Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 14 Review: Consider us Adequately Charmed!


Despite the same steady and slow pace as the previous episodes, the latest episode of “Zindagi Gulzar Hai” has put us in a unique position of being thoroughly charmed by someone who also sets our teeth on edge. Zaroon and Kashaf, even after a gap of few years from their University days, show little or no change in their behavior, thinking, and attitudes towards life or towards each other. Stalemate! Except for the fact that Zaroon is now on a mission to wear her down with his charm, while she stubbornly refuses to budge from her stoic stance. She is as ice as ever even against his fire.

The much awaited episode started off in a documentary setting where Zaroon and Kashaf are hosting a tour of villages for couple of foreigners. Zaroon takes the opportunity to size her up and soon realizes that when it comes to Miss Kashaf Murtaza, (yes, he makes sure that she is single) nothing has changed since college, she is still a hard nut to crack. She is the first one to walk to the waiting van and without a moment’s hesitation she gets into the front seat, which does not go unnoticed by Zaroon. Kashaf takes one look at the rich playboy and decides he is not worth her time even now. It was sad to see her revisit old wounds caused by this popular guy. The bitter memories push her to be even curter with him and she does not miss a chance to snub him.

Charmer: Kashaf… (Zaroon calls out to her in a familiar manner)

Snub 1: Behtar hai aap mera naam itna casually na len!

Madam Strict: Tumhare saath aaye hain, tumhari baat sun ni chahiye unko.

Charmer Snubs back: Behtar hoga agar aap mujhi aap kehke bulaye….

(Oh his smirk right before he lands that punch…that’s Fawad Khan for you!)

“Ullu! Gadhe! Use phone karke kehna kya chaah raha tha!” is one of the most charming hilarious moments of the episode. Self assured Zaroon fumbling over a phone call to a girl – a sight to behold. To follow it up, the next morning he anxiously awaits her arrival. The tune (the famous and addictive Bobby McFerrin’s ‘Don’t worry be happy’) used as the background score however irrelevant to the scene put us in the right mood for witnessing yet another humiliation of the mighty Zaroon Junaid at the hands of the calm and composed Kashaf Murtaza.

Charmer: Bata dena tha…kaafi der se intazaar kar raha tha.

Snub 3: Aat baje ka calltime tha. Aat abhi bajen hain.

Zaroon looked like a boy who has been handed a candy when he realizes that Kashaf is still the conservative girl who does not believe in staying out late. His grin said it all; it screamed ‘Yesss!! I am so right in reading her as the right partner for me’ and he gets the ball rolling from then on. If only he would expand his parameters for partner search a little more. Sigh! Boys can be so dense sometimes! 🙂

Zaroon making a complete fool of himself was such an absolute delight to watch. Fawad Khan is mesmerizing when he is boyishly charming doing everything he can to get the girl he wants. The plan backfires though, probably because he is out of depth when it comes to Kashaf. But we have to admit, out rightly lying to her about Sir Abrar not being at home was a half-cooked idea Zaroon tried to wing at the last minute to whisk her off for lunch. She catches on when the professor himself walks out of his home and unwittingly reveals more that stamps Zaroon as a fool for even thinking his hair brained idea would work with her. She calls him to put him in his place for pulling such a stunt on her but interestingly has no reply when he asks her why she has an issue about his girlfriends. Typical Kashaf!


Amidst a deluge of Kashaf and Zaroon’s scenes together, Zaroon’s conversation with his friend Osama stood its own. Zaroon was surprised to learn of his friend’s continued interest in Kashaf and the fact that Osama has stayed in touch with her over the years puts him at unease. His jealousy hidden under the guise of teasing his friend did not fail to register with us. This is soon turning out to be a triangle between the gentleman, a charmer with a chip on his shoulder and Miss Hoity Toity.

Osama is everything Zaroon is not; he is everything Kashaf would want in a man – dependable, respectful of women, sensitive, and a thorough gentleman – a set of qualities any woman would be blessed to find in her husband.  I loved the way he proposed to Kashaf over dinner – honest, considerate, straightforward, sufficiently shy and wary of rejection. Osama was adorable in the scene. For all intent and purposes, she has no plausible excuse to reject his proposal unless a certain roguish charmer has already sneaked his way into her heart.


