Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 18 Review: “Till death do us part…” – A Forever Promise!


A classic example of a perfect episode – simple, straight forward, and honest to heart entertaining; more than half way through the show, Zindagi Gulzar Hai gives us a winner of an episode that is flawless in every sense of the word. While the dialogues have always spoken in ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’, in this episode, the silences were captured so beautifully, they bespoke more than words. Laced with a generous amount of humor, this episode is easily one of the top favorites of the show. Forgive me if am as nervous as Zaroon about this review; some scenes were beyond description – moments you can reminisce best with ‘you had to be there’.

Zaroon Junaid, a romantic at heart! Who would have guessed a self-proclaimed Casanova would fumble nervously and measure his words to a woman? With the right woman, a man always feels the compulsion to say the right words. Kashaf Murtaza, painfully practical and a woman who would not recognize romance if it rained roses on her for a week; she glowed in the aftermath of her engagement to Zaroon, rose tinged cheeks, sparkle in her eyes, and a comforting ‘tehrav’ that was never there before. This is a girl who has lived with rejection from a man, her father, and is now slowly and warily stepping into a hitherto unknown territory of being a recipient of male attention, which has slightly softened the rough edges but there is a long way to go before she fully entrusts her heart in the hands of a man.

Romantic Zaroon: “Chand nazar aaya? Hai na Khubsurat!”

Unromantic response from Kashaf: “Haan Mila! Gol Hai!!”

Zaroon-Kashaf’s first telecon where Kashaf was not biting his head off and was infact talking less then Zaroon 🙂 I was eagerly waiting and wishing for this very moment since their engagement  and the makers of the show did not disappoint. It was a hurray moment and the writer, director, and the actors have gelled as a team to bring forth the awkwardness of two individuals who are on the verge of finding common ground to converse. Fawad Khan was spot on as Zaroon trying to woo his lady love – from the softening of his tone to the teasing, to utter disbelief at Kashaf’s description of the chand, he was prince charming personified. Sanam Saeed was looking radiant in rose and kept the skeptic Kashaf alive through her thoughts that questioned the sanity of the guy yakking to her about chand sitare.


Two non-congratulatory responses to Zaroon’s engagement to Kashaf came from none other than his best friends Osama and Asmara. Osama is genuinely shocked and clearly upset about it while Asmara spews venom through sms to Zaroon. Asmara’s reaction is understandable but what shocked Osama more – Zaroon’s choice of Kashaf or Kashaf’s acceptance of Zaroon’s proposal?

A mother’s invaluable marital advice to a daughter: “Zaroon mein beshumar khoobiyan hongi aur chand khamiyan bhi honge. Lekin ek achchi biwi hone ke naate hamesha uski khoobiyon pe nazar rakhna naaki uski khamiyon pe. Aur chahe kuch ho jaaye iss rishtey ko nibhana”

Kashaf is worried about the lack of common interests between her and Zaroon but Rafia is right in assuring her that it is not the differences or lack of that affect a marriage but the amount of understanding and compromises you are willing to make to ensure that it works. Compromises considered as sacrifices spell disaster for a marriage while the same when made as smart choices can spell wonders for a relationship.


Nervous Zaroon: “Kaafi unromantic sa start ho gaya ek romantic night ka hai na!”

The Suhag Raat scene wins hands down as one of the best ever on television so far. From the awkwardness to the nervousness, from the nazare churana to trying to make conversation, from blushes to utter silences, and to top it all Kashaf’s self talk made this scene thousand times replay worthy. Fawad Khan was dashing in black and Sanam Saeed looked resplendent as the bride. Two stunning actors, brilliant performances, heartfelt dialogues, exemplary direction, and perfect chemistry between the actors contributed to this top notch scene. Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed were alluringly natural as two semi-strangers with less than 1% commonalities, coming together with a daunting task of not only getting to know each other but also to move forward leaving behind a bitter past.

Zaroon’s sincerity once again came through loud and clear in his assurances to his wife on the very first night of their journey together setting a beautiful tone for the rest of the episode. While still struggling to find common points of interests to converse on, the couple have easily adjusted to each other’s presence in their lives, and it was wonderful to see them interact as newly weds.


The couple’s visit to Kashaf’s home and the bathroom scene was adorable. Sidra is still on a teasing spree pulling Kashaf’s leg about Zaroon. The last scene where Zaroon and Kashaf keep stealing glances at each other and can’t seem to get enough of looking at each other was so romantic. All in all this episode must have used up a lot of rewind buttons as it was one of the most delectable episodes so far.

