Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 20 Review: Little things are the ones that matter the most!


A standing ovation for the entire team of Zindagi Gulzar Hai for churning out a hatrick of brilliant episodes – Right on the heels of one of the perfect episodes, this week Zindagi Gulzar Hai unravels yet another gem of an episode that leaves a delicious ache in our hearts insulated with a smile that refuses to go away well after watching it. In this episode, the screenplay was undoubtedly the king. 

This episode was bitter sweet in so many ways. Each dialogue, each gesture, each expression, was poetry in motion. As the relationship between Zaroon and Kashaf deepens and evokes a beautiful feeling within to watch it bloom, their deepest fears and insecurities, hopes and wishes, induces a dull pain that continues to thud inside our hearts throughout the episode. An episode that can evoke so many feelings effortlessly, deserves all the accolades it can muster.

‘Khamoshi ki bhi awaaz hoti hai?!’

This romantic beachside setting wherein the conversation between Zaroon and Kashaf was dominated by the word silence revealed so much about why these two are attracted to each other and the saying, ‘opposites attract’ quickly comes to mind. Kashaf comes up with things that Zaroon wouldn’t have thought of in his wildest dreams. Her way of thinking, her whole demeanor, continues to be a mystery to him; therein lies the challenge, fascination, and attraction.


Kashaf would not have smiled so much in her entire life as much as she has post-marriage. Zaroon’s child like exuberance has loosened her up quite a bit. She even chuckles now..yeh Zaroon ka kamaal hai! How can her uptight ‘ice’ of a heart not melt under Zaroon’s fire of life?

“Agar yeh khush kismati hai toh meri kyun hai; aur agar yeh ek jhoota khwaab hai toh main kyun dekh rahi hoon”

I am going to quote my dearest friend Swati on this scene since I couldn’t have framed it better and there is another reason for doing so too ~ Kashaf’s words in Zindagi Gulzar Hai often reflects my inner feelings and I can’t help but relate to her emotional turmoil. Bitter experiences at times make us so cynical that we refuse to believe that life can also be kind to us and that we too deserve to be happy.”

Kashaf’s depth of pain is not supposed to be understood by everyone. It can be almost impossible for us to place ourselves in her shoes and understand why she has built a wall around herself, why she puts up a front to the point of being rude and ill mannered. She is scarred and I am not making excuses, just stating a fact – A fact so incomprehensible that she herself finds her undeserving of even the good fortune that has befallen her. This scene, with just those few words brought about a deafening silence in my heart.


Thankfully the scenes that followed (thank you powercut!) and the attempted moonlit romance lifted up my spirits but then again this time my heart went out to Zaroon who was being adoringly sweet and patient with his wife who wasn’t budging an inch. There was a reason this scene was dragged out (well…we enjoyed every second of it and wish it din’t end). It came to a point where we were suitably annoyed with Kashaf and we were almost ready to adopt Zaroon and take him home with us. Even though he claims to be a typical husband, I am not aware of many who would show this uncharacteristic amount of patience and understanding towards a wife who refuses to even hint at his significance in her life. His need for her, to be near her, to hold her hand at the slightest of pretext had me blushing (after 15 years of marriage ..trust me that is a difficult feat)

As a side note, should we send our husbands/fiancés for a crash course with Zaroon on ‘how to keep your wife patoed and blushing’?

”Main tumse yeh kaise kahoon ki mujhe tumhari kaunsi baat achchi nahi lagti….

Apne ird gird tumhara ghoomna,

meri wajood se nahi hatne Tumhari gehri bolti nazren,

tumhari har waqt ki tavajjum,

tumhara jaan chidakne wala har andaaz,

har baar jab tum mere maa baap keli aitaraman khade ho jaate ho, to mai tumhare samne jhukne lagti hoon.

Aur kya kuch nahi …jo mujhe tumhare saamne moam nahi karta…

ek chote se ghar ke is pankhe wale kamre mein tumhari yeh gehri neend,

mineral water bottle ko doondne ke bajaay nalke ka paani pee lena, hand wash chodke ek saste sabun se haat do lena…”

A bittersweet confession from the deepest chords of her heart, Kashaf bares her soul to her trusted diary. If you notice, Kashaf’s every word focuses on his actions more than words. She needs a special kind of man, expressive, sensitive, and patient to be able to make her trust him enough to come out of her defensive shell and the charming Zaroon is the right man for her. Sanam Saeed’s emphasis on the word ‘har’ every single time was like a chime marking Kashaf’s love for Zaroon.


Zaroon’s wounds may not seem as intense as Kashaf’s but is just as deep and needs a strong woman like Kashaf to calm and comfort his restless spirit. He is a charmer who has always got things easy in life and for him to value something he needs to work at it and that is exactly what he is doing to gain Kashaf’s trust and ultimately her love.

I see here two beautiful birds with broken wings healing each other’s souls to soar higher together as one being. There is a reason why they were attracted to each other from the beginning. How can one half not recognize the other? They were destined to meet and become one. Mushy or not, I believe in people coming into our lives for a reason, to fulfill a wish, a need, or simply to hold our hands for the rest of our lives, to heal, to help accomplish, to realize, to recognize our potential, or simply to live. Zaroon and Kashaf are these two people who were destined to heal each other; the path may be strewn with misunderstandings, troubles, and tears but ultimately they are present in each other’s lives for a purpose.


