Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 19 Review: Simply Breathtaking! *Dedicated to uber-talented Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed* Eh review aap donon ke naam!


Give me a minute! I need to catch my breath! I went different shades of breathless while watching this beguiling episode of ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’. Now am literally rummaging through my hazy head for words to describe this pristine beauty of an episode. It was simply breathtaking. Take me at face value when I say that tons of episodes have been literally wasted by keeping this duo (Kashaf-Zaroon) apart for so long – a crime I am willing to forgive over just this episode.

By the time the episode ended, my face was mere inches away from the computer screen, so engrossed was I and was loath to miss even an expression, a dialogue or even a sigh! Before I start, a hearty bow of appreciation to Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed for setting the screens on fire as Zaroon and Kashaf, with a mere look, a fleeting touch, a blush, a husky tone, a hot flush and a scorching gaze – all signs of newly weds getting to know each other, wanting to know each other, and missing each other even in each other’s presence. This ‘I can’t get enough of you’ stage of marriage is one of the golden phases and always the most memorable.


Blush is the color that suits Zaroon’s Kashaf to perfection. Sanam Saeed excelled as a newly wed struggling to make sense of an alien emotion gripping her heart. From her ‘bloom-a-minute’ blushes to her internal fight to maintain a sense of detachment, from her racing heartbeats within to her tussle to keep an outwardly calm, she outdid herself as a practical woman slowly but steadily losing her heart to a man her mind still tries to warn her against. 

Am so glad that Zaroon did not stay back at Kashaf’s place and also that it did not even occur to Kashaf to request him to stay. As is the case with her, she assumed that he would not have liked to stay at her home due to lack of luxurious facilities. If she aspires to know Zaroon, it is very important that she refrains from making baseless assumptions on his behalf. Since she rarely initiates a conversation, it is left upto Zaroon to find a way for both to know each other better.

If they were not apart we wouldn’t have been privy to the mesmerizing nightly telephone calls between the couple. Zaroon, you charmer! He knows every trick in the book to fell a woman so thoroughly there is no chance of her ever recovering from his spell. Fawad Khan is enchanting as a man who has flipped his lid for a strong independent minded woman who also is very much aware of the humongous task ahead of him to win her heart. He is absolutely disarming as Zaroon who not only misses his wife but also craves everything about her. His need for her look, her touch, her words of love, her laughter, is so evident in his eyes, it squeezes our hearts. At the risk of sounding mushy, he is head over heels in love with this strong willed woman and looks like a man who would travel to the end of earth to gain her love and her trust.


This episode paid homage to mobile phones aplenty and at one point I was anxious to ensure that both had their devices on their person so they wouldn’t miss each other’s calls or messages. Oh my poor nails! I have chewed them off while waiting anxiously for Kashaf to decide to open the door and let Zaroon in. My heart was doing a mad staccato against the ribs while she was pacing inside her room, adjusting her hair, readjusting her make-up, waiting to hear his voice, anxious to lay her eyes on him. I was so impatient and was literally jumping off my seat when both of them were avoiding looking at each other, grumbling about being ignored! I bit my tongue trying to not to guffaw at them messaging each other from across the room. I blushed, grinned, bit my lips, and blushed again when Zaroon was trying to get a confession out of his lady love. Oh the way he sulked! Poor me! I can still feel the tingles these two have left me with, with just a simple heart warming portrayal of two people falling in love.

What an episode! It put me through a wringer of emotions taking me back to the fresh old days of my brush with first love. Keeping romance aside, Kashaf’s assertion of her beliefs as a married couple was an important step in their efforts to communicate with each other. While Kashaf accuses him of being a chauvinist, Zaroon is still to prove her wrong since mere words had never sufficed for Kashaf to believe in anyone. Even though Zaroon understands Kashaf, it will be interesting to see the power dynamics play out between the two once she goes back to work and has to balance both roles. In this regard, Zaroon’s praise of Rafia being a working mother doing an incredible job of keeping house too has to be noted.


Kashaf hopefully has learnt a valuable lesson from her mother. Is it possible for there to be understanding between couples without taking personal care of each other? It is so true that irrespective of how much the society has advanced and modernized, people still need personal attention from their loved ones. Will Kashaf follow this morsel of wisdom from her mother? The weight Zaroon carries from his childhood of being neglected by his mother in the name of career, will weigh heavily on his relationship with Kashaf. While Zaroon’s insistence that she feed him is his way of getting close to her, she sees it as him wanting to getting things done through her in the name of being her husband.

Heartfelt thanks to each and every member of Zindagi Gulzar hai for giving us a memorable episode!

Precap for Episode 20

ImageSuch a pyaara sa precap – we are going to be mooning over the chand along with Zaroon and Kashaf. So Zaroon shifts base to Kashaf’s home; he should feel right at home with Chand playing electricity since he is such a romantic soul 🙂

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105 Responses to Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 19 Review: Simply Breathtaking! *Dedicated to uber-talented Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed* Eh review aap donon ke naam!

  1. Atif says:

    You can become a writer too neeru. You writing style is really nice. I mean really nice.

    • Neeru says:

      Thank you so much Atif 🙂 You just made my day. I have written my first fiction. The first draft is available on wattpad. I’m currently editing it to get it published 🙂

  2. Zgh Fan says:

    While watching Humsafar I felt there wasn’t a better drama to be found in the world. But I was proved wrong by the arrival of this fantastic Zindagi Gulzar Hai !!! I loved this episode and at the end of the episode in which they got married, I felt that I would never again be filled with the usual suspense that has always pursued me at the end of every episode-what I had been waiting for all through the drama had finally happened!!!!

  3. SADAF MUNIR says:

    all the scence was maevellous

  4. Mehakiii says:

    wowwwwww fansactic drama ever luv this serial

  5. Really a nice episode and review. They deserve this. In fact I think whole of the zindagi gulzar team needs appreciation. There are bunch of good actors in this team. Everyone fits best in thier role except Sheryar Munawer. But I think, he has really grown as an actor as I liked his performance in the relevation of Zaroon Kashaf Engagement scene. Fawad Khan doesn’t need any introduction, he really make the scene worth watching. But I really think he needs to work on his dialogue dilevery. Sometimes I fail to understand him. Sanam saeed is another gem found by industry. At the start of serial, I was not much fan of her but she really surprises me with her acting skills. She manged to depict each and every emotion brilliantly. She wasn’t get overshowed by Samina Perzada or Fawad Khan(recognized actors). She has made her place and have proved many people wrong about her casting.I also want to applude Aysha Omer and Mansha Pasha too.
    I become die heart fan of Umera Ahmed. She does magic with words. She write such simple and thought provoking dialogues. In the end I would say that Zindagi gulzar is combination of great team together. I think what only went wrong till now is its editing in early episode.

