Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 17 Review: Ek Garam Chai ki pyaali does the trick!


It is a wise woman who marries the man who loves her rather than settling for a man she loves. Kashaf chose wisely though the circumstances leading to the decision were thrust upon her. 17 episodes into the show, ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’ has finally picked up steam and arrived at the crux of the story only to move forward from now on. ‘Will she, won’t she’ was never the question but ‘How will she, Why will she’ were the foremost questions on our minds that were put to rest in this episode.

As snap decisions go, Kashaf’s acceptance of Zaroon’s proposal takes the cake but in a very pleasant way that makes you want to dedicate the entire bakery to her. Ek garam chai ki pyali ne jaadu kar diya. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever imagine Kashaf to base one of the most important decisions of her life on a simple incident that proved a major point to her. Strangely, I understand her readiness to marry a man who would, without a hint of hesitation, shield her from harm by placing himself before her. Replace this scenario with him readily taking a bullet for her; none of you would ever question her decision then.


Before I proceed, I have to mention this: Kashaf with a trace of blush on her cheeks, a far away look on her face, a hint of a smile tugging at her lips, was a mesmerizing sight for sore eyes that have until now, has only seen an uptight Kashaf always ready to bite someone’s head off. If this is a beginning of a transformation a certain Zaroon Junaid can bring in Kashaf even before the engagement, am looking forward to their marriage.

Zaroon’s confession of his feelings for Kashaf came from his heart. Am glad he did not beat around the bush and came right to the point. He kept it simple and straight forward and my guess is that is something which caught Kashaf’s attention even before the garam chai happened. Note for the guys: Honesty and simplicity will always get top points with a girl than any other virtue.


Hold your horses’ ladies; I am still not convinced Zaroon is head over heels in love with Kashaf. There is a long way to go before we can officially announce that Zaroon has flipped his lid for Kashaf. The reasoning is simple: He does not know Kashaf as well as he claims to know her. So, it can be safely said that love is yet to happen to both of them. Both of them have their ideas/misconceptions about each other from their University days. Some that are true and some that no longer are, which both of them are prone to find out for themselves in the course of their marriage.

Osama’s new assignment came as a surprise after him proclaiming to wait for Kashaf indefinitely. Ever smiling Osama did not even find it appropriate to inform Kashaf of his engagement. Kashaf’s initial decision to accept Osama’s proposal was not surprising though since she felt him to be a safer option than Zaroon. Anything to get away from Zaroon!! Ha! But then it is hard to fight destiny.

In our society, why is a woman not allowed to remain single by choice? Is marriage a default function for a woman of age? Kashaf for various reasons did not find marriage a great option but had to bow down to society, which was drawing their own conclusions about her mother not getting her married. Why is a stigma attached to a single woman of marriageable age, content with her life, refusing to get married just for the sake of tradition? Rafia, like any other mother, is right in her place to worry about Kashaf’s decision to not get married. This situation has no right answers, only hurt and compromises.


Zaroon’s parents are not too keen in their son’s choice for a bride. Social status aside, his parents do not seem to have lot of faith in his decision. Is it because he comes across as a happy go lucky guy who rarely is serious about something? While Zaroon tries his best to assure them that he has thought this union through, his parents remain unconvinced and still believe he is blindly jumping into this decision on the basis of lofty ideals that might create practical issues for the couple in their marriage. On hindsight, they might not be totally wrong, since its nigh impossible to get along with Kashaf without knowing her well enough not to misunderstand her rudeness as a personal slight, or to be able to steadfastly breach her boundaries to get to know her better.

Sidra is the sweetest sister ever and Kashaf is lucky to have her on her side. If there is anyone who has stood by Kashaf, knows her inside out and still loves her dearly it is her sister Sidra. She was adorable while talking to Zaroon over the phone. She was blushing!! Would it be wrong to say she probably nurtured a teeny weeny crush on Zaroon just by hearing Kashaf drone on about this guy from College? Sidra and Sir Abrar played efficient matchmakers and led Kashaf – Zaroon to their engagement. I hope they don’t rue the day they decided to play cupids! You never know with Zaroon and Kashaf – a volatile pair!