A scene that will stay with me for a long long time after Zindagi Gulzar Hai is complete, is the scene where Zaroon hands Kashaf some money. This is a natural order of a husband taking care of his wife but for Kashaf this came as a shock, a gift she neither expected nor ever dreamed she deserved. The past can be so cruel that when life introduces pleasant surprises it brings out the tears before the smiles. Unexpectedly Zaroon gets a glimpse of Kashaf’s vulnerabilities. Sewing a button on to a husband’s shirt has been done to death in several dramas but this one was the simplest and the most effective one.

Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed, you are true stars of this show and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us a memorable couple in Zaroon and Kashaf. Both of you are incredibly talented and it is indeed a pleasure to watch you on screen. For those in doubt refer their natural eaze as Kashaf and Zaroon in the moonlight scene..oh well why pick and choose, just watch the last three episodes! A special mention to director Sultana Siddiqui and writer Umera Ahmed for providing us with a motley of back to back brilliant episodes.

Precap for Episode 21

Zaroon rightly lays down rules in the marriage to avoid any misunderstanding starting with the most important one – ‘Communication is the key’. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the rules but what better aspect of a marriage to start getting misunderstood over than money? There is that hint of trouble brewing in the paradise and let us hope they stick to the rule and communicate with each other. Asmara finally realizes what Zaroon wants in the name of a wife…*shock* a puppet! The precap froze the frame on Zaroon looking tad bit villainous and as always cannot wait to see the story of these two amazing couple unfold.


Neeraja Unni

Reviewer, Talk Soap

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69 Responses to Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 20 Review: Little things are the ones that matter the most!

  1. Hi Neeru, I know this is strange AND late, for a comment to come…but I came across your blog and these reviews and just had to.. You have described the show and the feelings of the characters so well. I relate to Kashaf’s character, in fact I relate very well…except that I don’t have issues with my father…but the rest…….the financial trouble, the insecurities, the emotional distrust and the cynicism that she experiences, the lack of faith in God, in life and in people as a whole. You’ve pointed out that bit in this particular review so well. You know, everyone asks me why I’m still single…and this is why I felt I must comment.. I chose to remain single because like Kashaf, my ideology of the perfect man is like Zaroon! And as silly and as cliched as that sounds, I’d rather remain single than compromise.. 🙂 I hope you didn’t think this was weird, and don’t think of me as a crazy stalker, haha!

    Thanks for these reviews…feels like I have a friend who at the very least…might just understand me!

    ❤ Trisha

    • Neeru says:

      Hi Trisha, I am glad to hear from you. It’s never too late to express your thoughts. It was a wonderful show that I loved reviewing. I think, you are on the right path. Life is too precious to be lived compromising on your beliefs. The right man for you will come along, if that’s what you wish for and it’s perfectly alright not to make it a priority. Live and love on your terms 🙂

      Thanks for writing to me 🙂

  2. ahmeds027 says:

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    some great reviews episode by episode

  3. vai says:

    hello everyone
    i am new to this blog and by seeing all your comments could not stop by commenting hear 🙂
    ZGH what can i say about this show 🙂 just going mad with the serial “loving it”………….
    Day and night just thinking about this…what a star cast ,my first Pakistani show and it has blown my mind ….its different in every aspect from Indian tv show ….well i can say no match at all…
    Kashaf and zaroon OMG what a couple …they are superb ,their acting is mind blowing they are just too good.i love them yaar.

  4. Neerja Jain says:

    Loved reading your whole take on the Episode , I am recently introduced to your blog as some one took me as you. we both have the same name . and it stops here . I do not remember when i saw such a no nonsense show in our Indian channel . Yes have seen the decades old few Pak shows Tanhaiyan and all . Those days even DD also came outwith shows having author backed stories . This ZGH is like a breath of fresh air as i had stopped watching Hindi shows, Fed up with utter trash in the name of creativity where creativity has taken back seat . . Sorry mine first one on your blog and went on . I like all the characters of this show which are very real to life . You can understand Kashaf,s psyche where she is vulnerable and is scared to let anyone come in to hr life . It was her environment , watching her mother struggle , her father,s insulting attitude towards daughters and mother .Her bitterness came from there where she does not trust man . And Zaroon whom she has seen a flirting person , happy go lucky kind , can not easily trust him . She is afraid of herself and her feelings thats why putting a mask , i do not care . With tie people change . Zaroon i found to be knowing what he wants in his life . He was not just a shallow person . So many happenings of past put light on his character . He is kind of craved for Kashaf,s like mother . Both sister brother did not have healthy atmosphere while growing up. Zaroon chose Kashaf because of her integrity and finding these qualities in his life partner . Every dialogue has some meaning , written beautifully . And credit goes to Actors playing Zaroon and Kashaf who breathed life in to the characters . Todays show was done beautifully with sea shore and Zaroon,s expressions were worth watching where Kashaf was not giving him even a inch but was enjoying him . then her expressions when all ask Zaroon to stay at their place . It was such a real situation where many girls from middle class married to rich boy , are hesitant about their family . Every scene was done beautifully , then outside in the moonlit night . Zaroon , teasing her and watching her expressions smilingly . He wants her to bring her out of her shell where she has enclosed herself , none can harm her . She is some what have feelings for Zarioon , her entry in the diary , she loves him but is afraid and again the trust surfaces its head . Kashaf is person with complexes , uncertainty and not having trust in herself and the life . God it has became so long as was writing first time . I love the dialogues whether are in urdu as urdu has its own essence. Most of our old songs had Urdu words .
    Hope you will bear with me for mine ramblings

  5. Nita Khandekar says:

    And yes I love the female title song………….. love the lyrics and Hadika’s voice!!