Precap for episode 19:

“Do you love me?” Ah Zaroon, thoda intezaar karna padega. But looks like Kashaf is falling hard for her husband, speaking of which, keying in each others contact numbers as ‘Husband’ and ‘my wife’ was so cute. It was heartbreaking to hear her apprehension as to how she will be unable to live if Zaroon ever leaves her. Past is a shadow that continues to threaten her sense of security in a relationship, and no woman deserves to live with such a burden thrust upon her by her own father.

Replay worthy moments

* Entire telecon between Zaroon and Kashaf, gol wala comment and Kashaf’s self talk.

* Suhag Raat especially Zaroon’s misplacement of the ring and Kashaf’s amazing expressions.

* The bathroom scene especially when Zaroon with soap on his face asks ‘Kashaf tum ho’ and she promptly replies nahi, shy to have been caught still standing there looking at her husband.

* The last scene where Zaroon is reluctant to leave and both prolonging the moment by looking at each other and smiling. Sone pe suhaga – A smiling Kashaf!

* The entire precap from ‘do you love me’ to the heartwrenching ‘I won’t be able to deal with life if he leaves me’ – yeh dil maange more!


Neeraja Unni

Reviewer, Talk Soap

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80 Responses to Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 18 Review: “Till death do us part…” – A Forever Promise!

  1. Kritika rajput says:

    Yr i m missing him badly ….(zaroon)
    i mean vo bst h unka dialogue dlvry, smyl,styl,eyes evythng…….ltrly
    aftr watchng zindagi gulzar hai i m vry inspired by kashaf’s role n change mny thngs in my lyf…
    N pure din i try to speak lyk kashaf bt un4tuntly i cn’t n i thnk no1….
    Bht real bht bdiya :-*<3…lv ua zaroon<3

  2. hughjackman says:

    Hey – plz do a review of epis 25 and 26 as well 🙂

  3. satbir kaur says:

    ‘jindgi guljar hai’meri life ka dusra serial hai jo meri rooh ko pasand aaya . ise dubara dekhne ki tamana hai . main lafjo me beyan nahi kar sakti k muje yeh serial kitna pasand hai .kash k muje ek bar fir se ise dekhne ka moaka mile.

  4. Ayushi Gupta says:

    my words are not enough to praise this show…such a wonderful show I have ever seen ….hats off to the director, writer….good work…. kaash Asia kuch humare India me bhi banta hota….yaha to garbage jaisi story nd show off dikhate hai…unrealistic shows hote hai yaha ke….but zindagi gulzar hai is an awesome show with beautiful message nd realistic story….:)

    • Neeru says:

      Hi Ayushi,

      Welcome to Talk Soap. I agree. We should have more realistic shows on Indian Television. Shows based on bound scripts would be a great start 🙂


  5. MAINA says:

    main ye drama nae chor sakti mjhe fawad khan bohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt acha lagta hn n is ki waja se ye play b………………………………………..

  6. Sam says:

    I’m a big fan of your review Neerja & before I’ve just been a silent observer but today I also loved the Rabab Zaka review too

  7. princess aniqa says:

    asalam o alikum i am aniqa in tando muhammad khan this drama is superbbbbbbbbbbb me bhot interest sa ya drama dekhtwe ho apna sara kaam chor kar abi nai hona chahya ya drama khtam plzzzzzzzzzzzzz or ya story b ache hai new hai

  8. BJW says:

    This is the first time I am leaving a comment under a post, your review is just so commendable. Very well written review of an epic episode. Replay worthy moments are exactly the ones I replayed, that was of course, after replaying the entire episode several times 😉

    Can’t wait for Friday and your review for the next episode 🙂

  9. Salma says:

    just finished watching the whole episode once AGAIN:D Apart from all the scenes we have already discussed, i love the way zaroon says “tum ne kaha kay yeh bhi ajeeb hai…main tumhain abhi bhi ajeeb lagta hon .” 😀 haha that was too cute :D:D

  10. SK says:

    It seems like this brilliant episode made you review right away and I am just finding time to comment!! What a lovely surprise…you put into words so beautifully how we all felt about the episode….it was indeed flawless! Each scene was impeccable..nbut murtaza saab shadi meh kyun nahin aye???
    That was my only gripe which wasnt explained as he serms to appear eveeywhere else…lol!!
    I feel like I will just be repeating everyone else by saying all my favourite scenes as they have been mentioned so many times!! But yeah loved the wedding night, bathroom scene and car scene, Rafia home scene….umm maybe just everything lol!!!
    Have watched them so many times its crazy!!! Each expression of FK and SS was just perfect and love their inner thoughts… Makes the scene so funny!!!