    • Neeru says:

      Right Said. The team has done a commendable job. and yes i do agree that Sanam Saeed is extremely talented and has done a superb job in this show.

  6. Khushbakht khan says:

    Hi Neeru ,sorry to bother yet again but ,I heard that Humsafar is being aired on some indian channel and that it’s first episode had the highest rating leaving local dramas far behind. Is it ? 🙂

  7. anusha says:

    Neeru.. I have one more question.. been going through their scenes right from college days..now.. u mentioned that he wasnt really in love with her during the college days.. now they infact parted on bad terms after the incident in the library..then how or what made him fall for her so quickly after meeting her again all those years later.

    Also, the epi with the eng translation is not up yet. so could u pls translate their 2 phone convo:

    Zaroon : so gaye thi keya?
    Kashaf :Nid nahi aa rahi thi.
    Zaroon :Khar a to hona hi tha..jis tara mujhe tumhare bagar nid nahi arahi ustara tumhe mujhe bagar nid nahi arahi hogi…

    • Neeru says:

      Now I understand the importance of all the other scenes in the drama unrelated to just Zaroon and Kashaf scenes :-)) You have been watching just them isn’t it? He was felt a strange attraction to her. And since he grows up with two extremely liberated women – his mom and his sis …plus he gets engaged to another who is equally liberated, he seeks a conservative soul like Kashaf. From his encounters with her, he learns about her being reticent about men in general and has seen that she is the one with values. Add to the fact that despite the distance …he doesn’t seem to get her out of his mind….leads to him falling in love with her.

      Zaroon – Have you slept?
      Kashaf – I couldn’t sleep.
      Zaroon – Well this was the way it was supposed to be….you couldn’t sleep just like how am unable to sleep without you.

      That was the roughest translation ever ….lol. Hope i made sense in English 😉

      • anusha says:

        thanks a ton Neeru.. I did start trying to watch entire episodes, but I got so impatient to get to their scenes :-). Btw, I liked Osama in the beginnning, but after claiming he would wait for her and then going and getting engaged.. I thought that was really sperficial of him…In a way it shows Z in a better light…

  8. anusha says:

    Neeru.. am sorry am commenting again.. but I think your blog your broke all records on the most commented on article.. thanks to your writing and a wonderful episode,.

    Btw, I want to mention one more scene..I know its not part of this epi, bt pls bear with me coz I just started watching this drama and want to talk about it.. the scene where they are talking about the moon. I just love how she goes ‘ its round’, it comes out everynight’ and the way she thinks to herself.. oh gwad.. cant the foreign office give him any work?!!. bwhahahahahha. Oh dear gwad!!! it was just soooo refreshing to see the heroine so unromantic, serious and cut and dry. Otherwise normally we have them dancing in the rain and the guy staring.

    I do have one queston though.. theres this scene, in K’s house where Z goes to teh bathroom to wash his hands and face and while he is doing so, K stares at his hands? am I right or did i just get the scene wrong. Coz when Z asked if she was still there.. she first answered no and then yes.. as if she was pre-occupied. So was she admiring his hands or something??

    • Neeru says:

      Anuuuu promise me you are never going to apologize for commenting here. No one absolutely no one is allowed to feel guilty here either about multiple comments, questions, or the length. Feel free to visit, comment, give feedback, ask questions, anything yaar 🙂

      Lol….thats from episode 18 …right at the beginning after their engagement. She is hilarious with a straight face. Hatke hain na hamara kashaf 😉

      The bathroom scene was when he comes to drop Kashaf at her place after their wedding…the mandatory visit right after the marriage am guessing. He goes in to take a wash and the water runs dry in the tap….which Kashaf’s family is used to but Zaroon belonging to a rich family does not face such mundane issues. It was to show the stark difference in backgrounds but on the romantic side, she was ‘ogling’ her charming husband …lol. She gets a little flustered when he (with the soap on his face and no water to wash it off) asks her if she is still there to which out of embarrassment she immediately responds no. That was an adorable scene.

  9. Rabab Zaka says:

    what an amazing review neeru!!!! loved each and every word of it!!! sorry couldn’t comment earlier.
    what can I say about this episode , people have already said everything that I want to say.lol
    but surely it has made our Zindagis a lot more Gulzar!!!!!
    -It’s hard to pick a favourite scene!!!
    -the scene when he’s driving back and goes like ‘accident ho sakta tha mera!’
    and their phone conversations!!! Omg !!! their chemistry is so good and Fawad Khan I have run out of words to describe his beyond perfect performance, every dialogue, every expression, every gesture, his tone, his smile was just a killer. It’s clearly evident why even a woman of kashaf’s strength of character is finding hard to resist falling in love with him.
    I agree with kashaf when she says she needs a little time to love him but atleast she should show her growing affection for her husband and not keep him guessing coz no matter how much he appears to love her there might come a time where his stamina would be saturated, any relationship demands contribution from both sides.
    – the scene where he’s like ” kya tumhain neend aa jayay gi meray bagair and she’s like haan bohat araam se, the way he goes like hayee tum bohat zalim ho kashaf!!!!” i was actually gonna scream tum bohat zalim ho zaroon aka FK !!!!you have actually raised some very high expectations in women about men!!!! and when he says abhi lenay aajayun !!! uff
    – the whole communication via sms and the sublime touch at lunch was such a nice edition.Umera Ahmed has some exceptional talent.the way she has written romance , so decently , conserving it’s true essence and then has also kept a comical element with it as well.
    -” she’s like my center of gravity” this has to be one of my most favourite dialogues.can anyone please tell me do people like zaroon exist who consider their wives their center of gravity!!!
    -The conversation between rafia and kashaf was very thought provoking, i agree with both actually , u need trust and compromise for a relationship to work, but ofcourse you need to show gestures that suggest that you care for the other half it’s not merely words that build up trust after all. and when kashaf was like ” filhaal toh yeh hi bacha hai ” how right she was, the way he asked for a sip of tea and then acted like a kid that my hands are not workingt and the way he asked her to make him eat the chewing gum!!! lol he’s no less than a spoilt kid.
    -I don’t know if people noticed it or not when he forces her for the painting, although that scene didn’t have any dialogues but the way they both acted was so good. zaroon a husband completely in love, completely mesmerized by kashaf’s beauty wants it to be captured by an artist, the way he looks at her with so much affection , so much admiration like his most prized possession.
    -and ofcourse I had not imgained that the dinner scene that they made it look so romantic initially would turn out to be a very serious conversation between two very head strong individuals. this was actually the first time that although their opinions were contradicting each others they sat their like mature individuals , completely willing to listen to each other.
    I agree with both that both men and women should have a say in the house, and also that men should be the head of the family., but I believe kashaf really needs to loosen things a bit on her side, she needs to give zaroon a chance, because i think he’s not a chauvinist, if he would have been one he would never have allowed her to work , to stand as an equal with him and as he rightly said that he wanted to marry a woman of a strong character.
    I would like to appreciate Umera ahmed for the wonderful script and dialogues, sultana siddiqui for her flawless direction, the DOP who has taken some amazing shots, Hadiqa kiyani for singing such a soulful song, and ofcourse the whole cast with special mention for Sanam saeed and Fawad khan.
    All throughout the episode me and my sister were like ” yaar bus kerdo bus kerdo!!!! aur bardaasht nahin hota!!!! hahaha ” it was as if we had just melted over there thanks to mr.zaroon. Just a question for all married people out there do all men act like zaroon after marriage or is he just an exception and we should not set our hopes high and watch zgh with a heavy heart .lol!!!
    btw i was just going through some tweets and somebody had tweeted that his sister changed her son’s name to zaroon.lol. one of them was like my grandma just prayed for me that i get a husband like zaroon, and somebody was like that I want a son in law like FK.lol even one of my friend’s mom always says the same thing. hahaha