  6. Nita Khandekar says:

    Thanks to Swati I am once again entrapped into Pak dramas (as they are called across the border)…………….. the serial I cannot decide is better than Dhoop Kinare or the reverse! But I recently watching dhoop kinare once again came to a conclusion that, both are equally extra ordinary and cannot be compared! The self respect and the way Kasaf conducts herself maybe difficult for the present day generation to understand, but I can totally comprehend her line of thought (although her character is also carved out of her insecurities). I loved the portrayal of her non-romantic personality, and could not wipe the grin off my face when Zaroon asks her Chand dekha and her reply on spying it was “gol hai”, and yes when Zaroon leaves the money and returns to find her crying and her not admiring that what brought tears to her eyes and his dialogue “Nahi manegi ladki” or her thoughts in the end when she says Zaroon use control nahi use mutti main kar liya hai”. There are so many such moments that I so treasure in the serial and each time I watch it again, I feel there is a new meaning added by a look or a gesture which I had missed in my previous viewing!! I simply love Zingadi Gulzar Hai !!

  7. Sanju Sharma says:

    what a brilliant review…I know I am super late but couldn`t stop myself from commenting…all I can say is ZGH and Zaroon-Kashaf have touched my hearts like nothing and nobody else!! Hats off to Sanam and Fawad and the entire team of ZGH for making the show so real, so natural!! Sanam and Fawad are brilliant actors and they are even more brilliant together…I feel like they bring the best in each other…I hope to see them together in many more shows and ZGH and Zaroon-Kashaf will remain with me forever!!

  8. justfiidaasbs says:

    v v nice drama………. umaira ahmed i like u

  9. SK says:

    Brilliant review as usual. You all have mentioned all the best scenes and dialogues, so really dont have any thing new to add!
    For me Kashaf breaking down was the best scene! Just beautifully written and acted:)
    One thing I liked about what Roh said which I also noticed was that Zaroon kept bending to Kashaf and she seems the dominant one in terms of having a hand over him.
    It somehow doesn’t fit into the whole story of him being a chauvanist etc Where is that all going to fit in as he seems to be doing a whole lot of compromising!

    • Neeru says:

      Thanks SK 🙂

      Excellent question….remember he is a charmer and a man in love. So the challenge here is to get Kashaf to admit that he is extremely important to him. If you notice in the scene where Kashaf breaks down, along with concern you see a hint of smugness or just a wee bit of pleasure that she is atlast showing some kind of feeling towards him.

      A person who runs the longest tires first. So when that tiredness sets in his nature is bound to take over…again this is all conjecture…lets wait and watch as to how chauvinism fits into all this…

  10. Rabab Zaka says:

    I am out of words to praise you Neeru!!! The way you’ve penned down your thoughts is truly amazing and just depicts the views of all of us.
    I agree with you that in this episode screenplay was the king. I loved every second of it. and the dialogues, and expressions were just too good. It never for a moment felt like as if I was watching a play it felt like a real conversation.
    I don’t know where to start from !!!
    the episode started in a totally different way, I really wasn’t expecting Khamoshi ki awaz wala part, and when zaroon tells her we’ll go together till where the sun meets the sea. that was so nice.I think he meant that we’ll be with each other till the end of ours lives. and then when she goes like you men are so materiaistic you only think of your own benefit and he goes like we collect pearls to give it to girls not for ourselves.The way both of them have answers for each and everything!!! they both are so suitable for each other.
    and the part where zaroon goes like ” kya sochay gi , yahee sochay gi na k kitna khoobsurat shauhar hai tumhara aur humara joda Mashallah Mashallah!!!” hahaha i couldn’t stop laughing. I think he wanted kashaf to realize that even the maid would acknowledge the fact that she has till now failed to.
    although the scene at the jhoola was really long but I actually didn’t want it to end,poor zaroon I seriously wish that kashaf should just let him know her feelings. This guy who agreed to stay with her in a place with no electricity and didn’t even care about the mosquitoes just to spend some quality time with his wife, he deserves more!!!
    He has brought a lot changes in kashaf , she has started smiling a lot , she has started caring for a guy!!!, and she feels possessive about him. The way he threatened her with going outside and smoking and then when he realized that she would get upset told her that it was just and old cigarette.lol he’s so scared of her. I loved the way kashaf reacted when he said that he loved Julia Roberts!!! if she would have just let him hold her hand she wouldn’t have to go through all this.
    I wish Fawad Khan had sung the ” haath se haath kya gya ” song a bit more,it would have sounded so good.
    and then I think one of the best dialogues of the play although there are so many ,
    ” tum meri zindagi ka markaz bantay jaa rahay ho …………………………………. main tumharay saamne raitr ki deewar nahin ban na chahti”
    seriously a salute to Umera Ahmed for such gem of dialogues.How does she do it. And I agree with you little things are the ones that matter the most, for Kashaf although she has a very rich husband, all the diamonds and money didn’t make a difference for her in her opinion towards zaroon , infact it was the mere gesture of showing respect to her parents, of just using a cheap soap, of sleeping in a room with just a fan, of filling his plate again with food made by her mom’s hands although he might have tasted numerous cuisines during his stays abroad, and the way he constantly showered her with attention and looked at admirably not only at her external beauty but he was never shy of praising her strength of personality. How many guys would do that!!! she indeed is lucky to have been blessed with one and I can relate with her that she can’t still come to terms with the fact that her life has suddenly become so beautiful and that too because of a guy and that she no longer has endure the hardships alone.
    I hope she would just say all that too zaroon or just show him this entry of hers in her diary, coz he’ll be the happiest man in the universe once he comes to know about it.
    And then as if we were not enough already in awe of the whole episode came the ultimate scene. when he gives her the money.The way zaroon made her accept it, for a moment I thought Kashaf would be like I can’t accept it because I earn mine and i won’t need it and she’ll say something that’ll hurt zaroon. but he handled the matter superbly and made her realize that she’s his responsibility now. I wish a lot of other men who were watching should learn something from it.
    and when he sees her crying for him. oh poor zaroon how he needed a consolation of that sort to make him realize that she cares for him.
    I think next week they’ll show us in flashbacks how asmara and zaroon’s engagement broke. and I wish that kashaf gets transferred to islamabad asap so that there won’t be any time for any misunderstandings because for how long will a guy like zaroon continue to be so flexible and bear with all her tantrums .
    In the end I agree neeru the whole team, the writer, director, DOP, especially fawad and sanam just deserve a standing ovation for giving us such a beautiful episode.