    I loved how kashaf actually blushed when Zaroon says to Rafia she takes too long getting ready and the way they give each other looks before he leaves was just too cute!!
    I cannot wait till Friday…promo is sooo good! I think it looks like Kashaf is falling hard:))

    • Roh says:

      SK: In the same boat as you! Can’t count how many times I have watched this episode! And those looks? Kashaf blushing and the other glances exchanged? Can’t get enough of it! How long till Friday? 🙂

    • Neeru says:

      You are so right SK..i couldn’t wait to pen down my thoughts on this wonderful episode. Am so glad you are able to share your thoughts with us. Someone mentioned that even Shaneela was missing from the wedding. Am guessing actors ka dates nahi mila shaayad 🙂

      Can’t wait for Friday either. Another 24 hours …yayyy!!! 🙂

  11. Rabab Zaka says:

    Wow what an early review Neeru!!! I have still not gotten over this episode and I think I won’t till the next episode comes out on Friday!!! An flawless episode of such a calibre could only be reviewed by you!!! What a beautifully written review !!!!!
    I am still mesmerised by this episode!!! Allah mera kya banay ga I have final year exams to give Mr.Zaroon Junaid!!!!!!
    you are right this episode has to be reviewed scene by scene!!!
    My most favourite moments were
    1)when he asks her chaudhwin ka chand dekha and she goes like gol hai. bechara zaroon he goes like chaudhween ka chand hai gol nahin hoga toh chaukor hoga !!! hahaha
    2) the wedding night scene although when I watched it first I was like they are taking a lot of liberties but when I saw it again i realized it was one of the most decent and cute wedding scenes ever. the way zaroon was nervous infront of kashaf, his hesitation, and “till death do us apart!!!” omg!!! and both of them looked so nice especially not a lot of people can carry a sherwani and i really liked Kashaf’s choice of bridal dress it was very different from the traditional red. and yes Rafia looked beautiful at the wedding
    3) sidra is surely besotted by zaroon : ‘ aur jo zaroon lag raha haina main toh tumhain bata bhi nahin sakti.lol bohat competition day ga woh tumhain stage par!!!
    4)the car scene : the way FK says “Zindagi toh gulzar hai !!!” only he could have delivered these lines with their true essence!!! and when kashaf goes like “agar uss waqt agay aakar baith jaati toh ab agay na baithi hoti!” uff itni depth!!!
    5) when he asks her who had kept the bag and she goes like mulazim, and after teasing her he’s like ” hai toh sahi aap k paas mulazim”
    6) the tap water scene: Umera ahmed had written it so beautifully and it just made me realize how much we waste stuff and take everyday things for granted. he just opened the tap and while the water was running he was just folding his sleeves. and when he asks her are you there poor her out of embarrassment she says no!!! Sanam saeed just nailed the expressions and when zaroon goes like jaldi karo, the way Fk says it was as if the sopa was actually hurting his eyes.
    7) Hammad will never change, no matter how many times shehnila tells him not to open his mouth he’ll go to any length to take advantage of the situation. and lol why would zaroon bhai deny any thing to the brother of the girl he’s so madly in love with!!!
    8) the namaz scene has to be one of my all time favourite !!! it was so unexpected, so hilarious and even eye opening that in todays world we have forgotten to provide the balance to our children in terms of worldy and religiuos education!!!
    FK acted out the scene so well!!!! ” imam k peechay toh phir bhi parhlun ga yahan kaisay parhun ga” and then when he asks kashaf which prayer it is!!! lol poor soul !!! and the expressions he gave at the mosque were a million dollar ones!!! ” naak main pehle paani daaltay hain yaan kulli kartay hain yaan mun pehle dhotay hain” I was actually feeling bad for him.
    I think this episode was the best so far!!! lol i say this after every episode, and no matter how many times I watch it again it appears to extract the same response from me !!!
    The whole team of zindagi gulzar hai deserves a lot of praise, including the writer, director,dop , and the actors especially the two leads, they have done an amazing job in giving us a masterpiece.

