Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 15 Review: Past Holds the Key to the Present!


Never have the characters of ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’ spoken to me as clearly as they did through this episode. It was one of those episodes that weigh you down emotionally but you come out feeling lighter for it. It carried more memorable moments than the previous episodes combined, those that gave us a new insight into each of the characters and left us feeling closer to them than we have ever been. Just for that, this episode ranks high in my regard.

Coincidentally, telecast on an International Women’s day, this episode appealed to the woman in me, the wife, the daughter, the sister, and the mother in me. Through the characters of Sara and Kashaf, the esteemed author Umera Ahmed, reiterated the immense power we hold over a child’s emotional well being as a parent. Their emotional upheaval struck a deep chord and left me shaken as a mother. While one was raised without constraints in the lap of luxury with minimal lessons on right and wrong, the other was raised by a single parent as a witness to a father’s cruel neglect, struggling to make both ends meet, struggling to survive against all odds and make a better life.


Sara’s breakdown over losing Farhan through her own fault was anticipated; nevertheless it was heart wrenching to see her accuse her mother of not drilling some sense into her, which could have saved her marriage. On hindsight, she wasn’t wrong in expecting that of a parent who holds the tough job of protecting their children, even against themselves. As a mother who is close to her daughter, Ghazala was the one to have enough power to influence Sara’s decision. Sara looked up to her mother, emulated her with pride. Chances were, even through her ego-induced blind haze, her mother could have made a vital difference in the decision that changed Sara’s life. Sara did not have to pay such a heavy price in order to mature.

I am dumbstruck at Ghazala’s lack of remorse and forethought. Even now, she refuses to see, let alone acknowledge, where she had gone wrong. In this regard, Sara is lucky to have reflected on her actions, and realized her mistakes. Ghazala is poorer for not knowing any better than she did before.


Kashaf, Kashaf, Kashaf! What a hard shell she wears, over a sensitive child who fears, the world outside and the emotions within; overwhelmingly strong and vulnerable to a fault, she takes my breath away when she reveals a scarred piece of her soul.


Forgive me if I falter in expressing Kashaf’s hold over my heart, the way this character tugs at the deepest chords of my primal instinct as a mother to shield her with all I have. This episode exposed Kashaf’s innermost feelings, and what we see is a scared little girl who thinks herself to be incapable of being in a loving relationship. Kashaf rejects Osama’s proposal because she thinks she is unworthy. No one deserves to carry such a burden of insecurity and low self esteem for no fault of theirs, throughout their lives. How is Murtaza’s (a father’s) neglect of his daughter less of an abuse, when the scars his cruel disregard has left on Kashaf, are so deep and clear for all to see? Abuse is not just physical, or one that is inflicted through words. A father’s abandonment is as much an abuse that leaves one scarred for life and is equally unforgivable.

Heartbroken Osama saying, ‘Propose karna buri baat tho nahi hai’; it is hard to see a decent man who has silently loved Kashaf for years, holds her in high regard, understands and sees her just the way she is, being so desolate yet brave about Kashaf’s refusal to marry him. May he get a life partner who is deserving of him!



Zaroon! Charmer extraordinaire plays a supportive and loving big brother to his depressed sister, Sara. Their relationship alongside the other sibling bond of Kashaf-Sidra adds zest to the show. They are the true reflection of what we look for in our relationships with our siblings – a bond so pure and unconditional, never fears to tell the truth, but always supportive of the other, irrespective of the decisions.


Zaroon was shown in a new light that charmed us even more. Don’t you agree? His chit-chat with Sir Ibrar over why he chooses Kashaf (of all people) as his life partner was disarming. I was floored by his sincerity. We need to get into his mind a little more, for he seems to have more depth than what he reveals – an interesting facet that makes him appealing.  The fact that he does not know Kashaf as well as he thinks he does is crystal clear when he requests Sir Ibrar to present his proposal to Kashaf. What a mistake! Ofcourse she is going to look at it as a slight at her image.