    • Neeru says:

      Thank you Rabab 🙂

      You are right…it was a real conversation…infact at times i felt as if I was intruding on their private moments just by watching, which is a tremendous accomplishment by the team of ZGH.

      Lol Zaroon just knew how to get her to come out with him….and he does not hesitate to using that information to get what he wants…sneaky!!! 🙂 oh i absolutely loved the swing scene and the way the scene was shot in moonlight settings just enhanced the romantic ambiance..oh well if only Kashaf had given in a lil bit but then she would’nt be Kashaf if she did.

      I can’t agree more on everything you have said and explained…love reading your version of the episode..its a delight 🙂

  11. chagli says:

    Thank you all for your comments/reviews.
    I do not speak Urdu but enjoy the show very much. Appreciate the translations/explanations.
    Not sure if anyone has commented on this yet and sorry if it’s a repeat, but Kashaf is now wearing brighter colours in softer fabrics. Upto her engagement, she wore stiffer material.
    Also wanted to say that in the scenes where they have nariyal pani and popcorn, she lets him hold her hand, while walking, so why the nakhre now, in the privacy of home?

    • Neeru says:

      Yes Chagli…she has softened quite a bit and the clothes/shades she wears are a reflection of that.

      About the hand holding part, she is scared of the depth of her feelings for him…like we come to know with the very next scene….hence the need to keep a distance so he does not get to know how much he has come to hold a power over her heart.

    • Khushbakht Khan says:

      Chagli yes men are allowed to marry four times but it not that they have to first of all. And secondly in Islam women have a lot of rights a husband has to ask his wives permission before getting married again and the rules are so tough that any practising Muslim will find it tough. The basic rule is to treat every one the same you can’t discriminate in any way . I think this is a tough rule to follow for mere mortals so its better to stick with one wife and to marry again one has to have a valid reason . It’s a big debate but I have explained is only the crux of the matter . U need to ask some scholar for in depth view. 🙂 and y did u raise this question regarding drama there is no mention of Zaroons second marriage or my be I’ve missed it. 🙂

  12. Rosy says:

    I have been a silent reader who does not speak Urdu. Thank you all for your reviews/comments.
    Not sure if this has been noticed or commented upon. Sorry if I am repeating.
    I wanted to point out that Kashaf is wearing softer fabrics in brighter colours. That is a sign of her character softening up.
    But, I would like clarification of one thing, please – unrelated to the last 3 episodes – if a Muslim man is allowed to have 4 wives, then why does Ghazala think that having two is a problem. Am i missing something? Or is it different because there are 2 separate households?
    Thank you.

    • Neeru says:

      Hi Rosy, yes she has been wearing softer shades and it is a reflection of her feelings.

      As for your question I will leave it for others who are more informed to answer.

  13. Khushbakht Khan says:

    Sarbani my dear if Neeru’s review was a cake your views were its icing. Loved how you put into words emotions displayed by acting powerhouses.:)

  14. Sheema says:

    Excellent review ! Especially this bit
    Kashaf’s depth of pain is not supposed to be understood by everyone. It can be almost impossible for us to place ourselves in her shoes and understand why she has built a wall around herself, why she puts up a front to the point of being rude and ill mannered. She is scarred and I am not making excuses, just stating a fact – A fact so incomprehensible that she herself finds her undeserving of even the good fortune that has befallen her. This scene, with just those few words brought about a deafening silence in my heart.
    I totally agree with you , and the reason ZGH is so close to our hearts is that it shows REAL emotions and real feelings ! It’s a fictional show with real characters in it …
    I am totally lost for words for Sanam . She is just super , no nonsense actor !
    With Fawad I give credit to Director as I have seen few episodes of his other serial and didn’t and couldn’t continue watching it as he was totally wasted there , it felt as if its not the same guy .
    I can’t say anything else but this that I am
    Addicted to it more then HS .