    • Salma says:

      LOL Rabab its funny how you have covered whole episode while describing your favorite scenes 🙂 this particular episode cant be praised enough :):D

    • Neeru says:

      This is weird I was so sure I had replied to your comment…..is wordpress eating my responses?

      Rabab I loved the way you have described each scene so beautifully and thoroughly. It is a pleasure reading your take on the episode. I do agree ….the entire team did a rocking job of presenting this episode. It is one of the best so far. Am thinking we are going to keep getting better than best from here on. Can’t wait for the upcoming episode. precap was awesome. Sigh!!!

      Coming to Hammad, is he an opportunist or simply non-diplomatic and says what he thinks without adhering to propriety or norms? am still a little shaky on how to slot him. But yeah he is annoyingly adorable 🙂

    • Neeru says:

      All the very best with your final exams! I hope you get through them with flying colors and score as high as the leads in our show 😉

      • Rabab Zaka says:

        thank you so much neeru for your wishes!!! ameen to them!!
        I read so many reviews about zgh but the way you pen down your thoughts so wonderfully makes me feel like commenting as well !!!

  12. Sonia Ahmad says:

    Ahhh Neeru as u were nervous as Zaroon while writing this review, as i m nervous while commenting on this review (that weather i could praise ur review as its written or not)… i havent ever read any review on any show like this… A perfect one…. u’ve magic in ur words…. This flawless episode cant have any better flawless review than this…. Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeed the Review as Loveeeeeeeeeeed the Episode….
    I thoroughly enjoyed ur review and most fav part of mine are “Replay worthy moments” & “Precap” ….. hahaa…..
    Want to write about each and every scene from gol chand to wedding night sorry a perfect wedding night :P…… from Mulazim wala scene to tap scene… from Namaz scene to hand wave scene (Ahh he has a killer smile)
    but i havent have much time, little bit buzz so couldn’t write… :p
    Loved all the comments on this Review too…. enjoyed them all 🙂

    When this Friday will come!!!

    • Neeru says:

      Soniaaaaaa thank you dearest! 🙂 I totally understand your predicament..there are not enough words to describe each scene ….

  13. Rehana Kazi says:

    Every single bone of my body is at the verge of breaking down after working for 13 hours straight and here I am, reading your review even after knowing that I have a class in the morning…. if I fall asleep on my students, I will blame YOU along with the entire team of ZGH ….:P
    Now, coming back to this review…. it literally gave me goosebumps as if I am watching the epi all over again through your writing, except that now it has got MORE elements to enjoy….now, see, this should explain the `blame` part 😀 ….

    with each passing epi of this show, I feel like there can never be a better epi than this, and I am proven wrong with the very next epi ….. agreed with you di, it was indeed a flawless one…. EVERY SINGLE SECOND of this epi was worth-watching where you can actually watch the repeated telecast thousand times without fast-forwarding it a bit…. there was NO cheesy words, NO unnecessary eye-locks, NO forced-physical attraction, NO time-passing camera work of holding one`s expression for 5 seconds each and 10 mins of the show is GONE with their close-ups and a loud background music … I LOVE THE TEAM for saving me from the torture of SUCH CRAPS….. here, in ZGH, one can feel they were watching a live stage performance of some brilliant performers and crews….

    you nailed it down to each part of it di *SQUISHY HUGS*…. well, about Osama, I can`t blame the guy… I felt it was obvious from him to react like this…. he was the ONLY one from Zaroon`s group, who would support Kashaf during Uni days, then he confessed his feelings and got rejected by Kashaf, who gave him the reason of `not getting married to anyone`…but NOW, she is engaged to his friend, who did NOTHING but humiliate her…. She chose Zaroon over him… WHY?…. I hope Kashaf gets things clear with Osama in future for the sake of their friendship…. the poor thing deserves to know about the reason behind this sudden turn of the event…

    Now about replaying button…. you have NO idea how many times I have raped my ‘replay’ button mercilessly 😦 …. poor thing has decided to take revenge, and now, acting up on me 😦 … will go watch it again before hitting the bed 😀 ….



    • Neeru says:

      Rehana!!! A very good morning to you. You have no idea how hard am laughing at your comment. Thank you for giving a wonderful start to my day. Squishiest of hugs darling! 🙂

      Poor replay! I feel for thee!

      “….there was NO cheesy words, NO unnecessary eye-locks, NO forced-physical attraction, NO time-passing camera work of holding one`s expression for 5 seconds each and 10 mins of the show is GONE with their close-ups and a loud background music … I LOVE THE TEAM for saving me from the torture of SUCH CRAPS….. here, in ZGH, one can feel they were watching a live stage performance of some brilliant performers and crews….” —– I couldn’t have said it better. Sheer simplicity of the Pakistani dramas is what makes me come back for more.