Precap for Episode 18

The Marriage of the titans! Much awaited and hence holding our collective breaths to see their marriage and what comes there after. Will their life together be as smooth as no one anticipates? Ha Ha! All of us know there are going to be some mighty bumps along the way for these two. So, are you guys ready for the ride? I certainly am!


Neeraja Unni

Reviewer, Talk Soap

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38 Responses to Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 17 Review: Ek Garam Chai ki pyaali does the trick!

  1. BJW says:

    Ok now I am reading all your previous reviews. U r a great writer and with zindagi gulzar all opinions are unanimous so it’s like reading all my thoughts about the episodes in great writing 😀

  2. aimy says:

    Ohk.,..koi baat nai..i’ll wait…right nw m happy u liked it..

  3. Rabab says:

    Great review Neeru!!! This episode was such a treat to watch!!!!
    First of all society has no right to interfere in other people’s matter, i think they have nothing else to do , first they are like why isn’t the girl getting married , maybe she’s past her age or the parents want to live on her money, when she does give in to the pressure, people go like why don’t they have any kids, when they do they are like why does she have only daughters !!! what about the sons!!!.In our society it is hard for people to digest the fact that a lady can lead a good life by being an independent career woman, they think she needs to get married asap!!! I think the choice should be hers not the others.but what can an eastern girl do in the end what matters to her most is her reputation and her parents and when people start raising fingers on either of them she can’t do anything.This is what happened in the case of Rafia and Kashaf.
    Kashaf being a good obedient daugher who has worked so hard all her life to relive her mother of miseries didn’t want her to be ashamed because of her, hence she agreed.Now according to her the safest bet was Osama and wow the guy seriously didn’t even wait for her!! she just denied his proposal once and instead of convincing her or waiting for her janab apni shaadi ki tayariyon main masroof hogayay and on top of that called her to invite her in the wedding.If this is what one calls true love then thank God Kashaf you’ve been saved from it.
    On the other hand there’s zaroon who has been trying every possible way of convincing kashaf, he’s going against his parents, he’s changed himself and is absolutely clear about what he wants.
    the scene when zaroon goes to meet rafia was very nicely done, his sincere expressions would have made anyone give him their daughter’s hand. and the sharafat wala dialogue was hilarious, and also thought provoking that indeed this should be the quality one should look for in a spouse rather than looks and money.
    Now coming to the ultimate Library scene, I think it is one of the most honest and sincerest proposals I have ever seen.How many guys would propose you and tell you that they like you for your character and not your looks, how many would apologize for their faults and not make lame excuses for what they’ve done!!! and the way he says that if she denies his proposal he would consider himself the stupidest man on earth who because of his own deeds lost the one person who was so dear to him!!! I think Kashaf was shocked to hear all this , and infact if the chai k cup wala incident wouldn’t have happened she might have still said yes.
    and the chai ka cup wala scene was cherry on the cake!!! the way zaroon reacted instinctively to protect her from the hot tea and instead got his own hands burnt!!! I agree with Kashaf how many men would do that!!!! all men can ever se is that ” main tumharay liye chaan sitaray la sakta hun, jaan bhi dey sakta hun” but how many of them are actually there to shield and protect you when the time comes apart from your dad!!!! and poor her she had never even been provided this sense of security by her father!!!!
    The way engagement was shown in pictures was very nice and the couple Mashallah looked really nice, infact Kashaf was glowing in white.
    in the end a big applause to Fawad Khan ( who has mashallah become one of the finest actors of our generation) and Sanam Saeed who have done an amaizng job as Kashaf and zaroon.