  15. noshiawan says:

    Great job Neeru….I am glad I didn’t write anything about this episode as I so wanted to…new to this blog world I was bit shy but happy that I read yours….Excellent Job…you covered all the main parts that touched my heart too…we women in husband/wife relationship…want only simple basic values from our partners…respect, honesty, loyalty and love and still so many of us don’t get it from our better halves…..married for 20 years and still this episode was so romantic and meaningful for me…touched my heart…

    • Neeru says:

      Thank you Noshiawan…welcome to Talk Soap! 🙂 Last three episodes have been totally romantic and all from one side…sochne wali baat hai..agar donon tarfa ho tho? 🙂

      • noshiawan says:

        I think “donon taraf ” wallaa romance itnaa attractive naa hotaa…I see how Zaroon is attracted to her because she doesn’t bend down like other girls…her ego and her intelligence is the power point in her character…

        • Neeru says:

          You have a point there but i still would love to see Kashaf
          ‘expressing’ her love for Zaroon….bechara deserves it 🙂

          • noshiawan says:

            I think beside liking her … he just wants to impress her…he wants to hear all the words he has been hearing from other girls …if I go deep down in his character…he has been a playboy…who loved to impress girls and it was his hobby….Kashaf was the only one who he couldn’t impress….and even in the Jhooley walaa scene…he asks her if she is impressed by hime etc…..He knows …he has to earn his place in her heart….that’s what he will do in future and her type of girl may never express openly but her actions tell that she cares about him….2 more episode to go…I read the novel but the drama is far better than the story…Sultana did a superb job..

          • Neeru says:

            You have pegged him right…only 2 more? this is news to me…will miss it once its over..

  16. sadia says:

    hi…loved ur reveiw.it made me smile like a besotted idiot all over again.to be honest i wasnt watching this drama.i had read the novel.when the play came on air,i didnt like the idea of sanam saeed as kashaf.u see…still in post humsafar haze…. ke FK ke saath tu khirad hi achhi lagti hai.
    the play caught my attention at the ep 19 ,when my hubby refused to budge from the tv.i then downloaded all the 19 episodes and watched them back to back in 3 days.n tell u what ,mujhay khirad bhool gai….
    SS is tailor made as kashaf…..ya phir FK hona chahye…phir khirad bhi achhi n kashaf bhi…..sigh…
    ive been married for 12 years .episode 20 had me sighing and reaching out for my honey moon albums…oh those beautiful,beautiful days…..and thanks to the team and the actors for bringing us such natural,heartfelt and touchingly romantic episodes….

    • Neeru says:

      Hi Sadia…thank you and welcome to Talk Soap 🙂

      Yes I do remember most of them were not truly convinced about Sanam playing Kashaf but from the first episode she has proven that no one else could have played Kashaf the way she has.

  17. Sarbani Chakraborty says:

    Mere words are not enough to appreciate your review…..kuch baatein unkahi rahe to achha hota hai…..just say God Bless u…
    You told every precious moment of the episode..nothing left for us..I just want u share my feelings with u…

    “Zindagi mein bohot sari naimate hoti he..ek naimat ye bhi he keh aapke mard aapko apna zimedari samjhe aur aap per kharch kare..” I start with this line because it hit the inner core of my heart and gave me a sleepless night….A girl who always took responsibility, fought against hardcore reality of life..achieved everything of her own struggle..had no idea about a normal relationship of husband & wife….she never think that her husband can take care of her responsibly..”tum to meri biwi ho aur tumhara khayal rakhna to meri zimadari hai right”..Zaroon’s mere simple line broke the retaining wall of her mask..This was the very first moment when she believed her own destiny..Zaroon couldn’t think about that his small words and gesture gave how much strength to their relationship..Zaroon knew that his wife has been very much stingy to express her feelings..Kashaf ‘s tears said so many things which words wouldn’t..when Kashaf was overwhelmed with joy and happiness ,Zaroon was overwhelmed with satisfaction that Kashaf will miss him..For me this is most precious moment of Zindagi gulzar hai till now….
    I found a lump in my throat when Kashaf was writing her diary..her heart wrenching words made a thrust in my heart and mind simultaneously..Her fear of losing happiness made me cry..words r not enough to describe her monologues.. Hats off to Umera Ahemed who creates magic with words and makes anyone speechless in any moment…When Kashaf marries Zaroon she had so many wrong perception about him..then everyday she is rediscovering her husband..Zaroon loves her..pampers her…takes care her..constantly adjusting with her..and now Kashaf head over heels in love with Zaroon..It’s zaroon own effort & quality which break each and every barrier of Kashaf’s defense..Now she is staring to believe in Zaroon but still go enough to overcome her insecurities..
    For me their moonlight romances with candles and mosquitoes is just like to eat a black forest cake with hot chocolate..Zaroon constantly trying to know whether his wife loves him..impressed by him or will miss him..Zaroon put all his effort to know the fact but Kashaf tactfully slipped the topic..I really appreciate zaroon’s endurance and flexibility…the way he was bending and surrender in front of Kashaf was not expected from him..some manners were so endearing ,when he put his check on Kashaf’s shoulder ..hold her hand..trying to make Kashaf jealous..Fawad Khan was just outstanding in this scene…This king of expressions wouldn’t need any appreciations..
    This episode has small small gesture which touched my heart….When Zaroon gave her mobile torch to Kashaf showed her caring behavior to kashaf..On the other hand Zaroon’s threatening to smoke all the cigarette and as a result Kashaf followed him and couldn’t allow him to smoke cigarette was also a nice example of Kashaf’s caring attitude to Zaroon..I know all this examples are very small ,but when u r building a relationship all these small things are matters..
    Each & every scene has it’s own flavor..Exceptional good script & direction make all the scene so natural and real..Zaroon & Kashaf both complement each other’s vacuum..Kashaf takes care Zaroon like her baby..gives attention to him all the time..scolds him for making mess..accompanies him like his best friend…loves him…….I loved the way Zaroon said her “Bathao uthoa gi na mere Nakra?”(touching her hair)..till now they r enjoying each and every moment they are spending with each other..
    “Main aisi biwi le kar nahi aunga jise button lagana nahi ata”(Zaroon’s declaration episode -6)..so finally Zaroon aisi biwi le kar aya jise button lagana ata hai..woww what a lovely scene and what a lovely expressions of both of them!!!!Now Zaroon can proudly says that his CSS officer wife can sew a button…..
    Lastly thanks from bottom of my heart to Umera Ahemed for her magic words..Sultana Siddiqui for her outstanding direction…Shajad Kashmiri for brilliantly capturing each and every moment…
    Fawad & Sanam I think my vocabulary is not enough for u…