Precap for Episode 15:

Admitting to his sister and his uncle/professor of his interest in Kashaf is a serious step forward for Zaroon. He has finally arrived at a point of wanting a union with her, right at the time when Kashaf’s mother is considering Osama’s proposal for her daughter (unless she was talking about another proposal for her younger daughter). Even Sir Abrar seems to know that Zaroon’s perception of Kashaf is a massive error in judgment.

Neeraja Unni

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39 Responses to Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 14 Review: Consider us Adequately Charmed!

  1. Nita Khandekar says:

    Neeru, once again a wonderfully written piece with all my favourite portions mentioned. Despite haveing watched it over & over again, I keep waiting for these scenes woth abated breath as if something is going to change……………. and strangely I do always in an episode notice a nuance which I had missed the previous umpteenth time that I had watched!

  2. Rabab Zaka says:

    First of all congratulation son your new blog!!!! and what a way to inaugurate it!!!
    Loved your review.” woh kehte haina sabar ka phal meetha hota hai” thoroughly enjoyed it. and the charmer – snub part hahahaha!!!!
    this episode was such a treat !!! loved watching it. each and every scene, dialogue and expression was too good.!!! when zaroon aska her are u miss or mrs kashaf!!! hahaha. and of course aap mujhay tum nhain aap keh k bulayain. when she tells him she doesn’t stay out late and he goes like ” abhi tak” hahaha. The phone call late at night. and of course the confrontation at sir ibrar’s place. Fawad khan just aced it. his expressions were priceless and Sanam Saeed’s chemistry with him is amazing.
    I have no clue why Kashaf would turn down osama’s offer because there appears to be no flaw with his character unlike our hero zaroon.
    although I have read the novel but the play is so well written that it appears i just read the review at the back of the book. I really like all the new twists and turns.
    BTW the opening scene when they go to the villages in interior sindh reminded me of dhoop kinaray when Dr.zoya and Dr.ahmar make a similar trip.
    so looking forward to today’s episode!!!!!

  3. SK says:

    Hey nice to see you with a new blog…so muh esier to comment biw! Great fan of your reviews , and this one is brilliant too! I also enjoyed this episode a lot for all the above scenes and dialogues mentioned!
    Well we will find out about who the rishta is for tommorow…I think they just threw that in there for suspense, it probably is for shenila. I also think she will say no to osama on the spot and zaroons rishta can’t go there so quickly unless hes working overtime lol!!
    Can’t wait like everyone else to see how it all pans out and Kashaf accepts!!

    • neeru says:

      Hey SK great to see you here. Thank you 🙂

      I agree. Well tonight we shall know. Lol @ Zaroon having to work overtime!! Yes, he has his work cut out for him…and not just winning her over for marriage but with the kind of person she is, he needs to keep at it forever 🙂

  4. aimy says:

    Oh good..well lead pair is Imran Abbas and Sanam Jhang. U guess it right Neero jee thr is Sarwat Gilani as well in drama bt i think she is not the lead (i guessed it after watching OST) bt she is an imp supporting role i think…nd nt only sarwat bt sanam jhang is also very talented…its sanam’s very first drama bt she has nailed it (atleast mjhe to ab takk shikayat ka ek bhi moka nahi dia)..i m sure u will love her performance too…and Imran Abbas keh baare mein aap bataiye ga..kesa laga aapko humara hero lolx..

    • neerunni says:

      They look good Aimy 🙂 moreover, from what little I have seen, i gather they are good actors too. So yeah I think the show is worth a try. Once I watch it, I will let you know what I think 🙂

  5. Sonia says:

    Amal yeah i totaly love Kuch pyar ka pagalpn….
    Remember those days kuch pyar ka pagalpn on fridays night and Humsafar on Saturday nights….
    Treat to watch both the whole week…. Hahaa

  6. aimy says:

    Oh well thts great thn…thank u so much neeru jee for considering my request..i m posting a link of Dil e muztar’s (Restless heart) OST..hope u enjoy it..

    • neerunni says:

      Aimy thank you for the link. I just watched it and loved it. I am going to watch the show. Is that Sarwat Gillani? She is very expressive. The scenes in the OST have me interested. Thank you 🙂

  7. Fatima Awan says:

    Hi Neeraja, Great to know that you started your own blog, Congrats. I really enjoy reading your reviews and this was the most interesting one so far. You are so right, Zaroon did realize soon enough that this was the same old Kashaf and yes about Kashaf not staying out till late lol so right!! Just what the doctor ordered;) I am wondering like many other people out there if the engagement is officially over…eagerly waiting for the next episode and most importantly to find out just why and how Kashaf decides to marry Zaroon. Will be looking forward to your reviews too, all the best.

