Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 16 Review: ‘Serious looks funny on you’


“Main usse shaadi nahi karoongi. Woh duniya ka aakhri aadmi hoga, main tab bhi shaadi nahi karoongi”, declares Kashaf vehemently, emphatically, leaving no room for doubt as to her opinion of Zaroon’s proposal to her. With Zaroon’s interest in Kashaf reaching a point of no return for him, the hitherto slow and steady ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’ took a racy turn in the 16th episode of the show. This episode belonged to Fawad Khan who nailed the act of a guy restless about a girl’s response to his proposal.

The wait is finally over. We have reached the crux of the story after being put through a slow burner for a long long time. Kashaf’s reaction to Sir Ibrar presenting Zaroon’s proposal to her came as no surprise to us. Nevertheless, it was a delight to watch Kashaf tear him (Zaroon) down completely, without her usual reserved poise in front of her most respected teacher. She was unwavering in her low opinion of Zaroon despite the fact that she holds Sir Ibrar’s opinion in high regard. She was hung up on the past while Zaroon with a renewed zest and maturity has come a long way from his University days.

ImageKashaf is a hoarder of bad memories. She collects them, analyses them to her peril, and recounts them long enough to believe she deserves the bad things that come to her, thereby, never ever believing that good things do happen do good people. How else do you explain, her continued bitterness towards Zaroon and her resolute rejection of Osama’s proposal? For an intelligent woman, she fails to realize, her fate rests in no one else’s hands but hers; her turn in fortune due to her own efforts and hard work being a classic example. She internalizes every thing around her, which makes it difficult for her to have an objective view of what happens in her life.

Zaroon is willing to look at his past objectively, admit his mistakes, and become a better person. Therein lies a maturity that makes a man worthy of attention. As against Osama who simply accepted Kashaf’s rejection willing to wait passively for her to think differently, Zaroon takes onus for the way he feels about Kashaf and is prepared to do anything to make things work between them. He is a man who takes initiative and goes about achieving his goal with a single minded devotion.

The three corners of the triangle are different from each other. While Osama at the outset seems to be an ideal husband for any woman, he might not be the one for Kashaf for the simple reasons I have stated above. Kashaf needs a man who challenges her, emotionally and intellectually, who churns her inside out for her to feel passionate about a person, which Zaroon has been achieving brilliantly since the time they have met. In turn, Zaroon needs a woman who is conservative yet worthy of respect. Can you see the perfect fit between them now?

ImageNow that I have made the case for Zaroon and Kashaf union, there are some scenes that had me clutching my stomach with unbidden laughter. Every single frame with Fawad Khan in it had me in awe of the actor who expresses with so much ease that you feel exactly what Zaroon is feeling right at that moment. While he charmed us and made us bite our tongue on few occasions in the previous episodes, in this one, Zaroon bowls us over with his sincerity in wanting to wed Kashaf despite getting repeatedly humiliated by her. He systematically makes his move, like thinking out his chess moves before hand, talks to Sir Ibrar, urges him to have a word with Kashaf, tries to convince his parents that Kashaf is an ideal match for him despite the difference in backgrounds and financial status, confides and seeks suggestion from his sister Sara about wooing Kashaf. He is a man hell bent on marrying Kashaf. Yes, serious does look funny on him but oh boy, have we ever felt this overjoyed at seeing him so serious about a woman! Go Zaroon!

Rafia as a mother is beginning to annoy me. What will it take for her to know, really know the pain her daughters have gone through because of her na layak husband? I may be wrong, but to me, when she repeatedly advices her daughters to give their father a chance, forget, forgive and embrace, it feels as if she is undermining the hurt her daughters have gone through at his hands. It will take lot more than few visits, random sweet words, and an invite to a daawat to heal their wounds. And to top it all, the man has the audacity to advice Rafia on the marriage offer for Shaneela. Oh the things men get away with because of women in the name of values and traditions!!!