      Your explanation of Osama’s confusion is bang on and yes hope we get to see them clear things with each other.

      Once again …..thanks for making my day :-)) Let me know if you spared the kids a lecture and fell asleep 😉

    • Sonia says:

      Hahaa Rehana u r jst fantastic in writing… Enjoyed enjoyed enjoyed what all have u written 🙂

  14. zara says:

    ahhh i m luv with zaroon after thz episde and he looks so elegent and dashing in black nad kashafwas also luking adorable andthe most luving sceen was prayer namaz wala sceen hahah konsi namaz and kashaf reply to her asar ki and ur review of thz episde z fab and luv zaroon luv zgh and luv kashaf<3<3<3<3

  15. khushbakht salman khan says:

    neeru g! miraculous review indeed …………!!!!!!! this whole episode made me mesmerized, ………… i have watched it sooooo many times with same zest n zeal.!…………. it missed my heart beat sooo many timess…….:):):):):) ……………………………….
    i want to add one thing more ,one of the best line of this episode ” agar us waqt agay beth jati to aaj aagay na bethi hoti”…….

  16. faiza says:

    what a review!! you have just painted the feelings of every viewer sooo beautifully and completely on the canvas

  17. Rabia says:

    An excellent review of an amazing episode! 🙂 I never really paid much attention to this drama much but now I am desperately waiting for Friday.

    • Neeru says:

      Thank you Rabia 🙂 The precap makes it difficult to survive 7 days of waiting but replaying the last episode will help us wait patiently 🙂

  18. Sairah says:

    hey all.. forget kashaf zaroon, I am smitten by their wedding photographer:D!!
    and dont know if anyone noticed but post engagement telecon b/w zaroon and kashaf, i felt Zaroon sahab was referring himself as ‘the chaudavein ka chand’ :esp when he says ‘ dhoondo shayed tumhain mil jaye, yahan tu aj poora nikla hua hai:D:D Ah our bacha is so full of himself but we love him regardless:D
    and my oh my Kashaf’s gaze has changed now hasnt it. I mean previously her eyes were full of despise and discomfort esp towards Zaroon, but now every time she looks at her husband her eyes are spilling out affection and longing… what a sight and her infectious smile when Zaroon looks at her…
    and dont get me started on the wedding night scene.. enough said already!!
    and Man Sidrah is besotted with Zaroon as well!!:D we all are for that matter even Rafia Aunty:D:D!!, but she had the braodest grin she had every time she looked at her Gorgeous brother in law:D:D
    and to everyone praising ghazala over her warm behaviour towards Kashaf, dont be so quick guys in changing your opinion!! atleas m very wary of her!! I mean she reminds me of humsafar’s mother in law!! u guys get what I mean?:D i could be wrong but lets see..
    and finally Neeru, your reviews are by far the best on ZGH.. its a pleasure reading them!!

    • Neeru says:

      Thank you Sairah 🙂

      Thats an interesting observation about chand being a reference to himself….wow I never thought of that but yeah it does make sense …you right…Sidra is so besotted with Zaroon..besotted is the perfect way to describe it. Din’t Rafia look beautiful in the wedding?

      I may not go as far as comparing Ghazala with Farida of Humsafar but am as wary as you about her. I am going to wait till I peg her in a space.

  19. Saleha says:

    I am enjoying all the comments by the fans and the reviews since yesterday and honestly I am still lost in that beautiful episode done beautifully by all starting from writer,director and the all actors specially sanam Saeed and fawad khan believe me my husband is getting jealous of zaroon because I fell for him….lol both fawad and sanam their eyes speak first wow what a splendid job they did with their expressions and dialogues mind blowing …..
    Your review says it all.

  20. I just LOVE your review! This was exactly how i felt! Best episode ever! cant wait for friday!

  21. A girl says:

    An excellent review!

  22. naila says:

    aahh …what a heart melting review. You put every feeling into words so beautifully and to the point!

    As for the episode. my god am i in love with it. Been replaying several scenes 10 times since it went on air! Cant wait to watch all the love dovey scenes between them!