    • neerunni says:

      Fatima, thank you so very much for your wishes. I am a fan of your writing style and I thoroughly enjoy reading your reviews.

      Am looking forward to the very points you have mentioned. About the engagement, they have left it hanging and hope they close the loop soon, prob in the coming episode.

  8. Amal says:

    Wonderful episode and a great review neeraja. After dhoop kinare and samundar, have not enjoyed any play so much.
    All their quips and expressions were excellent. Loved the way he tells her to address him with aap — tum say laga hai hamari puraani shanasaee hai .
    I think that proposal in the next episode will be for her sister. My 2 cents — she will turn down Osama there and then.
    You didn’t mention her expressions there and the way he mentions his slight dislike for her preferring the govt service over private sector .

    • neerunni says:

      Thank you Amal 🙂 I loved Dhoop Kinare. It was my initiation into Pakistani dramas, for which I shall be forever thankful.

      Its an interesting observation Amal that she would turn him down outright. Maybe she would. About missing out on her expressions, thats not all, I have not covered so many of them here. I wish I could but it would be way too long to hold people’s interest in my review. And moreover i am not too worried about missing some because I know between you guys and me, we would have covered every single thing in the episode, which makes for a better interaction 🙂

  9. aimy says:

    Wow superp review Neero ji..jst love reading ur reviews…Humsafar ki wajah se aap se rishta jura tha aur ab ZGH ki wajah se aur bhi mazboot ho gaya he…..well besides ZGH there is another drama ‘Dil e muztar’ , its bit filmy people here in Pakistan are expecting it to b another hit drama after Humsafar nd ZGH..so it will b great ager aap uska review bhi kar sako, only if u find it worth watching, it comes every saturday at 8 pm..2 episodes hv been aired uptill now..i will b waiting for your reply…

    • neerunni says:

      Thank you so much Aimy for reading all my reviews. Will give ‘Dil e Muztar’ a try.
      Yes, I am looking for one more Pakistani show to review. I think i can manage two. Will be looking out for another show that interests me enough to make me want to watch it every week.

  10. aimy says:

    Wow superp review Neero ji..jst love reading ur reviews…Humsafar ki wajah se aap se rishta jura tha aur ab ZGH ki wajah se aur bhi mazboot ho gaya he…..By the way besides ZGH ek aur drama he ‘Dil e muztar’..its bit filmy bt people here in Pakistan r expecting it to b another hit drama after Humsafar and ZGH…it will be great ager aap iska review bhi kar sako, only if u find it worth watching…ab takk 2 episodes aa chuki hain..

  11. Sarbani Chakroborty says:

    As always it’s a mind blowing review…u have very neatly mentioned all those scenes which every body enjoyed..Frankly speaking I can’t stop laughing when Zaroon says “Ab tak”…what a natural expression by Fawad khan!! It’s goes without saying that Zaroon admires Kashaf .Now the point is.. why kashaf always has an issue about Zaroon’s girlfriend since their university days….Kashaf shares every thing with Sidra only.. ..Sidra also noticed this and says “waise mujhe ek baat lag rahi hain main tume nahi bataunga” ( 8th episode) Kashaf admitted herself that Zaroon is the most good looking boy in her class( 5th episode) and the fact is that Zaroon always present in her sub conscious mind,in her deep core of heart..but she doesn’t aware of this or I can say that she couldn’t admitted this fact only because of her own insecurity..she wants to trust someone, to love someone but her insecurity and egos do not allow this.. Nobody else Zaroon( whom she likes in her sub conscious mind) hurts her..that’s why she never forget that incident…
    On contrary Zaroon always tries to find someone special..jaise banda baithe hain kisiko payaar karne ke liye..Sometimes I feel very bad for Zaroon..Use payaar ka talash hain..since his childhood he always wants a caring loving mother but unfortunately his mother never accomplish his wish ..now he wants this quality in his life partner..Zaroon is matured enough but a immature boy is still present in his character and this immature boy always wants a loving caring life partner unlike his mother..Is it a big issue??Sometimes I feel what a match!!!!Zaroon wants to love someone and Kashaf does not want to love someone!!! both are lonely ,both are insecure, both have strong personality , both are hot headed and lastly both are imperfect.. Now I am anxiously waiting how they will find each other as a soul male.. like any other eagerly waiting for 15th episode..