Precap of Episode 16

By far one of the best precaps of the show, this one was adrenaline thumping good. It had me holding my breath till the last second and then had me bursting out laughing. Cannot, I repeat, CANNOT wait for the next episode; this is what all the previous 15 episodes were leading up to – The Mighty Proposal by the one and only Zaroon Junaid. Ha ha, very typical of him to shoot from someone else’s shoulder. Sir Ibrar plays a reluctant matchmaker for his favorite nephew, which obviously does not go down well with the self-respecting Kashaf. Miss Hoity Toity does a chudail on the charmer with her sister Sidra as witness. 


Neeraja Unni

Reviewer, ‘Talk Soap’

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32 Responses to Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 15 Review: Past Holds the Key to the Present!

  1. Nita Khandekar says:

    Presently watching Pride & Prejudice alongside ZGH and yes the Colin Firth one ……………. its uncanny how people who have not ever met same the same thoughts! Despite being on tenterhooks lately due to personal reasons. I cannot miss reading your reviews even though I may not have found time to watch the full episode. Yes, everyone falls in love with Zaroon as well as Kasaf and watch their characters unfold beautifully with each emergering episode. The relationships are as ever so beautifully built that one cannot but appreciate the fact. Kasaf may seem rude but I totally can empathize with her. If I recall my college days I too used to snub people and a Casanova like Zaroon wld have been put in place. Its maybe not the scene in the current times but yes way back in the 80ies our pride got the better of us. I am not too sure but I did read somewhere that the original book was a bit different from what is shown/will be shown in the drama, for this we all have to thank the director Sultana Siddiqui (who is also the aunt of Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui – Osama) and Momina Duraid (Daugther-in-law of Sultana) who did request Umera for some adaptations for the drama.

    • Neeru says:

      You lucky dame! 🙂 Pride & Prejudice is my all time favorite and its been ages since I watched it. I know am going to sit huddled in a fireplace watching the episodes on a loop one far away day 😀 It’s a pleasure to find like-minded people and I look forward to your comments. Sorry for the late response though 🙂

      Ha ha, you must have been quite a rebel 🙂 I think pride is at a premium nowadays though you are sure to find it even today.

      Wow that’s a lot of info I didn’t have 🙂 yes, the book is supposed to be different from the show.

  2. Faroha says:

    Nice review 🙂 It’s a charming series and the fun begins only now 🙂

  3. Sonia says:

    Oops getting late to read this lovely review….
    Neeru again a big shot from u… Loved the review as loved the drama 🙂

  4. Amal says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more on the review Neeru.
    This episode made me think as well.
    How important it is to raise kids as secure individuals.
    Ghazala is shown as a woman who doesn’t think beyond herself.
    In one of the initial episodes, Junaid tells his son that your mother is a stupid woman who doesn’t realize how much she is missing in life.
    It is good to be independent as a woman, but not at the stake of one’s family and kids.
    Yes I think Ghazala could have delayed Sara’s divorce had she acted more sensibly and with patience.

    • Amal says:

      To add on to my own comment… Rafia is shown equally independent,
      but fully involved in her kids’ lives. She is so well aware of what’s going
      on with each of her daughters.

  5. Rabab Zaka says:

    what an amazing review!!!! Completely agree with you!!!! you know after every episode that I watch i think it was better then the previous ones and they keep on getting awesomer!!! I absolutely loved the brother -sister relationship, the way zaroon acted like such a caring brother made me feel like having an elder brother ( lol coz having younger broz is completely different). and even the kashaf-sidra scenes were a treat to watch.
    I feel so sorry for Osama , bechara he has been such a nice guy all through out , but still kashaf rejected him,just because of her insecurities , now I really want to see how will she accept zaroon’s proposal as she knows his faults and his past really well , and she also already has a better proposal than his.
    but then both of them deserve each other with their bags full of insecurities and their respective pride and prejudices( yes somethie they remind me of darcy and elizabeth).
    The ZaROON-sIR Ibrar scene was so nicely acted, i really love sir ibrar, but he should atleast tell zaroon what kashaf thinks of him.lol
    the way he goes like ” mujhay toh tum donon ko saath sochne k liye hi jido-jehad kerni par rahi hai”hahaha
    and when zaroon aka Fawad Khan goes like ” UH-UH !!! woh Mt.Everest nahin K2 hai!!! utni hi mushkil!!! Fawad Khan has Mashallah turned into a great actor!!!
    I aws watcing with my Dad and he goes like sanam has really impressed me with her acting, and then FK came on screen and he goes like needless to say he is an allrounder!!! hahaha.
    can’t wait for the next episode !!! it sure will be a blast!!!!
    and I really liked the fact when a confused guy like zaroon was so confidently saying infront of sir ibrar that I really want to marry kashaf coz of her character!!!! I think there’s a lesson for all girls out there that if you have a great character you can earn respect in every stage of life, there’s no need to put a skin show out there to attract attention or even to leave your morals behind just to be the center of attention or attract guys!!!!