  23. Komal says:

    One of the best reviews of this amazing, lovely, marvellous episode!
    Such an adorable episode it was, still in the trauma of the CUTENESS depicted by Zaroon & Kashaf ♥, they both have differences in so many things but still willing to change, expectations from each other and those SMILES ♥, OMG!
    “Chand tou roz nikalta hai” aur “Chaud’veen ka chand hai gol hee hoga, chaukoor tou nahin hosakta naaa” aala tareen conversation ♥ tum sey aap… haha, it sounded great from Kashaf, Osama sahee jealous hua haii, accha hai Kashaf ki iss sey nahin huyii shaadi, he didn’t deserved her & finally a touch of Asmara’s jealousy too 😛
    Then the wedding; “much awaited part of the drama”, they were looking so awesome, beautiful and brilliant, wedding night ki confusion and nervousness, it was a pleasure to watch those scenes, lovely & excellent expressions by both and esp. Zaroon ♥ dono hee bohat pyaarey hain 🙂
    I found it the best one “agar tab aagey beith jaati, tou aaj aagey na beithi hoti” it was her most deserved moment of Pride ♥ ♥
    plus “mulaazim tou hai na tumhaarey pas”, paani khatam hojaaney wala scene, then the prayer scene, amazing “kaunsii namaz hai, *bechaara burra phansa thaa*” and the last scene – Zaalim…♥ Fawad Khan was outstanding as always, king of expressions I must say, but Sanam Saeed bhii kuch kam nahin haii, and her smile is just so good…:)

    • Neeru says:

      Thanks Komal 🙂 The entire episode was amazing! You are right…he is the King of expressions 🙂 Sanam Saeed was looking stunning in the bridal attire.

      • Komal says:

        So true, they both were looking stunning, 🙂 this episode was indeed brilliantly done in all aspects, watched 4 times!:) and my pleasure…:) keep up the good workkk…:)

  24. Anam says:

    You have put down all what I’m feeling.. This was the best episode so far. It had a little bit of everything. Even though I know how arrange marriages work, I still find it funny how marriage comes first before love (the way Zaroon was asking if Kashaf loves him or not), it would be almost incomprehensible here in the west. But I guess wether love or arranged, you don’t actually know everything about a person unless you are living with them.

    Can’t wait to see how Z & K learn more about each other and how they deal with their differences.

    Great review Neeraja! Love reading them right after the episode. It has become a habit. I feel like th episode has not yet completed until I read your review!

    Oh and congratulations on 10,000! 🙂

    PS: Did you watch Talkhiyan or Silvatein? I respect your opinion, would love to know what you think about them!

    • Neeru says:

      Thank you Anam. You are so right. ultimately it does not matter if it was an arranged marriage or love marriage. It will be interesting to watch Zaroon and Kashaf bond.

      Not yet Anam…will take some time to get to both the shows. Will surely watch it and let you know what I think 🙂

  25. Sheema says:

    I have read all the reviews and all of them are echoing the same thing …. Excellent excellent episode .. I salute Sultana Appa and Umera Ahmed for giving something which is real and relate able but at the same time have all the ingredients of a fictional rom/com . But above all I am in total awe of Sanam Saeed … She made Kashaf’s character alive … I can’t praise her enough despite having a slight accent her expressions , dialogue delivery , eyes portraying what’s in Kashaf’s heart can only be done by some one who has immense talent and confidence in her abilities and Sultana Appa and Umera won half the battle by choosing her as a wrong choice would have ruined the character . I won’t say anything about Fawad as millions hand already said and say it again and again.. Brilliant actor ..
    Coming to some BLOOPERS which no one mentioned was henna on Kashaf’s hands !!! Ha ha must say her mehndi was awesome but had a habit of disappearing ! In the car NO MEHNDI but soon at her place it appeared but looked bit different !!! I enjoyed that blooper though as it shows that even the perfect director can miss little details … No complaints as I find it cute !
    Can’t wait for next Friday … Must keep myself super busy until then so that I could say … Aray Friday aa bhi Gaya … For me Sanam is the hero …

    • Neeru says:

      Totally agree with you Sheema…it was an outstanding episode …one we can watch several times over without getting tired of it 🙂

  26. Ruby Ziauddin says:

    This serial is Just AMAZING ❤
    I LOved this drama like a mad … ❤
    I am Simply addited to it !!!!
    I especially love FAWAD AFZAL KHAN :* he is awesome love 😀
    And yeah without forgetting so called Kashaf 🙂 her attitude is finominal …
    They both form a perfect couple with each other in this drama … This serial is flawless ❤
    I love each and every character in this drama , everyone fits perfectly in their role ❤
    P.S : #ILOVEIT

  27. Khushbakht khan says:

    By the way Dil e muzter ka review kab aye ga. plz watch silvatein it’s Adeel Hussain drama u will love it.