ImageSidra, am glad you are back! She is amazing as a sister who is supportive yet does not mince words while setting Kashaf right. Their interaction, as does Zaroon and Sara’s, is sheer pleasure to watch. I was overjoyed to see Zaroon talk to Sidra about Kashaf. Atta boy! Kashaf was left speechless when Zaroon points out her obsession with his list of girlfriends. And his wide mouthed grin while Kashaf was rattling off the names, that too in order mind you!, was infectious. Sanam Saeed has aced as Kashaf and I can see the anger literally rolling off her.

One statement by Ghazala who was upset over Zaroon’s wish to marry the middle class Kashaf still rings in my ears. I am going to throw this open for discussion: “Na khandaan na gharbaar. Ek school teacher ki beti??!!!…..Jab class aur financial status ka itna bada farak ho to rishtey nahi nibhte.” Is it true that a marriage with such a vast class difference cannot survive?

Precap for Episode 17

I am taking a deep breath to still my heart enough to survive few more days of intezaar for the next episode. Zaroon is in his elements to get Kashaf to accept his proposal. But the final scene proves he does not yet succeed. What makes Kashaf choose Osama over Zaroon who has taken the effort to know her family and is willing to get to know her better?


Neeraja Unni

Reviewer, ‘Talk Soap’

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39 Responses to Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 16 Review: ‘Serious looks funny on you’

  1. Sonia says:

    Absolutly fantastic review Neeru as always…. And woww it comes on sunday, made the review more delightful :p
    Fav scene like all was Fawad on phone :p and all the scenes of Fawad, Kashaf,Sara, Sidra….
    sab logo ne itna sb kuch likh dia hai… I m thinkin what should i write :p they all written what my heart says haha:)
    well lovely episode and yes Fawad ❤

  2. Amal says:

    Neeru one play that I would recommend is
    Daam by umera Ahmed. It was aired on ary digital a couple of years back. An awesome story about 2 medical college friends. I would recommend it to all ZGH fans.
    It was again an umera Ahmed mAsterpiece with great acting and direction.
    Do watch it whenever you have time.

    • Neeru says:

      If time permits I shall definitely watch it 🙂

      • Rabab Zaka says:

        yes Daam is a must watch!!! and i think i told you earlier as well you will love Durreshahwar (masterpiece!!!) and Dastaan

        • Neeru says:

          I saw little bit of both ..have to catch up with the rest of it.

          • joinzaheer says:

            DAAM..No doubt one of the powerful plays written by Umera Ahmed and directed by Mehreen Jabbar. However my personal favorite from Umera is ‘Qaid-e-Tanhai’

        • Amal says:

          Yes Rabab, durr e shahwaar was a great play and that also on a social issue.
          Doraha was another good one. But daam was too captivating.

        • Nita Khandekar says:

          I love Dur-e-shawar, but again the present day generation may not be able to appreciate it as we do………………. I watched Dastaan but I guess a romantic at heart hate to see the kinda end it shows!! Dastaan reminds me of the movie “Pinjar”

  3. Sarbani Chakroborty says:

    As always another awesome review..u have described all the scenes very minutely..Now my favorite scene in this episode..I am so confused..there are so many scenes yaar..like everybody I like the scene when Zaroon calls Osama and all his family members one by one within ten minutes for releasing his tension.. and an honest confession Fawad khan stole my heart..what a performance!!!! his body movement,his facial expressions , his hands running through his hair,his dialog delivery all are just outstanding..Second one is Sidra & Zaroon conversation scene..I just loved the scene..Sidra always likes Zaroon .Her calm & polite attitude and also hospitality touches Zaroon easily.I think Sidra will be the main cupid of Zaroon- Kashaf wedding. Third one is Kashaf and Zaroon scene..Neeraja u rightly said that only Zaroon can challenges her, emotionally and intellectually,I can’t stop laughing..I really really appreciate Zaroon’s sense of humor.”Bah bhai apko to mere sare girlfriend ka naam yaad hai..please usme se Pharheen naam nikal dijiye.o mujhe zahar lagtee thi…and then ap to mujhe churail lagtee theen “.And the last one is Zarron and Sir Ibrar scene .I really enjoying when Zaroon pleaded Sir Ibrar..And lastly thanks Sultana Siddqui for her wonderful direction.She is the captain of the ship and it is her vision which makes the scenes so real and natural.All the actors have done a great job But I think Fawad stole the episode..all words for him are understatement…And thanks Neejara for your lovely review..u always make me happy..Anxiously waiting for 17th episode..Go Zaroon go!!!!!