    Neeraja SORRY..for my longgggggggg comment…

    • Sam says:

      nice review Sarbani 🙂 I want to mention one scene ”’ jub jhole mein Kashaf bolti ke ”tum office ke baad julia Roberts ki movies dekhna aur mujhey maloom hai julia Roberts tumko kitni pasand hai”’ Zaroon ka jawab “” pasand I love her ”’ kashaf ka muah bunn jata aur Zaroon khoob maze se hasta 😀 😀

    • Neeru says:

      Thank you so much Sarbani 🙂

      You started with one of the best scenes of this show Sarbani…..I even liked the way he laughs and explains why he is handing the money to her despite her being a financially independent woman.

      There were really some classic scenes in this episode and thank you so much for explaining them so beautifully 🙂

      • Sarbani Chakraborty says:

        Neeraja here everybody shares or reminisces romantic moments with their hubby..but unfortunately I can’t..I am head to heel romantic and my husband is a hopeless romantic….he never share a single romantic moment with me…this is my biggest regret of my life..
        Now I think that if I will get a time machine and get back my 15 yrs of life then I will definitely want to marry a person like Zaroon Zunaid..really I mean it.. zindagi me koi to mujhe pamper kare zaroon ki tara!!!!!

        • Neeru says:

          Awww Sarbani Hugs! But all said and done there is more to life than romance. If romance is all that you are missing in your life then you should consider yourself lucky ….trust me… I totally understand where you are coming from 🙂

    • noshiawan says:

      Excellent comments Sarbani….this line touched my heart too…. and brought tears in my eyes…..
      “Zindagi mein bohot sari naimate hoti he..ek naimat ye bhi he keh aapke mard aapko apna zimedari samjhe aur aap per kharch kare..”

  18. Khushbakht Khan says:

    True my friend, I think that look wasn’t villainous at all but of disgust at how this girl perceives him and how close they got to getting hitched. 🙂

  19. SD says:

    of all the reviews i have come across through ZGH FB page, i simple loved this one of your Neeru!
    i love watching this episode thrice in a go and i totally agree with your comments. I have read the novel but i must say that this serial is 100000001 times better then the novel 🙂 it is more well defined and cute then the novel.
    Obv there ll be misunderstanding between them arising due to K’s introvert nature and her insecurities. and i think major source of it will not be Ghazala or even Asmara, but it will be Osama 🙂 and to be true, i m already waiting for it.
    Coming back to this episode, it was great and i wish i had more words to express.

  20. salma says:

    Spot on. Great review Neeraja…and we had 4 consecutive brilliant episoides. How can you forget chai wala???? 🙂

    • Neeru says:

      Chai wala was one scene Salma…am talking of entire episodes that were brilliant….as per my count its episode 18, 19, and 20 that are worth watching again and again. 🙂

  21. sila says:

    i got tears n ma heart burst whn kashaf cried……..whn zaroon gave hr money n whn she was giving reasons to herself tht y she miss zaroon y she getting twards to him….ufff jab tum miray waldain k liaye ahtaram khray hojatay ho mai aur b jukh jati hu…:'(

  22. Rehana Kazi says:

    even the Oxford Dictionary is meaningless for this episode…so, here I am zipping my mouth and enjoying your review….. and thank YOU for expressing the episode with such depth that made me feel more close to this show…..