    • Neeru says:

      Rabab!! First and foremost, I absolutely adore you for mentioning Pride and Prejudice! Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle as Darcy and Lizzie in BBC’s 1995 version of the book my absolute favorites for the roles. You made my day!! 🙂

      You are so right. Fawad Khan has aced it and he has got to a level where I would blindly watch anything he is in. Sanam Saeed is terrific as Kashaf…no two ways about it. Yes I agree Sir Ibrar’s shudder at the mere thought of their union made me lol. I love their interactions too besides the sibling scenes.

    • Amal says:

      Well said Rabab…..

    • Roh says:

      Rabab, very well written. I also think exactly the same about Usama’s proposal. Poor guy. Now to watch what in the world will make her accept the badmaash Zaroon’s proposal, when she has a sane, sensible, sensitive guy’s proposal she has rejected. The only thing I can think of is that Sidra is right. Somewhere deep inside, she is attracted to Zaroon. Can’t wait for tomorrow! 🙂

  6. Neeru says:

    Thanks Alima! 🙂

  7. A girl says:

    Excellent review… In total agreement!

  8. SD says:

    Great review, but still i will disagree with your description of Ghlazala, (i have to agree for others its just what i thought) but where Ghazala is concerned , she is not as guilty as she is portrayed. This woman has an independant way of life and she has been fully supported by her husband and by kids. and living this life, she has been successful then how can she imposed something on her daughter.
    Ghazala belives in women right and freedom of decisions, as she herself has been allowed to then why stop her daughter..who is so head strong that she gave a total damn to her father.
    Anyone who i blv is responsible for Sara’s situation is she herself…and to be true she knew what she was going to do….

    • Neeru says:

      Thank you SD. While I understand your point of view on women’s right to be independent and allowing the kids to make their own decisions, it is also the responsibility of the parents to point out the repercussions of their decisions to their children and let them make an informed decision. Ghazala in more ways than one rushed her daughter towards a decision to break ties without advocating a single effort at reconciliation. She failed to see that in an argument there are always two sides and this has nothing to do with her independent streak. It is about being mature and unbiased, which we as parents have to be while dealing with our children.The very fact that Sara is head strong is reason enough for Ghazala to have tried harder to explain things to her instead of blindly supporting her daughter’s decision.

      I have in no way absolved Sara of her own fault in this SD. But I strongly believe independent minded or not, parents never cease to be somehow responsible for their children’s actions/decisions, the bond is such 🙂

      • Roh says:

        I don’t believe it is Ghazala’s fault completely either, because to me that storyline was very weak. There was no substance in the whole issue, and the only highlights was Ghazala being a negligent, selfish, self centred feminist mother. The other thing being that this story changed to this extreme without ay fillings. The very 1st episode has her saying that she has brought up her children to be independent and make their own decisions. Sara’s decision to marry Farhan in the 1st place must have stemmed from that as well.
        The only thing that is clear in this track is that it is Ghazala’s fault. I wish they spent more time on it, like that spent on Murtuza and his other family. Then maybe the blame could be validated. Otherwise, it does come to me as a cliche stereotype role that a modern working mother is the biggest cause of her daughter’s failed marriage.