    • Neeru says:

      Rabab it is a pleasure to read your take on this episode…absolute pleasure. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Its perfect. You have put across every thought behind this episode so beautifully 🙂

    • Roh says:

      Rabab: Enjoyed reading from you. I agree with you on how our society is always interfering with peoples’ lives. They really have nothing else to do. I understand where Rafia is coming from, but honestly, I don’t think marriage is the be all and end all and a must for all girls.
      I think Kashaf has come a long way and has educated her self, stood on her her own feet and has accomplished a lot, and it is really a fine example to learn from. She has supported her family, and has contribute to the wedding of Sidra. I really appreciate that in her.

    • Khushbakht khan says:

      Nicely done Rubab.

  4. Khushbakht khan says:

    Hi Neeru great review as usual . A lot of people are complaining that the engagement scene was rushed, but I think it was good that they didn’t drag it coz it was just a transition from one phase of their life to the other and elongated mangni and shading scenes would have been tiresome . I think Kaahaf decided on the spur of the moment because she has always been the one who sacrifices and protects her family and when ZAroon saves her from that scalding tea is sum thing very novel for her , and besides Sidras arguments with her that mayb she is the one who is wrong about Zaroon and not the other way around also make her think that mayb she is prejudiced . Hats off to Zaroon for being straightforward and not saying those words which she thot he wud say. Although she makes up her mind there and then ,but later does think aloud to herself and says what have I done. I loved Zaroons obvious discomfiture at being labeled as ” sharif” . And his disbelief at Kaahafs “haan”. Now the real test comes waiting for the next episode eagerly. By the way Neeru what do u think about Dil e muzter . Please watch silvatein u will love it .

    • Neeru says:

      Thank you Khushbakht 🙂 I do wish that they had shown Zaroon’s reaction to her ‘haan’. That would have been a precious moment…we missed. I would also love to see their interaction between the engagement and the marriage but lets see how the makers have dealt with that.

      I am liking Dil e Muztar Khushbakht. Silvatein am yet to watch. Will let you know once I do.

  5. Aiysha says:

    ingeniously described …..

  6. aimy says:

    Nice review..i love the way u cover whole epi…
    Hmm nw coming to Dil e muztar..u watched it bt no review..hmmm hmmm hmmm should i take it as it didnt interest u much or thr is actully a review in pipe line..lolzz By the way do watch latest epi soon..sarwat gilani ki entry ho gai he…
    Well even if u didnt find it much interesting keh review likhen but still would love to know what u thnk of it…

    • Neeru says:

      Aimy!!! Review in pipeline! 🙂 Thoda intezaar karna please. I was unwell this past week and all the plans/deadlines for watching shows and reviewing them went for a toss. Latest by next week you will have a review of the show. Yet to catch the last episode ….I love Sarwat Gilani…i find her very expressive.