    • Rabab Zaka says:

      lol how can I forget leechar to husband and churail murtaza to my wife!!!

    • Neeru says:

      Ah man! Rabab my reviews are incomplete without your comments! I love reading your take on the episode they are so much better than mine 🙂 I will let you in on a secret – am never satisfied with my reviews…i feel they are incomplete as if I have left out so many things that i have wanted to say and here you go with such perfect descriptions of the scenes ..so thank you.

      I love reading all the comments here…it makes my day …every single one of them.

      Zaroon is a chauvinist Rabab. Varying degrees….but he is one. It’s his innate charm that has masked much of his chauvinism. He has ‘allowed’ her to work. Only a man who has atleast a little bit of chauvinism in him would eve think that….’allow’ a woman to work…..’permit’ her to do what she wants. Both are flawed…how they balance it out will make the rest of the story. It is too early to take sides i feel.

      Right now, am just content holding a tub of Vanilla icecream lathered with hot chocolote sauce ( I hate popcorns..) blissfully taking up a ring side seat to this drama…and the mindblowing chemistry between the leads. All arguments can go take a walk…i love wherever this duo is taking me ;-)))

      • Rabab Zaka says:

        thank you so much!!!! it’s so no nice of you but neeru your reviews can’t be matched.
        well I agree with you on holding the tub of vanilla ice cream lathered with chocolate sauce and just enjoying the play.even kashaf tells zaroon ” iss topic per hum phir kabhi baat karain gay” lol !!!
        ahh what a description!!! you should write your own novel .

  10. Khushbakht khan says:

    No review yet on Dil e Muzter?

    • Neeru says:

      My apologies Khushbakht…..what with my kids’ holidays I have been tied up otherwise. That is why you don’t find reviews of any other show but Zindagi Gulzar Hai on Talk Soap. So have been able to manage only one review per week. Their school starts tomoro ( Thank God! ) so hopefully will be able to review few more shows henceforth including Dil e Muzter.

  11. maria says:

    good drama but very much unrealistic indeed.In real world how many guys exist who are rich,good looking and at the same time as much down to earth and caring and compromising as was zaroon.Uptil now,all sorts of compromises have been made by him,he tries to adjust himself very well with kashaf’s background and she instead of acknowledging this continues to judge him,evaluate him and showing attitude.Such characters like zaroon only exists in dramas and novels.As compare to that character of asher in humsafar was very much realistic.

    • Aiman says:

      Sounds llike u r a big fan of FK thats y u r unable to see flaws in Zaroon…He is a typical hypocrite man who are in abundance in our society…..Yup usme achi qualities bhi hain…infact thats what makes him human…jiskeh andar achaiyan aur buraiyan doono hain……baaki i think Neeru Jee will explain well keh is he realistic character or not..

    • Neeru says:

      🙂 We do wish guys like Zaroon exist and for good reason but i can assure you that they do. Coming to Kashaf, she is a woman with a heavy baggage on her shoulders. Zaroon knew what (atleast a hint of what) he was getting into when he proposed to her. She is a woman who trusts based on actions and not words. It will take lot more than roses and words to get her to completely trust a guy however charming he is. And it is not like she is not falling hard for him but Kashaf is a girl who might take her time trusting but once she does there is no turning back. So Zaroon will a lucky bloke once he gains her trust. So there….i feel Zaroon character is realistic enough….rest of the episodes will prove to you how much!! 🙂

      • hamnah says:

        wow neeru, you summarised it so beautifully! 🙂 yes, I feel that Zaroon is a more realistic character than mama’s boy Asha’ar!

    • Aiman says:

      Sounds llike u r a big fan of FK thats y u r unable to see flaws in Zaroon…He is a typical hypocrite man who are in abundance in our society…..Yup usme achi qualities bhi hain…infact thats what makes him human…jiskeh andar achaiyan aur buraiyan doono hain……baaki i think Neeru Jee will explain well keh is he a realistic character or not..

  12. SK says:

    I am loving these quick reviews! Yes a fantastic episode and you have described so beautifully!
    As someone mentioned, how can we pick one scene???
    It wAs all so beautifully done….sigh I think FK will be and probably has been the cause of many marital issues!
    One line I loved by Zaroon was on the first phone call when Kashaf says she will sleep very well and he says” hai tum kitnee zalim ho Kashaf!” I just loved how he delivered that and his expressio and voice modulation….just brilliant!, and that whole onto how it lead to the flirting and library incident….just seemed so spontaneous and said with perfect timings from both…boy do they sizzle together!
    Obviously loved the SMS exchange too over lunch and Zaroon getting offended was
    Another part I really liked was the last scene over dinner, glad it wasn’t just about the omance…loved the more serious dialogue about marriage. Kashaf was spot on, zaroon not sure yet what he wants…as he knows Kashaf is very strong willed…but I guess he thinks as she is more conservative…she will be more flexible than his mother and Asmara?? He had a point about him not wanting to be in the back seat which is I guess what he sees his father as?? But then his last line seemed like I’m the boss and that’s it!?! Anyways looking forward to the impeding conflict!

    • Neeru says:

      Thank you SK…ha ha I was unfair in asking everyone to pick a scene hai na 🙂

      Well my logic was it is too easy to pick one out of two or three but wanted to see how you guys picked one out of a whole bunch of best scenes. Was eager to know which was that one scene that people carried with them after the episode ended.