    “Zindagi Gulzar Hai unravels yet another gem of an episode that leaves a delicious ache in our hearts insulated with a smile that refuses to go away well after watching it”

    that was the summary of my reaction for both the epi and your review 🙂 …

    God Bless,
    Love ya,

    • Neeru says:

      oh no you cannot give that excuse.. even though there were no words i tried din’t I …so you cannot get off easy now Rehana….ab bol bhi do ki kya kya achcha laga episode mein? 🙂 And thank you 🙂

      • Rehana Kazi says:

        awww di, honestly, when I watched it, I had SO MANY things to share and express, but then I didn’t know how to do it….every single second of this episode was worth watching di…. even Zaroon’s little chat with his mother-in-law…. how he openly shared his likeness about their hospitality… Kashaf’s every single word on her diary had a deep story of its own…. you just can’t help but relate to it…. there was NOTHING fairytale… nothing philosophical…. it was a pure chapter of real life that EVERY single person on this planet can somehow relate to, one way or the other…. ok, you know what, I am just gonna copy/paste my thought from FB now….

        every single gesture of his was noted down by her…. starting from, how he loves to roam around her … and then his gestures towards her parents…. especially the part, when she said, she loves it when he keeps on forwarding his plate to take more pakoras from her mother…this one particularly took the cake for me…. this was a simple one and NO ONE in hell could have come up with something genuine like this…. it was a ordinary gesture but left a deep sense of emotion…. of course, she could’ve NEVER ever imagined in her life that Mr. Zaroon Junaid could be this warm towards emotions of elders, which in this case was Rafiya…. you know how mothers always LOVE to feed their son-in-laws…. some son-in-laws take them for courtesy, some take them as buttering, but there is ONE kind who take them as true ‘love of mother’, which was exactly proved by Zaroon. …. this show makes me fall for the characters over and over again…. and of course a huge round of applauds for the writer… the lady knows how to avoid craps in writing… and the directors… the team knows how to screw the lengthy, boring, useless special effects for such master piece…

        Now about the precap, I don’t know why but I feel that there will be a good answer from Zaroon for his mom because he handled her quite good when she was taunting him about becoming a fan of his mother-in-law in just a short span of time…. so, I don’t think that the financial angle would be a source of misunderstanding…. but Asmara can be one heck of a trouble…. the girl is making her OWN story…. now here, I have a doubt, I admit I have -2.5/-2.0 vision, BUT my vision can NOT miss the expression of Mr. Zaroon Junaid…. I actually found disgust/disbelief in Zaroon’s eyes …. and my eyes are in denial of catching that villainous look…. I didn’t read the novel so I have NO idea if he was indeed a mor*n to treat his wife like a puppet…. but I just hope it was not the case…. *fingers crossed* 😀

        • Neeru says:

          see that wasn’t so difficult was it? 🙂 Nothing fairytale, nothing philosophical….so true …they have kept it simple and very very real …maybe that is why our hearts are so involved with this show. oh Zaroon can handle his mother very well Rehana but Kashaf’s non-committal responses about her feelings for him will land her in trouble pretty soon.

          There is only so much patience and understanding a person can have even towards the person you love….so that will be tested soon.

  23. Amal says:

    Your expression and deep down perception of the episode is always so impressive. Your writing skills match FK’s acting skills…seriously.
    Nothing need be said more. Beautiful review.
    I think asmara’s puppet dialogue would be a flash back. We might also see the ring returning scene in flashback in the coming episode.
    Waiting to see the first encounter of Asmara and kashaf 🙂

    • Neeru says:

      Oh Amal thank you for your kind words but i don’t think anyone can match FK’s acting skills or expressions…there are no words to describe them.

      oh i never thought of that…Asmara’s scene being a flashback i mean…Hmmm..but i am looking forward to Asmara and Kashaf meeting as much as you are 🙂

  24. Sam says:

    hahahaha Finally 😀 Neeru your review is like icing on the Cake 🙂 every word you choose very brilliantly Thanks god you didn’t ask which scene you like most 😛 whole episode was worth watching & Actors , writers & did a brilliant job ..

  25. Roh says:

    Lovely review, Neeraja. True to its words and straight from your heart.
    It was indeed a heartfelt episode. I could go on and on watching it, even if it had extended beyond 40 minutes.
    The way the relationship of these 2 people as different as chalk and cheese, is being established was lovely. Every conversation, every dialogue showed that Kashaf was so important to Zaroon, and Zaroon was becoming such an important person in Kashaf’s life.
    However, at the same time, they continued being their original selves as well.
    Zaroon, not willing to give up, went on and on trying to get her to express her feelings for him, and she kept going back into her shell, this time with fear of what she might stand to lose.
    It was brilliantly done.
    One particular part that really brought a smile to my face, again bringing out the differences and their characters as they are was when they were under the moonlit night on the swing. Kashaf threatens to go inside when he says he is not materialistic like her. And he quickly stops her saying that he knows she is capable of going away. Towards the end of that same conversation, when he is giving up on getting her to say something nice to her, he gets up to leave, and she tells him he was most welcome to do so. And he comes right back. In both cases, she got her way, as she stuck to her stance, and he was the one who gave in.
    And the scene where he gives her money was too good. Sanam’s voice and expression just added so much more to the dialogues, She was fantastic. Fawad Khan, well, is there anything more that can be said about this man, who I think deserves the award for the best actor on the face of this earth in any and every award ceremony.
    I hope a big part of Kashaf’s learning will be that one experiences tremendous joy when one makes someone else happy. If she knew that, she would probably share her feelings with Zaroon, because that would have just made him so so happy. Maybe after the turmoil they go through, will make her open her heart and express her love unconditionally.
    Seems like the return of Asmara is coming on next. Or maybe just a flashback. Whatever! Looking fwd now to the next episode. Seems the trouble that is going to set in. I want all the unhappiness and heartache to get over and the gulzarness to come back! 🙂