  7. Safdar hussain says:

    Aik chai ki piyali ki qimat tm kya jano….. 😉 😛

  8. Sarbani Chakroborty says:

    Eagerly waiting for your review..it’s mind blowing and as always u depicted all the scenes.So finally Zaroon Zunaid won over Kashaf Murtaza.In this episode we can see a battle between heart and mind and lastly heart won over the mind.An honest confession this is one of the best love confession scenes I have ever scene. Zaroon Zunaid also won over my heart also.:):) This library scene has reminded me the another library scene….just the scenario has changed..That time Zaroon had broken Kashaf’s heart and this time Zaroon wants to win over her heart..What an irony!!!!
    Zaroon didn’t give any explanation to her….his simple “sorry” has surprised Kashaf but his humbleness touched her heart.”Main kab tumhe pasand karne laga,kab tumhe chahane laga.kab tumhare bina meri zindagi namukammal hone laga main nahi janta”…His honest sincere & passionate confession has partially broken down Kashaf’s shell.She can’t ignore his persistence….And finally “chai ki cup”…It all said which word wouldn’t said…Any girl’s primary demand is “love”..”respect” and “security” from the man whom she is choosing as her life partner… Zaroon shields her..cares her..”Zindagi me kitne log hoty hein jo humpe garam chaey nahe girny dety”..this line has so much depth and touches my heart deeply.And finally kashaf listens to her heart ..There is also a battle between conscious and sub conscious mind.If I am not wrong Kashaf sub consciously always like Zaroon. That’s why she always has an issue about Zaroon’s girl friend.If we follow her conversation with Sir Abrar in this episode we can see that the main reason of her rejection is Zaroon’s reputation .Kashaf saheba ko Zaroon pasand hai isi liye to uski girl friend se itna jada issue hai..it’s a normal human psychology. ..and finally Kashaf Murlaza admits to his sister that she always has a soft corner for Zaroon Zunaid..
    Neeraja I completely agree with u that love is yet to happen to both of them…but I have an objection with the word “whimsically”.I know that Zaroon doesn’t know about Kashaf’s insecurity ,disbelief & wrong perception about life but he is very much familiar with her rudeness & mysterious behavior for men (Zaroon’s confession “janwar samaj thi hai larko ko” episode 8)…Zaroon always likes Kashaf..loves Kashaf ..and that’s why he always overlook her rudeness ..compromises with her sharp tongue and weird behavior..(Zindagi me jitni beizzati maine Kashaf se karai aur kisi se nahi karai..episode -16).don’t forget that this is the same man who never compromised with Asmara..
    Now an open confession ..I think this show is now Fawad khan’s show..I can’t find adjective to describe his performance.He just completely mesmerized me..Sanam also has done a fabulous job and her subtle facial expressions are just outstanding.. and I also especially mention Mansha Pasha for her brilliant performance as Sidra.
    Lastly, marriage is not a destination but the beginning of a new journey with a perfect companion.I always believe that Zaroon and Kashaf two imperfect personality is very much perfect for each other.Now it is really delight to watch how they find each other as a perfect companion..Best wishes to Zaroon & Kashaf..

    Neeraja I think this is my longest comment…;);)

    • Neeru says:

      Sarbani I love long comments and I absolutely loved reading yours 🙂 I agree to almost everything you have said. This show is Fawad Khan’s show though Sanam is doing a great job of holding her own.

      About using the word whimsical …i meant it in this way “Playfully quaint esp. in an appealing and amusing way” not in any other way 🙂

      • Sarbani Chakroborty says:

        Neeraja thanks for your appreciation..personally I feel I am a very bad writer..sorry there is few mistakes in my comment.. ..1) mysterious behavior with men
        2)Zaroon always tolerate her rudeness..and I really appreciate his tolerance..
        Neearaja every time your reviews just compels me to pen down my thought..am always a silent reader but don’t know what magic u have done with me..this is my experience and sorry for my mistakes..

        • Neeru says:

          oh Sarbani…..there is no pressure here to be perfect. Am not either…my reviews have loads of mistakes trust me …i keep correcting every single time i read it. But it does not matter when you are writing from your heart. It just doesnt. You pen down your thoughts beautifully Sarbani so don’t fret about it. And its entirely my pleasure to read all of your thoughts.

          Its kinda boring to live in my own head so all your feedback, comments on the episode makes it all the more interesting for me and everyone is right in their own way. Am having fun…I so hope people who come here are having fun too 🙂

  9. Amal says:

    Nice review Neeru. So Osama was engaged :)that’s what I thought — he would honor kashaf’s request. The kind of person he is shown. I didn’t find anything not fully shown in the play. I think the proposal and acceptance scene was enough. No need to show more. Umera Ahmed’s plays always have a subtle romance. And then This is sultana siddiqui style of direction. Those who have watched her ptv plays would know 🙂

    Loved the episode and your review.
    Need to see what happens after marriage now. One track of the story is over. Not sure what they would have in the next track.
    Btw did you start silvatein or any other play.
    Kaash Aisa ho on ary is another nice story and rating wise falls behind ZGH at # 2 slot.

    • Neeru says:

      Thanks Amal. I am loving the subtle romance 🙂

      I was able to catch ‘Dil e Muztar’ ..yet to see the latest episode though. Will give Kaash Aisa ho also a try. Can you tell me whats its about?