      For eg. the line you picked as the top scene was not mentioned by anyone else here if am correct. I loved the voice modulation even in the second phone call 🙂

  13. Sonia says:

    Neeeruuuuuuuuu u always make me speecles by yr writing, m getting addicted of ur review… Its a must have thing i need after watching this beautiful drama every week…..
    What an amazing and beautiful episode it was… The whole hour while watching it my face has thousands of smiles on it hahaa…. How can someone be so romantic like Fawad Khan….. The simplicity, the beauty of love and romance in this drama is beyond the words… How sweet it was…. Ahhhh…..
    I m sorry Neeru i dont have a favourite scene, it’d be better saying it is my favourite episode…. Hahaa….
    This episode give homage to mobile… Hahaa what exactly i thought….. Love each and every scene of the drama… Mobile was the actual highlight of the episode… Love every scene related to it weather it is a call or cute msgs…..
    I loved the title of ur review…. I always used to search for the title of ur review… And this was the perfect as the last episode’s title was perfect…. Yes it is so cute how u dedicate this review to “Fawad Khan” & “Sanam Saeed” love it ❤

    • Neeru says:

      Thank you so much Sonia 🙂 It was an amazing episode indeed. I do understand when you say this entire episode is your favorite…mine too 🙂

  14. Afshan says:

    May I have a sip too…. Uff killing expressions… U Rock Zaroon and Kashaf….

  15. noorie says:

    this zaron kashaf simple cute romance beyond words such a beautiful part

  16. zubia khalid says:

    bahut hi khubsoorat episode…..so romantic…aftert a long time we found a “”typical hero”””in form of Zaroon…..my favourite scene is when he messaged him”” ï love u” and she said “”thank u””

    • Neeru says:

      lol..she took a while before she replied ‘thank you’ ..poor Zaroon..has to really work hard to get those three words out of her…

  17. Sarbani Chakraborty says:

    Just awesomeee..Words are not enough to appreciate your review..I think this is one of your best reviews…. every time your magic words compelled me to cherish the episode once again..

    I don’t know what is going on!!!Just when I think that it is the best episode till now ,the very next episode made me speechless…
    Before I jump into the topic ,I can gladly say that the definition of romance is changed after watching Humsafar & Zindagi Gulzar Hai..Can anybody tell me the perfect definition of romance???For me it ‘s a inner feeling which urges you something do special or unusual for your beloved ….
    And now I think the king of romance crown is very much perfect for Fawad Khan…Fawad considered himself as a hopeless romantic (I read it in one of his interviews) …. Is it really possible that a hopeless romantic effortlessly act in such a way in a romantic scene so that any body can fall in love with him in any moment!!!I don’t know….It’s a open fact that Fawad Khan mesmerized me and I constantly searching my vocabulary to describe his performance.But I think my word & adjectives are not enough for him..and now Sanam Saeed ,such a wonderful performer she is….She matched Fawad Khan every step of the way..Fawad & Sanam make the screen burn.

    .Zaroon who is always searching for his real love now madly in love with Kashaf,….And Kashaf who always wants to keep herself from love now has fallen in love with Zaroon…..I think fallen in love or love someone is the best experience in our life.
    Neeraja if u told me to pick my favorite scene of the episode ,it is quite impossible for me.Because each an every moment of the episode is very close to my heart..
    The essences of love & discoveries ….the subtle romance..each an every gazing at each other is just perfect example of a newly wed couple ….Zaroon eagerly wants to immerse into the “Kashaf Sea”,has no fear of drowning …….and the deep sea not yet allowing him to immerse completely into her.
    Till now I can’t comprehend that how easily Sultana Siddqui can portray the each scene where a newly wed couple badly missing each other…Zaroon completely besotted in love and constantly craving his wife’s company….and on the contrary Kashaf who is falling in love and also missing her husband but her insecurities couldn’t allow her to admit the fact.. .Each and every moment and conversation between them has it’s own flavor..

    Zaroon :Nahi tum Kahi nahi sone zarahiho,mujhse bate karo.
    Zaroon :Do u love me?
    Zaroon :Ghar kab auogi?
    Kashaf :Abhi Abhi Aa jao?”
    Zaroon :Main lene aeo?
    All are mere simple lines but create magic in the heart….

    Zaroon : so gaye thi keya?
    Kashaf :Nid nahi aa rahi thi.
    Zaroon :Khar a to hona hi tha..jis tara mujhe tumhare bagar nid nahi arahi ustara tumhe mujhe bagar nid nahi arahi hogi…
    Zaroon’s husky tone of his sexy voice made Kashaf sweating..

    “Main usko sochna nahi chahata hoon…mian usko sochta hoon…main usko casually lena chahu ho hi nahi sakta”..Zaroon considered Kashaf as his center of gravity..This passionate confession making me giddy headed..Love is not expressed in words..love is just a silence that speaks that hears..love is a droplet of light of our heart…

    I was really enjoying their sms-chat and in the dinning where Zaroon was espying his wife..An intentionally swift touch of Zaroon and then a blush of Kashaf is just made the scene outstanding..
    “May I have a sip too” .. my favorite dialog in the episode ..honestly speaking this is my favorite scene..those killing eyes make a person breathless in any time..Zaroon’s roguish smile while Kashaf feeding the chewing gum to him made me crazy..

    And lastly their matured conversation..it was a nice treat for me..This sound as two immensely matured person interacting with each other..

    I know Zaroon’s more demanding and conservative attitude, chauvinism, may clash with Kashaf’s insecurities and distrust.. but till then enjoy their love..

    Precap is also very interesting…so finally Zaroon ke chand zamin pe shift ho hi gaye…

    • Neeru says:

      Thanks Sarbani…..enjoyed going through those beautiful conversations once again 🙂

      We are going to enjoy the clash too Sarbani…..their chemistry will make sure that we do 🙂

  18. Rev4eva says:

    Awesome review and indeed it was a beautiful episode…. The beautiful journey of a newly wed who learns to discover each other in their own pace. They discover qualities that they both failed to see in each other during their initial days. Zaroon-Kashyap have their own sizzling and rocking chemistry. Fawad’s performance was flawless from the start being a Fawad fan but it was Sanam’s progression in enacting the character Kashyap that has left me awe……from a tough nut to the Kashyap we see today. After reading the review, I m tempted to watch the episode again.

  19. Rehana Kazi says:

    The moment I finished watching the epi yesterday, my brain was surrounded by thousands of emotions that I wanted to share with words, but DAMN it! There is no better word to express my feelings on this particular piece…. *SIGH*…. di, you are right to the core with your review….

    Confession Time: YES, NOW I feel that Zaroon and Kashaf have SIZZLING chemistry *SIGH*…. after Ashar-Khirad, yes, thankfully I am loving Fawad Khan with Sanam Saeed… coming from me, must be indeed an achievement for the duo considering what a picky freak I am when it comes to chemistry between the leads….