    • Neeru says:

      40 mins once a week is too less ..hai na? 🙂 I love reading your take on the episode Roh…you have said it so beautifully and thank you for pointing that bit about Kashaf trying to leave and its significance…its so true! She does have an upper hand but don’t you think it is always like that in a relationship …people who are guarded about their feelings (expressing them) by default seem to hold more power over the other?

      But how long will the patience last for Fawad? Because i am not sure if they really know each other’s deepest wishes and fears or what made them what they are.

      • Roh says:

        I think the one who is expressive always has the upper hand. Because one just says how one feels. There is so much honesty. No need to measure or plan or think. One is more spontaneous. Our Kashaf and Zaroon are classic examples of this. She is more pensive – thinking of what and how much she should say. On the other hand, he is so freely giving about his feelings. What a treat it is to watch them. They have given soul to their characters. 🙂

        • Neeru says:

          This is a new thought for me…since I have always felt otherwise…but yeah sochne wali baat zaroor hai. Oh they are awesome Roh….fire and ice!! 😉

  26. Khushbakht khan says:

    Hi Neeru
    Wow what a episode and a gr8 review . Simple emotions of life shown so beautifully.Kashaf looked like the girl with first brush with love,which is blossoming each passing day. Her trying best to control the situation and yet blushing uncontrollably was too good to be true. It looked as if there was nobody else there on the set, but just two of them whispering sweet nothing’s and Zaroon singing. Simply outclass, they are as natural as day and night. Her profession of love just took my breath away ,so heart wrenching. The dialogue were poetry,what a beautiful language Urdu is. And lastly Fawad and Sanam God bless you.

    • Neeru says:

      Thank you Khushbakht! oh loved that entire scene esp Zaroon singing casually….they both are naturals at this….acting i mean! fabulous!

      • Khushbakht Khan says:

        Yeah and imagine we Thot his chemistry with Sanam Baloch and Mahira khan cud’nt be matched. I hope he is as good with Aminah Sheikh in movie Armaan. Can hardly wait.:)

  27. hamnah says:

    FINALLY 😀 THANK GOD, my heart is jumping! didn’t read it now, going to fetch a bowl of noodles to go along with it! 😉

    • hamnah says:

      Fantastic review 🙂 but couldn’t there be more? It seemed so short 😉 but anyway you also covered the major points in a brilliant manner! you’re truly a wizard of words & that’s not exaggeration! 🙂
      Starting from the beach scene, wow! simply WOW, the chemistry that is developing is remarkable & so natural that it’s hard to believe that they are acting. ZGH is a drama where actions & small gestures account more than words & they also come into the viewer’s attention! but yeah, the dialogues are superb! Umera ahmed, she is just flawless! I can not admire her more. next comes the scene when we see zaroon acting as a baby, messing up things & kashaf handling them, oh that was sweet “aur hamara jora, Masha’allah Masha’allah” 😀 & then “such a baby” both diary scenes of Kashaf in which zaroon is sleeping beside her, were literally awesome. If we don’t get these insights frequently, Kashaf’s character would seem very complex to us. Zaroon, I think that now he doesn’t need those sessions because he’s very expressive. & then the Park scene, loved the way the conversation began at a serious note but turned into a playful tease! “aur mai to rehna bhi chahta hun aik typical shohar, buhat ziada caring, buhat ziada expect krnay wala” his teasing smile at “expect krnay wala” & then casually touching his wife’s hair makes me chuckle everytime. The scene at Kashaf’s home were nice too & gave a deep message about Zaroon’s image of an ideal home. & oh yeah. I really wish he does something for kashaf’s transfer, I want more scenes of them together rather than the telephonic conversations. For the first time, I’m really happy to see powercut because it gave us the opportunity of watching a cute conversation on the swing, & yes, Neeru you missed that cigarette reference, the way in which Zaroon forced her to join him was great & the acting, My God! 😀 I don’t think I can ever get over that scene, the swing scene was awesome too & loved the natural flow of dialogues. THE CLIMAX was that money scene & yeah, it was heart wrenching! oh, can friday come more closer??? :/ by the way your this review makes the wait much easier now because only 2 days to go from now, so THANKS for the late review, atleast it makes friday come closer! ZINDAGI GULZAR HAI! 😀

      • Neeru says:

        Are you kidding me? you want more?!! Trust me there is a lot i have missed in this review but if i stopped to cover everything it would go well past 3000 words instead of 1500, which is a LOT btw 🙂

        Thank you hamnah!! he he you must be the only one thanking me for a late review…there are few who would happily hit me with a brickbat ;-P

        • hamnah says:

          Nope, I’m not kidding 🙂 take all the time you need but please then give us a long review which covers everything 😉 yes, may be I’m the only one but come to think of it, doesn’t Friday seem much closer now? 😀

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