      • Amal says:

        Am not watching dil e muztar. So can’t comment on that.
        Kaash Aisa ho is again a very simple story but well presented. It’s a story of an orphan girl – Saba Qamar who has been raised in her khala’s house. Khala’s son is being played by mohib mirza- a painter. The acting and script is v nice. But it’s again a very soft and simple story.

  10. Neeru says:

    Woah Roh, all the baddass has finally come out eh? 🙂

    I do agree to 90% of what you have said about botched up timelines, rushing the engagement scenes, even inclusion of Murtaza as if he was always a happy part of their lives, not enough material to substantiate Kashaf’s change of heart. While am disappointed about most of these things….am sure about that small incident triggering a positive response to Zaroon’s proposal.

    1) Even though she has vocally been against marriage, if you look at the reasons its mostly internalized. She feels she is unworthy of the attention and feels is incapable of holding her end of the deal in a relationship. The instinctive reaction of Zaroon to let the hot cup of tea scald his hands to protect her was overwhelming for her that some one (read one belonging to the male species) would get hurt to protect her. First time she witnessed something that her brain recognizes as unplanned therefore genuine and this followed immediately after his confession.

    2) She has been strangely (hyper) aware of Zaroon from the time they met. Love and hate are two sides of the same coin. She has always been scared of what this guy does to her emotions ..every word from him, every action of his has sent her on a over-drive, while no one else has affected her as much as Zaroon has.

    3) Kashaf is a woman who is not hard at heart, she is a woman who has put up barricades to protect her heart. Any one who has faced abandonment would do that especially when she has borne the brunt of it. You will be surprised at what might break down their defenses for while they put up a hard front, they are more fragile than an average woman.

    This is how I understand it and accept her apparent change of heart. Make no mistake, she hasn’t fallen in love with him. She has just accepted to be his wife. It will take a lot to make her fall for him. I hope the makers show the process after marriage better than what they have done so far.

    There is a lot of hand waving that has to be done to digest most of the things in this show. i choose to pick the good ones and let the bad ones go. Anything for Fawad 🙂 And sometimes Roh it is best to watch an episode only once ;-)))

    • Roh says:

      Neeraja, I too accept this as an explanation and justification. And I’m sure this is the most valid reason too. But her acceptance of the proposal was a change of heart on the spur of the moment, on something which then seems to be really frivolous. And that is what is baffling. And this is all left to our minds to fathom and put it together as a reason.
      I watched it many times over, hoping that I was not right in my opinions, but unfortunately, I saw nothing different each time I watched it. In fact, all it did was left me feeling more strongly that I wish we had got more.

      • Neeru says:

        My acceptance of that scene does not change the fact that I wish that we had more to go on too. There is no two ways about the fact that most of it could have been handled better. So am cent percent there with you.