    Sanam Saeed is simply a wonderful treat to watch….. the girl knows how/when to blush…. and YES, she doesn’t make you feel awkward/weird with that blush, instead, you just go ‘aww, she is blushing’…. because she has the talent of using the right amount of expression at the right moment…. she never goes overboard with her expressions…. you can simply relate to her state of mind and heart….such a wonderful talent she is *MashAllah*….. I’m truly loving this girl….

    Fawad Khan, first of all, someone needs to put kaala tika on him *MashAllah*….. I have been keep pulling his cheeks in the air throughout the episode….. his throw of words, his eye contact, his expressions, his voice modulation, his body language …. dude, someone please remind me that he is a happily married man with a kid in real life…. this wonderful actor is blessed with amazing talent … *MashAllah*

    Leechar to ‘Husband’…. and….. Chudail Murtaza to ‘My wife’…. can anything be any cuter than this?? NOPE! ….. not to mention, the background score…. it is a new one that was first played on their wedding night … man, a heartfelt “Thank You” to the audio team for coming up with such refreshing heart warming tune….. it so goes well with both of their state of heart….. all you need is the sight of Zaroon-Kashaf with this wonderful bg score, and you will find yourself grinning at the screen as if your life is a ‘bed of roses’ – ‘Zindagi is indeed gulzar hai’ until the reality hits you ….

    Seriously? You want me to pick up a top scene?…. I CHOOSE the ENTIRE EPISODE …. call me a biased soul but I TRULY LOVED EACH SECOND OF THIS EPISODE 😀 …..
    Now about the last dinner-date conversation, for the first time in my life, I failed to pick a side!… usually, if two people have different perspective on a topic, you support one or the other, BUT here, I couldn’t help but had to agree with both of their perspectives….

    I, 100% agree with Zaroon, knowing how his mother was unsuccessful in fulfilling the duty of a mother… of course, she may love her family but a mother needs to assure her kids that she is THERE whenever they needed her…. she is a working woman FIRST and MOTHERHOOD seems to be the second priority….. for Zaroon’s mother: being a working woman is a good thing but that does not allow the one to take their freedom for granted…. for Asmara: being liberal is good but that does not mean one can do things that is not allowed in their religion …. NO! It’s not about expressing yourself as a ‘weak woman’….. but her definition of ‘having fun’ or ‘enjoying life’ was quite inappropriate, and this is EXACTLY why Zaroon had issues with Asmara…. I am a modern and liberal girl too but I know my limits as well, and I also try to keep my level upto the mark where neither I have to cross the limit of my culture/religion, nor I have to feel like a bechari… now, taking the examples from his mother and ex, Zaroon always wanted a ‘balanced life partner’, who would balance both personal and professional life….and this is why I support Zaroon on his point….

    I, 100% agree with Kashaf, knowing how her father was unsuccessful in fulfilling the duty of a father… I wish I could say, he loved his ‘first’ family but that would be a white lie…. here, the case is different, the father who once told his daughter ‘jab logon ki jutiya chaaton gi, taab akaal thikane ayenge’, DOES NOT BELONG TO THE CATEGORY OF a ‘Father’… period!…. this guy had the mentality of a cheap creep where he thinks ONLY men have the power to rule the world and women are born to be kept under their shoes…. ‘GROW UP LOSER’ …. this guy prays five times a day and yet knows NOTHING about his religion…. what a shame!…. and I am glad this show picks up this point because unfortunately, such creatures still exist on this planet…. yes, I loved it when Kashaf said, both wives and husbands must support each other’s POVs, which shows that she is also expecting a ‘balanced life partner’, who would respect her perspectives if needed… and this is why I support Kashaf on her point….

    Apart from being a wonderful episode, it actually turned out to be quite a productive one in terms of life…. wow, this was long… I must shut up now….. will go hit the bed …. thanks for the wonderful review di…. it always brings a smile on my face as I go through each word 🙂 ….

    Luv ya

    • SK says:

      I think you are talking about the tune of ” dastaan” another epic FK drama. I love it but personally I started getting visions of FK in his sherwaani when I hear it:)

    • Neeru says:

      Thanks Rehana….loved reading your take on various characters. So you get where Zaroon and Kashaf are coming from. We will have to see how they work it out between them because clearly we are in for major hurdles in their relationship. They both need to learn a few things…also unlearn a few in the process….tough task ahead….not impossible though if they really love each other…

  20. A girl says:

    An excellent review of an excellent episode… The episode reminds me of my early days of marriage… My favorite scene were many but the best one was the nightly telephonic conversation between the two 😀

  21. Sheema says:

    Your review made me laugh !!! my my … You have the ZGH viral infection ….ha ha ha ha…. Yeah it was good but not like the way you expressed for me ..lol ….
    For me Sanam is the hero and FK is the ITEM NUMBER !!! Ha ha ha …( no offence to any of his die hard fans …just kidding )

    • Neeru says:

      And I don’t want to be cured 😉 For me both of them are heroes….lol..some how I cannot imagine FK in skimpy clothes gyrating to an item number…just kidding. He is an immensely talented actor and he deserves every adulation he gets and so does Sanam Saeed.

      The way I look at it…both have entered into this equation called marriage on equal terms but they are in for some heavy pull and push….

  22. Ayesha says:

    love zaroon and kashaf….. my favorite scene… when zaroon asked her that do you love me!! and kashaf does’nt reply then zaroon says “bus mera pait bhar gaya” and then kashaf “itni jaldi” …..

  23. rubab says:

    i love the part when she offered the dish of food to zaroon and he took it in a way that he actually touched her hand it was so cute and romantic and the way they talk over the phone and when he said can i have a sip of the tea aur phir when she offered tu he said pila do mera haath nahi kam kar rahay it was amazing what a fabulous work from both of them cant wait to see the next episode and i hope nothing goes wrong between them ….as it will spoil the whole beauty of the drama

  24. nbilal says:

    nw tht i watched it again, my fav scene is when zaroon asks kashaf wapas kab aao gi, abhi ajaun, mai lene ajaun.. awww that was sucha cute scene.. loved it to bits 🙂

  25. sana says:

    awosome drama….

  26. jannat says:

    kashaf ka zaroon ko chai pilana r zaroon ka yun dekhna ,haiiiiiiiii zulm ker dia sb k dil pe.

  27. lubna says:

    da best scene was wen zaroon asked kashaf whether he could take a sip .n da way he said ke “haath kaam nhi kar rahe”i just loved his tone……

  28. anusha says:

    Btw, in the preview of ep 19,theres this scene where Z is sleeping on the bed and K says something about – if he leave me I wont be able to take it or something…That didnt feature in epi 19 or do u think the video I watched it in, didnt have it?

    Btw loving teh whole plot.. normally its teh girl who is the romantic and loves life etc etc, but here loving the girls’ character who is the stonehearted one and its his duty to change her…

    • Neeru says:

      That did not feature in this episode Anusha…prob we will get to see it in the next.