    • Neeru says:

      Pucca this week Khushbakht. Unfortunately I won’t be able to get to Silvatein before next week. But surely will give it a try.

  28. Salma says:

    Greaat Review Neeraja 🙂 You have said it all. But did you guys notice Shehnilla wasnt there at the wedding? 😛

    • Neeru says:

      Thanks Salma…

      Really!! I missed that. Well they covered the wedding in less than two mins….i guess one or two are bound to be missed…

  29. Sarbani Chakroborty says:

    Wowww Neerja What a surprise!!!!! abhi tak to episode ka nasha nahi utra aur tumhari review agayi……yaar ab to aur nasha char jaiga…thanks..thanks..thanks..for your extraordinary review for this extraordinary episode..

    Neeraja this is the first episode which compelled me to pen down my thoughts after watching it..I think this is the best episode till now..Start with Zaroon kashaf telecom scene..first normal conversation between them.It is now a open fact that Zaroon madly in love with Kashaf and is far more romantic than Kashaf. Zaroon’s tone was almost choked with disbelief with Kashaf’s reply..”haa mila,gol hai”.. Zaroon eagerly wanted to share his romantic thoughts with kashaf ..but the poor girl had no interest in romanticism..I was enjoying each and every dialog between them..Zaroon didn’t know about the hardship Kashaf faced..He can’t imagine that level of struggle Kashaf has done.Poor girl had no time and mind to enjoy the nature..Kashaf’s reply may surprise Zaroon this time ,but I am sure one day will come when Kashaf will really enjoy chand ,sitare.raat ,phul with Zaroon..

    Everybody is complaining that why Zaroon didn’t told Osama about his engagement ..Zaroon is pretty intelligent than Osama…. every time he felt jealous and unsecured when he saw Kashaf with Osama in their university days..even he is very much aware that Osama always has a soft corner for Kashaf. But he never gave any hint about his feeling to Osama. He considered Osama as his antagonist…”Every thing is fare in love and war”..Zaroon ke liye Kashaf ka dil jitna ek zang tha..Poor Osama couldn’t imagine that Kashaf was engaged with Zaroon..for him it was a shocking experience..Zaroon didn’t give any explanation to Osama but his facial expressions said all his happiness..the difference is very clear between a extraordinary intelligent guy and a average intelligent guy..

    I really appreciate Rafia..she was very much aware about her daughter’s inner turmoil..she tried her level best to convince Kashaf the real meaning of a relationship..Without any flexibility,compromise,endurance and understanding you can’t stand in any relationship..the way Rafia gave strength and courage to her daughter is really outstanding..

    Now finally the ” Suhaag Raat “..an honest confession ,the best Suhaag Raat I have ever seen..Sense of humor and decent romance are the main ingredients of this anokhi suhaag raat ..”Kaphi unromantic sa start huya hai iss romantic night ka”..the very first dialog of their Suhaag Raat made me so happy..Can u believe that Zaroon was confused & nervous!!!!! All the dialogs were so hilarious and sensitive..U know my laughter expressions surprised my husband..He said me r u mad?? Yah!!! I am madly in love with Zaroon Zunaid..The expressions of Fawad Khan is just priceless when he was searching the ring,,This guy made me crazy..Both Zaroon & Kashaf constantly judging each other..First time Zaroon noticed that Kashaf has beautiful eyes and then immedialy thinks “ya phir make up achha kiya hoga”..his manner was so endearing when he touched Kashaf’s mang ki tika and her forhead and said “suno tum please koi to baat karo..I don’t mean to force u ..main iss liye chahata hoon take harare darmiyan koi purani baat na rahe jai”…. one of my favorite dialogs in the episode..Zaroon takes a challenge that he will change Kashaf from a unemotional person to a very emotional person..

    I really appreciate Gazalla for her warm welcome to Kashaf in her family..Zaroon & Kashaf are looking too adorable as newly wed couple.I also enjoyed their car ride scene..Zaroon was searching common points of interest to converse to his wife….on the contrary Kashaf’s self talk was really enjoyable..Zaroon’s humbleness and sincerity to adjust in Rafia’s house is really appreciable..Neeraja u right said it is really delight to see them interact as newly wed..Fawad khan is just outstanding in Namajwala scene..