    • Neeru says:

      Thanks Sarbani 🙂 Absolutely loved all the scenes you have mentioned. Infact the entire episode was fabulous. Right said, Fawad stole the show and then more 🙂

      Eagerly looking forward to the next episode 🙂

  4. Amal says:

    Great review Neeru ji.
    Couldn’t help noticing osama’s broad grins despite the rejection. Looks like he just thought of kashaf as a suitable candidate …. Nothing beyond that.
    His happiness, to me indicates that he might be engaged by now. Or maybe it’s just a figment of my wild imagination…. Lets see 🙂
    My favorite scene was the phone call between kashaf and zaroon…. Aap to mujhe churail lagtee theen …

    • Neeru says:

      Thank you Amal 🙂 Frankly I never thought of that. But din’t Osama say that he would wait for her to accept whenever that is?

      Churail wala was hilarious. Main to aapko churail bulata tha!! Zaroon Zaroon!!!

      • Amal says:

        My 2 cents is that his happiness and smiley face is definitely not an indicator that he would wait for her.
        Kashaf’s answer to his waiting walaa option was that he should not bring up this topic in their conversation again. I think he would honor that.
        But let’s see. Umera Ahmed has weaved the whole story so well. Lets see how she tackles this.

  5. Khushbakht khan says:

    P.s please can I have the link. ; )

  6. aimy says:

    Oh..i hope is week ho hi jai aapki talash poori…it will b like a double treat to read your reviews 2 times a week…nd Zaroon ka irada nahi badalne wala ab unko mil gai he apni cindrella..but cindrella sahiba zaror apna irada badlengi bar bar in upcoming episodes..as according to precap filhal Osama mein nazar aata he unko apna DULHA….ufff..kab aaiga fridayyy…

    • Neeru says:

      ha ha! I think Aimy Kashaf runs to Osama because she considers him a safer bet than Zaroon. Its like I will do anything to get out of marrying Zaroon of all people. I can’t wait for Friday either!! 🙂

  7. Rabab Zaka says:

    wow neeru!!!! your review on sunday!!! made my week even more gulzar!!!!!lol
    this episode was such a treat to watch!!!! infact i saw it twice on the same day despite having exams coming soon.the only thing that makes me go through the hectic schedule throughout the week is zgh and well i think the wait has certainly proved to be worthwhile!!!
    First of all , all of us couldn’t stop laughing throughout the episode, it was so hilarious , each and every dialogue, gesture and scene was superb.
    and Fawad Khan Mashallah he did such a great job, I think soon I will be running out of adjectives to describe his performance.there are some actors who act for the sake of acting and do a good job, but then there are others , when you watch them you just seem to get a sense of pleasure, it appears as if they are the character and not acting like one. You just feel like expressing gratitude to them for enlightening your screens and I think Fawad Khan is just one of them, a few weeks ago i wanted to slap zaroon for acting like a brat, but now i am just sympathizing with the poor soul’s situation. Everybody need’s a second chance, then why not him.
    btw today in class we were discussing if we had the choice whom would we choose Osama or Zaroon and the answer was unanimous, in real life ofcourse it would be Osama (the gentle soul) over zaroon , because he tried to ruin a girl’s reputation which is not forgivable, but Kudos to Fawad Khan for making us all take his side with his sincere and honest approach to make Kashaf the K2 a part of his life.
    And I agree with you , I doubt Osama is suitable for Kashaf, can he match her in terms of personality, he just proposed once and on being rejected he’s just back to his smiley old self again, whereas on the other hand zaroon has the personality that compliment’s kashaf’s personality.He just makes her explore new dimensions to her character and vice versa.
    My most favourite scenes were when zaroon calls osama, his dad ,mom and sara within a span of minutes and he’s so confused. and when he tells sir abrar out of desperation that please do something lol!!!! he’s seriously head over heels in love with her.
    Now the answer to your question, i think class difference doesn’t make a difference, at the end of the day, it is not the people in the society who are going to live with us 24/7, it is about two human beings, their compatibility, compromises and understanding.class difference does not make a difference at all.The only thing is that your spouse needs to be supportive of you ,help you adjust in the new environment and overlook any of your shortcomings.
    btw when kashaf says agar woh dunya ka aakhri aadmi bhi hoga tab bhi main uss se shaadi nhain karoon gi, reminded me again of elizabeth when she tells darcy “From the first moment I met you, your arrogance and conceit, your selfish disdain for the feelings of others made me realize that you were the last man in the world I could ever be prevailed upon to marry. “