      She isn’t stonehearted..just a bruised soul putting up a defense against the world…

  29. anusha says:

    I just started giving this serial a chance today, caught up with the story by watching just the K and Z scenes, but watched the entire episode 19 and loved it.My fav part was when they were messaging each other in her house. Btw , when he told her over the phone that he loved her was it the first time? It just seemed weird to me, coz in the previous episode, when they are on the be, doesnt he call her ordinary looking or something to that effect?

  30. tania says:

    love your review. you say it so well. now feel like watching the episode 1 more time.

  31. A7 says:

    Neeraja!!! I love your reviews, they are the best!
    You just put so much thought into the script and the actions of the characters, just like I do…
    I too, found that Zaroon has suffered from the negelection he received from his mom. And I think Zaroon’S comment about his Sahs, and then Kashaf’S convo with her mom showed us a first glimpse of what will be an issue in this marriage…maybe they should have talked these things through befor tying the knot.
    WIll Zaroon still love her, if there is trouble in paradise?….he has said to Asmara that love never is unconditional.

    Well anyways, I also loved how Zaroon tried to be romantic and tried to, by getting her to feed him, to make any reservations between them disappear. Feeding, touching, hugging one’s husband/wife is a basic right acquired by marriage to the other person and he wants her to be aware of that.
    And he wants trust and love to blossom- but she completely misunderstood it as him being “sust”.
    I hope she realizes the reason for his actions soon- Zaroon, until now, has been very understanding- any other (realistic) desi-guys would have been sulking because the wifey was ruining all the romantic mood and their chances of romance….

    I loved how Umera Ahmed built in Zaroon’s realistation of him not only being IN LOVE with her, but “loving her”.

    • Neeru says:

      Thank you A7! Both of them have the work cut out for them …..they have to first understand each other….including what has shaped up…made them what they are….it will solve most of the misunderstandings. Communication is the key. Yes I do hope Kashaf starts communicating but I think she has started albeit sparingly but she will get there soon 🙂

  32. joinzaheer says:

    Lovely review as usual.
    plz do give sometime to ‘Rehaai’ a social serial written by Farhat Ishtiaq of humsafar fame and directed by our very own Mehreen Jabbar.

    • Neeru says:

      Thank you Zaheer! It is too intense a subject for me Zaheer. I don’t have the stomach for it. Just the thought of it breaks my heart. I so wish I was stronger so I could have not only watched but reviewed it as well. May be someday hopefully! Thanks for suggesting it Zaheer 🙂

  33. A7 says:

    Neeraj!!! I love your reviews, they are the best!
    You just put so much thought into the script and the actions of the characters, just like I do…
    I too, found that Zaroon has suffered from the negelection he received from his mom. And I think Zaroon’S comment about his Sahs, and then Kashaf’S convo with her mom showed us a first glimpse of what will be an issue in this marriage…maybe they should have talked these things through first.
    WIll Zaroon still love her, if there is trouble in paradise?….he has said to Asmara that love never is unconditional.

    Well anyways, I also loved how Zaroon tried to be romantic and tried to, by getting her to feed him, to make any reservations between them disappear. Feeding, touching, hugging one’s husband/wife is a basic right acquired by marriage to the other person and he wants her to be aware of that.
    And he wants trust and love to blossom- but she completely misunderstood it as him being “sust”.
    I hope she realizes the reason for his actions soon- Zaroon, until now, has been very understanding- any other (realistic) desi-guys would have been sulking because the wifey was ruining all the romantic mood and their chances of romance….

    I loved how Umera Ahmed built in Zaroon’s realistation of him not only being IN LOVE with her, but “loving her”.

    We know that Zaroon didn’t feel love for Asmara, but mere infatuation, as Usama already has put it.
    Zaroon had been wondering why he himself was willing to take up so many beizzaties for this girl, Kashaf- not realizing that it was because of his feeling being so strong for her.
    So Zaroons’ diary entry of his second night without his wife was mind blowing and realistic…him realizing that she has become his center of gravity, and then declaring his love for her the other day via SMS.

    As far as we know, Zaron hasn’t said it before to Kashaf- at least not that bluntly….Through Kashaf, Zaroon is recognizing and exploring himself….

    I am just afraid that Kashaf might lose him if she doesn’T show her affections soon…

    But Zaroon should’ve understood her by now…I mean the glances on the ride in the car were speaking for themselves…this is a girl falling hard for her husband!

    I am a bit worried bceause of Zaroon and Kashaf’s convo at the end….
    They didn’t really disagree, but I hated the look in Zaroon’s eyes..i don’t know what it was exactly
    Of course, Kashaf should stop working or should at least rearrange her priorities with Zaroon being number one….Akhir shohor ke paas har cheez hai. Paise, looks, chahnye wala bhi hai…to Naukri ki kya zaroorat???

    But when he said that Sarbrar thing..I absolutely agree with him, but there was some “villanious husband” vibe in there.

    The interesting fact ist that, albeit this shaadi being a pasand ki shaadi from his side, and Kashaf also falling for him by now, both of them come from different places…not only financially, but also regarding their respective histories.
    Zaroons has missed family, kyunke ghar jodh ke rakhne wali AURAT hoti hai, aur uske Ghar me AURTAYEN kubhi ghar nahi hoti theen…..

    He has missed his mom and he doesn’t want to miss his wife or take a backseat in her life.
    This is okay, and kudos to him that he still let her live at her mom’s so soon after the wedding…u know about our desis guys.

    Kashaf on the other hand has had a close male relative who was sensible and smart enough to be a sarbrar (her dad wanted her to marry sajjad after all….Zaroon, if Kashaf’s mom followed her sarbrar, you wouldn’t be sitting there, holding hands with this girl!!!).

    They have yet to understand each other’s stories, and I think maybe Zaroon will be overprotective and overdemanding towards Kashaf- afraid to lose her to her career.
    The girl is qabil after all….moreover better than Zaroon…..

    my favourite scenes in the whole episode were the ones with Zaroon asking her if he should come to her.

    This was him expressing how much he mised her, and he was also trying to figure out if she reciprocated his feelings…
    “Ghar kub aoo gi”
    -“Abhi Aa jao?”
    -“Me leene aon?”….

    Kashafs smile says it all…

    There is this man, who would travel so far just to pick her up and take him with her- naukar ko bhi nahi bhaije ga, khud aye ga….

    WHo doesn’t want that kind of devotion?
    And Fawad did such a good job expressing Zaroon’s devotion to Kashaf….one sign from her, and he would’ve gotten into the car, it seemed.

    Of course, Zaroon demands the same from her- to do his tasks by herself….