    Now the last scene..the glances exchanged between Zaroon and Kahaf touched my heart..Zaroon’s eyes talked so much to Kashaf..I think not only Zaroon but also Kashaf will miss her husband..Love is in the air..Life is a journey and love is what makes the journey worth while..I hope Kashaf very soon realize the fact….

    Neeraja I am very very sorry for my long comment..Keya kare .. I can’t control myself..

    • Neeru says:

      Arre I loved reading your long comment 🙂 You have covered everything Sarbani…it was truly an amazing episode… now looking forward to the next week. the precap was pretty awesome too…

    • Komal says:

      Lovely review! you too beautifully has summarized all the parts very nicely!

    • Sonia Ahmad says:

      Awww Sarbani i always enjoy ur comments… after reading the Neeru’s review i search for ur comment hahaa…. what an amazing comment u did… i’d smile on my face all the time while reading this comment haha…. but Sarbani u dint write about precap i m missing it… plz do it yar m waithing 4 reading ur thoughts on this precap :p

      • Sarbani says:

        Thanks Sonia & komal for your appreciation..The episode was really outstanding..and precap is also interesting…eagerly waiting for 19th episode..

  30. Khushbakht khan says:

    Hi Neeru another outstanding episode and another great review, u write about this drama as a parent describe their favourite baby. What a episode I had this silly smile throughout the programme and literally had my arms around myself because that nice shivery feeling u have when one is excited. Anyhow every scene was extremely well crafted. Osama was shocked at the news but I think there wii be no malice on his side, he is surprised that despite his friendly and helpfull attitude he s the one that got rejected and the guy who made things so difficult for her sailed smoothly into her life. He has no idea what poor Zaroon went thru. Great Suhaag Raat scene oodles of fun. Pani khaatam hona serves Zaroon rite for wasting water , though wife was there to the rescue. And yes Hammmad is cute and Shenila is so pretty , trying to put some sence in brothers head. Anyhow can’t wait for the next episode. I just wish her heart is never broken.

    • Neeru says:

      Awww Khushbakht Thank you… Am humbled ..thats quite a parallel you have drawn of my writing.

      You are right about Osama….so true. and I totally agree on the slight shiver part…..i could feel it too 🙂

  31. Amal says:

    Beautifully written Neeru.
    You said it all. But my fav scenes were namaz wala…. And then hammad. I was really missing him. So glad he is back 🙂
    Would like to see Osama and Asmara come back in the later episodes and see how they interact with this couple.

  32. aimy says:

    Lovely review..jst lvd this episode..and review is like cherry on the cake..lovely…lvd each and every scene…and u forgot mentioning Hammad…he is such a cutee (i hope m not the only 1 who find him cute) kaise chalak ne ‘kitne mulk ghoome hain’ se baat shoro kar keh ‘visa lagwa dain’ per baat khatam kari…and also lovd the way he says ‘itna socho…itne mein toh woh chale jainge BEWAKOOF’..hahaha….
    The way he said ‘bewakoof’..uff..itni hansi aai..Shenila and Hammad are perfect eg of same age siblings…baki abt Kashaf,Zaroon,Rafia, etc u hve already said everything..keh ab humare kehne ko kuch raha nahi…lvd this epi and for sure will watch it on repeat telecast aswell…

  33. Roh says:

    What a lovely heartwarming review, Neeraja. Truly, this episode was beautiful. Every single moment, every dialogue, ever glance. Each and every one fitted in completely. Yes, there were a few things here and there, but whatever. This episode stole it completely, and will probably be the favourite for many viewers.
    It seemed like so many minor details were taken care off, which is a big part of getting an entire episode to turn out so well.
    Kashaf, the new bride, nervous as well as possibly asking herself if this was really true that this guy who was in her phone book as Leechad is really her husband now? (another minor detail from the precap, which sent me into splits)
    This episode has the most genuine moments to bring out laughter, churn the stomach and make the heart flutter.
    The warmth from Ghazala and Junaid for Kashaf, and even Ghazala’s interaction with Rafia at the wedding, didn’t go unnoticed. I still feel Ghazala has brought up her kids fairly well, and that bit about blaming her in the past, was one of those many things that went haywire in the story.
    After being so terribly disappointed last week, I’m on top of the world again. Its very easy for me to look out for positives normally, and this week it was only positive hi positive. I hope the upcoming episodes are as tightly packed and crisp too.

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