of Episode 14

After a slow long walk in the scorching desert (three episodes), I finally get to an oasis. Waiting to drink my fill in the coming episode where we have more of Zaroonisms and Kashaf-shot-downs. Life suddenly looks beautiful 🙂 Oh wait, we have Osama going for the kill by dining with Kashaf. Do we get to witness a jealous Zaroon as well!

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Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 11 Review

As was evident in the precap, this episode proved to be a continuation of the slow pace set by the previous one. If we can, for a moment (the length of the episode), forget the lack of Zaroon and Kashaf’s amazing chemistry that quickens the pace of our heartbeat along with that of the episode; it has been a true reflection of the chauvinistic hypocritical society we live in.

This episode had me seething and gritting my teeth in frustration at the insensitivity of a father who is clueless about his duty towards his daughters. When Rafia, out of desperation, seeks financial help from the father of her daughters to get Sidra married, Murtaza offers nigh a support let alone monetarily. Despite the lack of concern and affection on his part for his family being as obvious as the nose on her face, Rafia once again seeking his help was both heart-wrenching and infuriating to watch.

A man, however undeserving, by default, takes the place of the head of the family in the eyes of the society. Question is who is this society anyway? It is formed by people like you and I, who for reasons best known to us, decide to tow the line without question. As a woman who has repeatedly faced rejection at the hands of her husband and has been a witness to his callous disregard for his daughters, Rafia, walked a thin line between societal expectations and personal preferences on her visit to the Murtaza household to invite them for the wedding. The three daughters were right in raising a question as to why the man has to be invited to the wedding when he has hardly ever contributed in raising them.

What was even more galling was Murtaza’s assumption that he deserves to be treated with the same respect as any father who has unconditionally loved and supported his daughters and family. As long as there are women who attach significance to undeserving men like Murtaza, the society will not only continue to hold them in high regard but also demand the same of everyone. It is immaterial whether the father even deserves to be called as such, but a family is deemed incomplete without his presence and weddings are occasions where this tenet is made glaringly significant.

Kashaf lands a well-paying job at a firm with Sir Abrar’s help. Sir Abrar in turn, requests Zaroon’s father for that recommendation, which gets Kashaf her job. As the older sibling, she once again puts her studies and ambitions on hold to raise enough money to get her younger sister married – a responsibility which is usually taken on by the father. It is painful to watch the sisters face their father’s desertion one more time. As used to it as they are, it is still evident from their anxiousness how a small corner of their hearts, even today, holds a glimmer of hope that their father would someday miraculously come through for them. Sidra’s “Abba ayen hain?” is indication enough of the girl’s misplaced hope.

Zaroon, against the wishes of the women in his life, prepares for CSS and once he gets through decides to take up a job in Lahore. Asmara and Zaroon are a mismatch made in hell. They were never meant to be. Remind me once again why these two are engaged? Each speaks a different language and sings a different tune individually and together. It is just a matter of time before they head for the splitsvilla, next episode hopefully! Zaroon’s expectations from his fiancé are chauvinistic and God help men who continue to hold such notions of the opposite sex in this time and age.

Throughout this episode, if my hands were continually itching to slap some sense into Murtaza and his wife Nigar, it was because of the exemplary performances of the actors who have pulled off the characters to perfection. They have been consistently giving the viewers ample reason to dislike them, portraying characters we love to hate.

Precap for Episode 12:

Sara’s husband Farhan has finally woken up to the fact that he probably might not be able to live with Sara’s independent streak and confides in Zaroon. I am all ears to know what Zaroon’s advice to Farhan would be. Kashaf aces CSS exams and it looks like at last the men in her family have found something about Rafia’s family that pleases/benefits them. Sir Abrar, a father figure in Kashaf’s life, addresses her as beta, an endearment she had craved from her father.

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