    • Neeru says:

      Fabulous Rabab! Wonderful summary!! Thank you for the quote from Pride and Prejudice..you are bang on as always 🙂

      Lizzie in comparison had smoother edges than Kashaf other than that yeah they are alike. I would take any excuse to recount Pride and prejudice so I happily agree :-))

  8. Anam says:

    I mean almost everyone is hard to like. 😀

  9. Anam says:

    What a wonderful review. This is Anam, I used to comment on rangmunch, didn’t know you had started your own blog! Good luck, hope your audience grows and grows as your writing is a treat to read!

    The best thing about this serial is that almost no one is hard to like, it gives us something to discuss about.

    I have a recommendation Neeraja, if you have time, do watch Talkhiyan, it is based on Arundhati Roy’s God of Small Things, the drama is actually made as if you’re reading the book. It also stars Sanam Saeed as the main lead. Do try it. Another good one is Silvatain, which is more of a fun drama but still has a lot of room for discussion. These two are highly recommended!

    • Neeru says:

      Ofcourse Anam, I do remember 🙂 and welcome to my blog…our hangout zone 🙂

      I have read God of small things….I like the narrative a lot..it’s unique. Will give it a try Anam. I heard Silvatein is good too…..planning to watch it this week.

  10. Renu says:

    And I get to the blog at last. Loved the episode, and waiting for next Friday 🙂

  11. aimy says:

    Wow wow wow!!! Itni jaldi kaise likh liya aapne review? Lolz..dnt mind but seriously i wait for review after every epi of ZGH like i waits for every nxt epi of ZGH throughout the week…well i lvd each nd every scene of this episode..infact for me its the bst epi so far..
    All phone conversations,all sibling scenes, diary scenes and the scene b/w Sara nd Zarina..all were awsm..the way Sara says ‘Kia waki Nazimabad mein rehti he’ lolz her expressions were fab…
    Zaroon ko patah he Kashaf is the one whom he was searching for from decades but Kashaf..finally finally she has start thinking about her ideal man..hmm waise precap made me happy bcuz Osama is way better thn Zaroon, bt is he perfect for Kashaf?
    Naaa…lets see Umera Ahmed is triangle ko kaise break karengi…and abt Ghazala i will b more happy in reading others views rather then giving mine because m little confuse about her…and lastly nice review..BTW what happened to ur search for another good Pak drama?

    • Neeru says:

      Maine socha Zaroon apna irada badalne se pehle main likh doon 🙂 Seriously, thank you so much Aimy 🙂

      Talash jaari hai..infact have two shows in line that I shall try this week and if they interest me enough then will definitely review it here.