    Also the next call, where he asked if he should come to her in the middle of the night, Fawad was again portraying Zaroon as someone who would’ve gotten into the car and driven to Nazmabad the second his lady love pronounced she indeed wanted to see him.
    That conversation leading to them discussing if Kashaf cares for him was nice too, expecially since Zaroon is slowly understanding that Kashaf doesn’t give “sidha jawab” to his questions, and he knows why….

    I think this was a very nice way of showing how much they miss each other, and how he will not let her stay alone next time.
    On Zaroon’s behalf it was clear to me he would miss her but Zaroon got some reassurence from her side too…If he only could understand why Kashaf is so weird about him staying at her place.

    Sorry, this has gotten long, I bet no one reads it, but I just wanted to share my thoughts with you…

    I loved the scene with the chand, where Zaroon is so hopelessly in love and staring at his wife….
    I just hope ke reality check say Zaroon ke dil me Kashaf ke liye Izzat aur bhi badh jayegi….

  34. nbilal says:

    Wo jese kehte hain apne mere munh ki baat cheen li.. This episode brought so many memories back of my own post wedding days.. The ling phone calls, the text msgs, the shying n blushing lol… U r right wen u say thts the golden period of ones life.. N then u cherish it all ur life.. My fav scene was the tea sip scene esp wen zaroon says umm hath kaam nhi kr raha.. Tht was sucha cute expression n also wen zaroon asks kashaf if she loves him n the expression on kashafs face was priceless.. These two are such amazing actors.. They hv truly brought zaroon n kashaf to life.. Hats off

  35. diya khan says:

    itna awsum drama plus awsum review 🙂 reallyyy brethtaking…da silent wordzzz n meaningful glances… just loved dat

  36. Rabia says:

    that moment when they txt each other coz they were shy enough to talk to one another….an yess changing the name from Leechar to husband and Churail to wife was *buhahaha moment* 😀
    awla man….awesome episode (Y)

  37. Pallavi Singh says:

    I thoroughly loved the episode and ur review brought back all those moments………Excellent write-up……Thumbs Up!!!

  38. Roh says:

    Beautiful review, yet again, Neeraja. I love the way you bring out the thoughts in the characters. It always adds to so much meaning and makes a fabulous episode even better.
    And the reviews coming so quickly on the heels of the episode, makes it even more beautiful.
    What an episode! It was beautifully done. Well paced, not rushed, giving the newly weds time to settle in their new lives. And here it not only involves getting to know each other, but also developing love for a relationship that hopefully will be forever.
    The differences in both Zaroon and Kashaf, along with the differences in their households, were again blended in so well.
    The romance on the SMS was the key point to me. I always think that the definition of romance must have changed with technology, and here it was! Right in front of my eyes. Not a second could be missed in that entire exchange.
    Zaroon’s phone calls – putting words in Kashaf’s mouth, were too cute. He sure hasn’t changed much in many ways. He is still pushing, albeit this time being genuinely in love with her.
    I loved the way he refused the 2nd helping as though it was a sign of protest that he ignored his question on SMS.
    By the end of the episode, I saw the guy whose neck I wanted to wring a few weeks ago creeping up somewhere again, with that glint in his eyes.
    I personally agreed completely with Kashaf’s views on marriage, and the moment he harped on “mard” I was like “eeeee! Zaroon, we love you now, please don’t start again!!!”
    I recollect an interview with Sanam where she mentioned that in the drama, kashaf is going to be Zaroon’s knight in shining armour. I hope that eventually love will teach him to have more regard for women, including his mother.
    From that last dialogue between Zaroon and Kashaf, and the conversation between Rafia and Kashaf, the latter didn’t come across very different from Zaroon’s opinion of his mother.
    And about that conversation between mother and daughter, I’m not sure I will go with what Rafia said and it is possibly the most politically incorrect to say here, I guess each to his own, depending on circumstances. I see where Kashaf is coming from on that issue as well, and I have seen too many marriages work beautifully on equality and respect, which makes me skeptical about Rafia’s advise being the good old golden words of the universal truth..
    Fawad Khan is brilliant to say in the least. I’m sure he was sleeping peacefully last night, while he had spun the heads of thousands of women all over the world. 😀
    Sanam Saeed was equally brilliant. There is not doubt that you need to hands to clap. The scenes would have never been what they were, if it was not for her.
    I suppose trouble will set in next week. Just knowing that it will be a happy ending eventually is probably the only thing that will keep my sanity, once that starts.

    • Neeru says:

      Roh!!!! I am so sorry for replying after three days of your comment! But I have read and re-read it few times more than I have watched the episode…I can’t stop smiling when I read your take on the episode. The way you put it is brilliant. He he ..wring his neck….its amazing how you don’t miss even a fraction of an expression on Zaroon’s face. There is some kind of ‘anti-hero’ lurking in his being that is waiting to attack our sense of peace …lol…you never know!

      Rafia’s advice as I understand goes for both. Without personal touches, TLC, personal care there will be no room for either respect or understanding to develop…irrespective of how the times have changed…these basic mantras for any successful relationship stands true even today.

      Here is to Happy Ending!!! 🙂

  39. Khushbakht khan says:

    Good day Neeru, and indeed it is a good day with our hearts racing with excitement and brains filled with memorable scenes . I will be no good to any one today because I’m still at that heavenly place with Zaroon and Kashaf. Dreamy dreamy. Neeraja Uni you wizard with words what a beautiful review, it had my heart running a marathon again such is the impact of your words , they took me back to each and every scene. It is difficult to pick a particular scene because all of this episode was epic ,a brilliant masterpiece. If I had to pick among my fav scene then it will be their sms’ing each other ( so close and yet so distant) . When Rafia asks him to eat some more and he says nahien pair bhar Gaya and Kashaf promptly says ‘ itni jaldi’ referring to his impatience in her saying THE WORDS . She won’t cave in easily .’ Can I have the sip’ was cute beyond discription and Zaroons gaze while taking a sip of tea melted poor me in to a pool. Fawad , Fawad , Fawad , Is god Zeus himself out to drive poor ladies of this world out of their minds in form of mortal Zaroon. God help us. How can somebody be so perfect.

    • Neeru says:

      A very good day to you too Khushbakht! 🙂 Thank you ..you are so kind. The episode made it easy for words to pour out on to the paper….as simple as that.

      Fawad was awesome in this episode 🙂

  40. Amal says:

    A lovely review Neeru. Explains the episode so well. My fav scene was zaroon’s conversation with his mother. The slight tinge of jealousy that she feels — so typical female like.
    Also the text messaging in kitchen– official kaam for both 😉

    • Neeru says:

      Thank you Amal 🙂 Yeah…she was feeling jealous and I think Zaroon din’t hold back even though he knew how it would make his mother feel.