  11. Roh says:

    Was awaiting your review, Neeraja. And as usual, it did put things into perspective for me. But in this episode, only slightly, because I think there is no scope to convince me otherwise. When I watched the episode on Friday, I felt shortchanged somewhere. As days have gone by, I’m more convinced that I was disappointed with this episode.
    After so many weeks of hammering it into our heads that Kashaf was anti-men, anti-marriage, anti-Zaroon, all it took was that cuppa tea to change everything. She agreed to marry Zaroon, her father seemed to play an important role in her engagement, and she seems to have shed all her notions about men being selfish, which she said again in the beginning of this episode.
    In the earlier part of the episode, she told Sidra, that Zaroon was only acting in front of them and she knew him very well. So how come she saw sincerity so soon, in the eyes of the same guy who “saved her” from that cup of tea?
    The acceptance of the proposal was left as mere mentions in some dialogues. All the time spent on all the parallel tracks, and finally, this important aspect as to how she changed her mind over a falling cuppa tea? really?
    And she said no one has ever shielded her before? ummm..I think the ever-so -happy-smiley-Usama did stand up for her in the library scene, right?
    Kashaf agreed to get married to Usama under pressure from Rafia’s dialogue, and when she found out he was engaged, she went back to her original stance, and Rafia’s dialogues were forgotten. ****sigh****
    The break up of the engagement with Asmara also remains as mentions in conversations. Apparently Zaroon also has no intentions of making his wife “Allah Miya’s gaay” Loads of changes, but all left to our imagination.
    There is no consistency in the story. The only consistent thing is Fawad Khan’s brilliant acting and making every scene he is in, so real and believable.
    Timeframes were thrown out of gear yet again. Sidra mentioned that Kashaf’s 3 year old impressions of Zaroon did not hold good. 3 years? I thought it would be more than that, trying to do all the math together. Oh well, I’ve given up!
    There were some very sweet moments in the episode. Zaroon’s confession to Kashaf was so heartfelt. So were all the scenes with Sidra. She truly is one sensible person in that household.
    For the 1st time, I honestly cannot say “looking forward to Friday”. I will surely watch it, because I want to, but I’m not expecting anything spectacular anymore. The engagement was a slideshow, and I was really really disappointed. All these weeks I was thinking that when the time comes to the real story, between the 2 protagonists, we would see something substantial, but yet again that did not happen.

    • Amal says:

      Keep watching Roh….
      Like I said in my previous comment, this is typical sultana siddiqui kind of direction.
      And unera’s romantic scenes are always very subtle. To me, it looks like they would be wrapping up the story now. But someone from the hum tv crew mentioned in a morning show that it has 26 episodes. Lets see….

      • Roh says:

        🙂 I think subtle romance is beautiful. And that’s why I really liked the scene with Zaroon confessing his feelings to Kashaf. But they needed to give a little more screen time there, and still keep it very subtle. Till now, Nigaar and Murtuza have had more screen time together than Zaroon and Kashaf. ***rolleyes*** Which is fine, only if they gave these bits a little more coverage, beacuse if I’m not mistaken this is their story! 😀
        Lets see how this moves tomorrow. 🙂

    • SK says:

      Roh I also lowered expectations a long time ago, it is no masterpiece. It has many flaws, and we have to just take it for what it is. It’s still better than many shows…maybe due to fawad:) and the sanam fawad scenes are always a treat, so it is actually on the up as it will be focused on them now. But yeah they could have showed it much better. So many uselesd scenes uptill now and not the ones we wanted to see. kashaf agreeing to zaroon on his face and kashaf agreeing to murtaza being there are two of the major things they skimmed…disappointed but life goes on…

      • Roh says:

        SK: I just kept hoping and believing that things would pan out well eventually. But I have finally lowered my expectations. The disappointment comes because the most basic issues in the storyline and direction are flawed. And there was a limit to which I could make excuses for it. I guess Fawad is a big reason for those excuses, because yes, his scenes with Sanam (and without her 😉 ) are a treat to watch!

      • Neeru says:

        I agree SK I wish they had covered some vital points. Ah well….we can’t have it all. and Fawad actually makes up for it.

    • SK says:

      I think my comment got deleted…ugh anyways Roh I agree with a lot but I gave up on this being a masterpiece a long time ago, it has flaw but its still better than lots out there. Fawad is a huge factor of course, but sanam has been great too and both have great scenes together.
      It should only get better now as it is focused on them, so I am just enjoying what it is.
      But yeah i was also disappointed we didnt get to see kashaf say yes to zaroon, whch had the potential to be a mind blowing scene ..but they skimped and also kashaf agreeing too her dad being there…last time we heard she wasn’t even going to forgive him!! So after so many useless scenes which had built up to the major point in kashafs life…we didnt get the vital details of the story….yes am miffed but life goes on..sigh!

      • SK says:

        Ok so i guess it didnt get deleted sorry for the repeat!
        BTW nneeru great review!! I loved your analysis, and also kashafs deep thought behind the chay ka cup…totally agree on why she said yes!

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