  12. Roh says:

    What a wonderful review, Neeraja. Lovely to read your words behind the thought process of the characters, which always me think more about where they are coming from, and endear (or the opposite!) me to them.
    I loved your analysis about the 2 proposals for Kashaf, and I think you have hit the nail on the head. I only had a reason in my heart for Kashaf to eventually marry Zaroon, but now I have a valid reason in my head. Yes! Zaroon is the one for her. He has fallen in love with her, and is not taking no for an answer. He is willing to do anything to show her that he has changed and all he knows is he must have a valid reason for the rejection. His past is not good enough as a reason, as he himself would have changed it if he could! Nervous wreck that he is, he is not letting go of any opportunity to reach her. Whereas Usama, being the gentle soul, has taken her answer with a gentle “I’m willing to wait” and left it at that.
    Kashaf, of course, continues to be K2. Zaroon is the only one who brings out her sense of humour in her lashing out to him! 😀 Something she had said earlier, that even she had never found. I laughed so much when she told Sidra “khud agar mujhe propose karta, toh main uski sar nahi phaad deti ?” He has brought out a side of her, which even she doesn’t know how to deal with. Oh yes, she has a soft corner for him, and she will find it soon, with his help, like her sense of humour.
    I also agree with you fully about Rafia. She really needs to deal with her emotions for her husband now on her own I agree she has played the fair single parent, trying very hard so that the girls have no negativity in their minds about her, but now they are adults and cannot be brainwashed. They see it as it is. Murtuza played his role so well. He is one person who has made me cringe everytime he is on the screen!
    Sidra was wonderful. She has played her role so beautifully. I think she is going to play a big part in Kashaf-Zaroon getting married. In that phone call, she brought out that excitement she has always felt hearing about him for so many years so well. And Zaroon! I think he was relived he actually got support from that side instead of his head being bitten off!
    The conversations between Zaroon and his father had me in splits too! He changed the weather in a few seconds in that conversation! So evidently, the mind was somewhere else. And when he was getting minced by Kashaf on the phone? His smile was so indulgent when he sweetly asked to remove Farheen from the list! That was another brilliant conversation!
    And the last scene with Abrar. Yes, the guy has grown up and is sensible. No doubt about it. I don’t know if he deserves K2, but he really deserves what he wants from his heart!
    This episode was no doubt completely Fawad Khan’s all the way. And I won’t be surprised, if this is the way its going to be in the forthcoming ones as well. He is so talented, and there is no one else in the world who could make me change my mind from wanting to wring his neck a couple of weeks ago to a “go Zaroon” now! I truly and honestly wish him the very best in his career, because he surely deserves to reach even more success.
    About your question on what Ghazala says, all I can say is that “never say never”. Marriages have no guarantees. Sara and Farhan had all those aspects matched, and the marriage didn’t work.
    I’ve rambled enough. I look forward to the discussions your beautiful review is going to bring up! 

    • Neeru says:

      Thank you Roh! I love reading your comments. Infact am so used to your beautiful analysis every episode I will be upset if you keep it short 🙂

      Totally agree with everything you have said and said so wonderfully. Yes, when Ghazala talked about class differences that was my first thought…Sara and Farhan din’t work out despite belonging to the same class. Yes there are no guarantees. It boils down to the people married to each other.

  13. Nida says:

    Dear lady, you are making this serial sound amazing. Definitely will catch up on it 🙂

  14. Khushbakht khan says:

    Hi Neeru
    I have been silent reader of your blogs and I think the way you analyze every scene is a treat to read. My favourite scene in this episode would be where Zaroon tosses and turns and calls each member of his family within ten minutes was hilarious. Fawad Khan is not only a treat for eyes but a brilliant actor. Sheryar as Osama is So cute , there telephonic conversation was hillarios .By the way I didn’t get to read episode 15 review did u post it.

    • Neeru says:

      Hi Khushbakht,

      Thank you for reading my reviews. I don’t get to thank enough the silent readers as much as the ones who leave a comment.

      Yes that scene was hilarious. Fawad is above par and I hope we get to see him in wonderful projects in the years to come.

      Episode 14 and 15 reviews are available in this blog. You will find both under recent posts on the left hand side of the page. Let me know if you still have a problem finding it I will provide the link 🙂

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