  9. Sarbani Chakroborty says:

    As always it’s just awesome.I really feel very bad for Kashaf. Her insecurity has made a scar in her deep core of heart..She finds herself as the most unlucky and unworthy person.She strongly believes that she is not capable to pursue a role of a good wife or mother.She has made a false image of herself in her mind and that ‘s why she does not allow anybody to enter her life..My Heart is really wrenching for Kashaf when she says “ mujhe nahi lagta main ek achhi ma or bibi sabit ho sakti hoon..mere sath bahot sare issues or problems hai…..”
    On the contrary ,Zaroon also has some insecurity, but he never bear any kind of scar in his heart.He tries to overcome his insecurity on his own spirit,I really admire this mature adorable Zaroon. When he says to Sir Ibrar,”I really want to marry her” his honesty,sincerity, passion and his love for Kashaf really touch my heart.He knows he may take a “ Hercules task” for himself ( that’s why he compares Kashaf to K2).But I love his strong determination to win his “Churail Cinderella’s” heart.It is surely debatable that how much Zaroon knows Kashaf..From a charming.flirting boy to a responsible ,determined, matured (attractive also) man who is very much conscious about his destination… ..I really really love the growth of his character..Now it is really delight to watch how Zaroon’s love and affection can smear Kashaf’s wound…I am waiting,eagerly waiting for Kashaf’s self confession.. after all it’s story of “Sikhwa se sukrana tak”..

  10. SK says:

    What a beautiful review!! Your words made me tear up! They gave shown the sibling bonds so superbly, very touching Zaroon and Sara scene. I am also so glad sidra is back, she will have a lot to do with kashaf accepting the proposal from the infamous Mr Zaroon Junaid!! Looking forward…only 2 more days!!!

  11. aimy says:

    Sir Abrar bohat bure hain kabhi nahi batate keh Kashaf Zaroon keh baare mein kia kehti he …bt still love him….and ur review is superb!!!!

    • Neeru says:

      I know right! I want to know what she said about Zaroon too!!! I hope we get to know or I am going to write to the makers of the show asking for an explanation :-)) Thank you Aimy!

  12. Fatima Awan says:

    What a fantastic review….love love love it. Agree with you on all accounts.

  13. Roh says:

    Beautifully written, Neeraja. It struck a chord in the mother in me as well. For me this was like a filler episode, but putting a lot of the side issues in place. Though I still think that the onus of Sara’s marriage is on Ghazala to a certain extent, in terms of guidance during the troubled times, it is only because that track was very skecthy and wasn’t substantiated very well. It was thrown in, in bits and pieces, and I was watching episode 1 today, and it seems the whole Sara-Farhan track has changed without any story. So I will take it at face value for the sake of the story as it goes along.
    I have always found Kashaf insecure and have always felt for her, thinking of the harsh things she must have heard from her father as a child. But there is no excuse for rudeness. She is outright rude. She was rude to poor Usama, when she walked out on him, she was rude to her sister, and was so high and mighty. Why? I can understand her being that way with Zaroon, but to others?
    Zaroon was superb today.. Fawad Khan outdid himself, if possible. As brother, son, as well as his conversation with Abrar Uncle. I loved the way he softened his voice while he was admitting why he wanted to marry Kashaf. Every gaze, every moment in every syllable of every dialogue, was so endearing and natural. Can we now say officially, that he has flipped his lide? 😀 😀
    I too am eagerly awaiting the exchanges in the coming week. He is going to try and try and try (sincerely for the 1st time) and she is going to lash out and give it back “sood samet” 🙂
    Neeraja, I also have to mention that the blog is looking very very nice. 🙂 Great going!

    • Neeru says:

      ha ha ha! Flip the lid!! how could I forget. Thank you for reminding me Roh! Its not time yet though. There is more flipping to be done when he really truly gets to know her!! So am gonna wait to use your phrase 🙂 It needs a mega moment and I shall wait.

      Soot samet is just couple of days away. And thank you for your appreciation of the blog…your inputs were and will always be valuable 🙂

  14. Super fab review!!!!!!!!! Loved it!!!!

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