      • Amal says:

        Right. He made it sound as if he was emphasizing more on the fact that she was never the perfect working mother for him. He has found his role model in Rafia 🙂

  41. SZ says:

    Hi Neeru! Enjoyed reading your review 🙂 Like you, just luhved this one!!

  42. hamnah says:

    oh Neeru, I absolutely loved loved loved this episode & your review, although I know that you post review after 1,2 days, I was still trying my luck after every hour & know what, my heart jumped with excitement when I saw this 😀 😀 the best gift ever after a mind blowing episode! My replay button is aching now because for the last three weeks, episodes are being replayed AGAIN, AGAIn & AGAIN! even my family members are making fun of me now but I’m addicted!

    • hamnah says:

      I won’t do anything unfair ;), just don’t have enough time now! Will post my thoughts & favourite dialogues very soon!

    • hamnah says:

      so finally I chose a relaxing time to recount the wonderful experience of this beautiful episode! Neeru, I’m a silent but devoted reader of your reviews 🙂 for the first time, I actually feel obliged to express my thoughts. so let’s start, apology in advance if this comment takes too much of your precious time.
      What an episode, EPIC & OUTSTANDING in every way, each & every second was a treat, script was awesome, Although I’m a die hard fan of Umera Ahmed, I didn’t know that she can write such kind of amazing & unique romance! no heavy dialogues, only glances, messages, body language & their chemistry, this is what makes this play very very special for me, sorry if any humsafar fan feels offended but personally I love ZGH hundred times more than humsafar because of the variety in emotions & thoughts, it’s not a simple love story at all, the two have traveled much from enemies to life partners & there’s a long road ahead in order to spend a happy marital life with each other! can’t choose a favourite scene, it’s one of the hardest questions, all the scenes were amazing & I can’t than Sultana Siddiqui enough for converting my favourite short story into the most inspiring drama serial! 🙂 🙂 this couple is remarkable, all the scenes of them have an aura of love, I just can’t stop watching those scenes again, again, again & then again! I don’t have a single favourite dialogue, all the simple yet breath taking dialogues spoken between Kashaf & Zaroon are my favourite, but for the first time, I have some very very favourite lines of your review which mesmerized me, of course the whole review is an awesome gift for me, but these lines are very very special:

      ” a hearty bow of appreciation to Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed for setting the screens on fire as Zaroon and Kashaf, with a mere look, a fleeting touch, a blush, a husky tone, a hot flush and a scorching gaze” (you summarised it all in a so fantastic manner that I’m still in awe)

      “tons of episodes have been literally wasted by keeping this duo (Kashaf-Zaroon) apart for so long – a crime I am willing to forgive over just this episode.”

      “Blush is the color that suits Zaroon’s Kashaf to perfection.” (literally I couldn’t agree more)

      “He is absolutely disarming as Zaroon who not only misses his wife but also craves everything about her. His need for her look, her touch, her words of love, her laughter, is so evident in his eyes, it squeezes our hearts. ” (this is exactly what I felt but I don’t posses the power of using words so beautifully like you 😉 )

      “I blushed, grinned, bit my lips, and blushed again when Zaroon was trying to get a confession out of his lady love. Oh the way he sulked!” (can’t praise you enough for these lines)

      ” The weight Zaroon carries from his childhood of being neglected by his mother in the name of career, will weigh heavily on his relationship with Kashaf.” (you stated a very important fact here which will raise the problems very soon)

      all in all, A spell binding episode & a mesmerizing review! I have lost my vocabulary of adjectives!

      • Neeru says:

        Hamnah….thank you for loving my review….trust me i was in thrall after watching the episode and I had to pen down my thoughts right after I watched it so there was no chance of diluting what I felt. This is the outpour you are reading as a review. I feel its raw…what with me still being in a haze while i wrote it 🙂 But am glad you liked it and your words mean a lot. Thanks 🙂

        Oh Hamnah…am going to refrain from comparing ZGH with Humsafar. Each has earned its place on its own merits 🙂

        • hamnah says:

          this “raw” review is much more heart appealing Neeru, trust me! 🙂 can you please write all the reviews of ZGH like this one, quick & emotion filled? after watching every latest episode I desperately wait for your review, checking your website after every hour! 😀
          well yes, that’s also a good approach because ZGH & humsafar are based on two different topics so maybe they can not be compared! after all who said that we can’t have two topmost favourites!

          • Neeru says:

            Thank you Hamnah 🙂

            Okay…at the risk of bugging you with the reasoning behind certain reviews coming sooner than others, am going to go ahead and explain ..bear with me.

            One it depends on the episode. Two since it airs at the start of the weekend (yes, weekends start on Friday night 😉 my time is not my own it belongs to my family for the weekend so they dictate how am placed till Sunday night!

            Going back to the first reason – This episode was all about emotions …din’t require me to think so much or analyze. It appealed more to my heart than my head hence din’t take even a second look at the episode for me to come out with the review. I just let my feelings guide me. Since it was all about emotions I HAD to write it right after i watched it 🙂 * I posted this at 4 am 😛

            Other episodes appeal more to my mind where I have to let the scenes stay in my mind for a while for me to think a little deeper and write. And I have to watch such episodes/scenes atleast a couple of times more to get it right. Added to that sometimes these reviews take longer to write …and i prefer writing it at one go and that kind of time I get only during the weekdays..hence the inevitable delay. Its overwhelming to see that so many of you instead of getting impatient actually wait and read them even though they are very late and i thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for that.

            Ha ha there are no limits to how many favorites one can have Hamnah…I have too many at the same time…Am addicted to Arrow, Beauty and the Beast, Castle, Revenge, Newsroom, Suits, Homeland, White Collar, few Indian shows, and ZGH ….so there…you can keep two of them as top faves guilt free ;-))

          • hamnah says:

            well yeah, of course you’re right, Neeru! 🙂 it’s hard to elaborate & it isn’t possible in one go! A good review although written late is hundred times better than a bad one which is written quickly, for a good review one needs time to think about the ideas shown so no complaints there! 🙂 but you know, it’s also hard to be patient once I get hold of the episode! I read this review of yours few minutes after you posted it & believe me or not but I was actually lying awake waiting for it! 😉
            But still I would prefer an excellently written review which appeals my heart & I can wait for it rather than reading a quick one which only focuses on cast! I’m more interested in the message & the simple & realistic approach of writer

    • Neeru says:

      Thats so sweet of you …thank you Hamnah!

  43. Sam says:

    Bohuttttttttt he khoubsurat Romantic episode tha Haaayeeeeee!

    Neeru Hamesha ki tarha excellent review 🙂

    Aaj ke episode mein her lamha interesting tha 🙂

    khas kar churail Murtaza se meri wife likhna zaroon ka bohut cute sa laga :

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