    • Sonia Ahmad says:

      Hey Sarbani i always enjoyed reading ur comments, u analysed so well, i loved it 🙂
      hmm i’ve seen ur comment in Episode 13… u’ve mentioned u’ve watched Fawad’s Dramas Daasta, Humsafar, Ashk and Satrangi…. i thought i should tell u, u should also watch “Kuch Pyar Ka Pagalpan Bhi Tha”……. Fawad’s Darma… it’s fantastic too 🙂

      • Sarbani Chakroborty says:

        Thanks Sonia..I will definitely watch “kuch payaar ka pagalpan bhi tha”..frankly speaking I am now a great fan of Fawad Khan… am waiting for Armaan also..bhai isne to fida bana dia ..

        • Sonia says:

          Haha Sarbani Love to know it… Always loved to meet another fan of Fawad like me :p
          He is so Fabulous… Love Him….
          Yes waiting waiting waiting for Armaan…. “A Romantic Movie” haha lolz….

    • Amal says:

      I endorse Sonia. Much pyar ka pagalpan bhi thaa was a good one.

    • neerunni says:

      Thanks Sarbani. I agree both of them are very much aware of each other but while one has accepted that he is attracted towards her the other is still in denial.

  12. Sonia says:

    What a Review Neeru….. Totaly loved the each and every line ❤ u r fantastic…. The Charmer and The Snub…. Hahaa i thoroughly enjoyed ur writing…. Loved the idea 🙂 Fawad is super duper coool in the episode, My most fav scene is the one at Sir Abrar's home.. The way Fawad act hahaa… Well all u mention above are too favourites of mine :p Well Neeru Best of Luck for ur Blog Talk Soap 🙂 and thanxx 4 dedicating this review to us :p

  13. Maryam says:

    Wow!! What a complete review it was. summed up the whole episode, enjoyed reading every bit of it.. Well done 🙂

  14. What a review Neers!! Totally loved it…..gosh yet to catch up…..keep them coming baby!!! 🙂

  15. Roh says:

    Congratulations and what a lovely way to inaugurate your blog! Loved your review, Neeraja.
    As usual, I loved reading the thoughts behind each scene, and I couldn’t agree more with your view.
    The scenes and the fiery exchanges between Z and K were long over due, and so many of them in this episode – they were just one treat after another.
    I think K is attracted to Z. But she doesn’t know it and will never acknowledge it because she has this opinion of him, and being her high and mighty self, it will go against her own thoughts if she admits she likes him in some way.
    Zaroon! uffff! Fawad as Zaroon is just tooooooo good! I have no words to describe each and every scene of his in this episode. He was outstanding. Those smirks, that lop sided smile, the restlessness, the “realizing he’s being a total idiot” – he is amazing.
    I’m not ashamed to say that he was was the reason I was really waiting for this drama, and Boy! he has been marvellous.
    Can’t wait to see WHAT makes K agree to get married to him, and how that happens.
    Loved all the dialogues you mentioned. Every one of them brought that smile to my face.
    I also just watched episode #13 and I realised there was a huge difference in Z’s behaviour. He sulked and fretted and cribbed and complained and was being the total insufferable creep in that one. And here in episode #14, he was smiling and we saw such a different side of him. He was in a masti mood, there were so many light-hearted moments, he was smiling, and though he was unsure but that unreasonable angry young man was not to be seen. Not that I’m complaining. Just an observation.
    I can’t wait for tomorrow. 🙂 A lot is going to happen, I’m sure. Zaroon’s engagement to Sara will have to break, and I think his proposal is also going to reach K’s mother.

    • Amal says:

      Great review Roh.

    • neerunni says:

      Thank you Roh! I love and agree with everything you have said. Yes I started watching because of Fawad Khan and am glad I did. He was a treat to watch in this episode. He is awesome when he is casual and flirty.

      Great observation on Zaroon’s change in mood…prob because he is nearing a decision regarding Kashaf and is comfortable being attracted to her. Being in love does that to a person…being happily restless 🙂 First flushes of love.

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