Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 21 Review: Heaven to Earth in a matter of miles….


Sigh! Honeymoon period is officially over for Zaroon and Kashaf and the blissfully happy couple who were wrapped in each other post marriage, has taken a hiatus forced upon them by their respective jobs. As we enter the ‘not so smooth sailing’ phase of their relationship, Zindagi Gulzar Hai pleasantly surprises us by keeping the episode crisp and grounded and very much in tandem with the brilliance of the earlier episodes.

My favorite books are those I have savored every page, every line, every word of and the last few episodes of Zindagi Gulzar Hai remind me of the same. While the romance of the previous weeks takes a backseat in the latest episode of ZGH, every word, every scene tells us something of value, giving us a rare insight into the complexities involved in a long distance marital relationship, family dynamics, and most importantly, into the natures of the lead pair. Certain aspects of Zaroon and Kashaf that came into light this week, is a revelation that might create issues, serious ones, in the upcoming episodes.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder and the mind more restless….

Initial phase of any relationship has both the parties putting up ‘their best foot forward’. You are getting to know each other and are like two people out on their first date, nervous, excited, dressed up, eager to please, wearing smiles, hiding frowns, listening more, talking less – a blissful state to be in. Alas, once this phase is over, and you have reached a sense of balance and have pegged each other enough to become comfortable, slowly the masks wear off, smiles slide and you are no longer afraid to show your frowns. Distance speeds up this process where your minds see what you want to see instead of letting your eyes and heart guide you.

The charming Zaroon, the Zaroon who repeatedly confessed to Kashaf about how much he would miss her, was quick to get caught up once he was away, which is normal for any man getting back to a bachelor life, however temporary it might be. Kashaf who was used to Zaroon’s pampering took his words of missing her, tad too literally and probably imagined him sulking (and missing her/calling her/wooing her over phone) in one corner of his apartment. When the image shattered, she instantly reacted the way she knew how – to shut off. The scene was adorable no doubt and personally it brought back (many) memories. I can vouch for most of us married folk reacting the way Kashaf did and I couldn’t help grinning and silently applauding the team of ZGH for such a natural portrayal of events – believable and relatable.

Never go to bed angry….Communication is the key to a successful marriage….

Rules rules rules! Zaroon was quick to lay down rules; uninterrupted communication being the first rule and it was evident that he took the mature route and the scenes where he gently pried until Kashaf opened up about something that bothered her, showed that Zaroon was serious about his rules. This rule will be seriously tested in the near future as per the precap.

Because that’s my responsibility towards you…..


This scene was picture perfect; expressions, dialogues, the setting, everything was au naturale. It is wonderful to see a couple argue so decently, without raising their voice, no histrionics on the woman’s part, just statement of facts. How often does this happen? It can and it should. Between two adults, two equals, this is the kind of argument that takes place. I loved the fact that Zaroon, faced with Kashaf’s firm refusal to take the money, does not back down and reminds her of his responsibility towards her.

But I miss you yaar….

Rootna manana is one of the most adorable things in a marriage. Is any relationship especially marriage complete without it? Zaroon aces at the manana part and Kashaf is an expert at rootna..what a jodi!! 🙂 I am sure no one would have missed noticing the change in Kashaf’s attitude – from a sakt officer to a softer sahiba right after the phone call from Zaroon. He sounded like a lost puppy pleading to return to his comfortable abode.


Someone please hand over a trophy to Fawad Khan just for his voice modulation during the nightly phone calls. He is awesome in those scenes and I cannot help but blush and wish I did not feel like a heel for listening in on a couple’s conversation. I have to remind myself that I am watching a drama, and that those scenes were shot for us to see, not blush and look elsewhere. Sanam Saeed is awe inspiring, the way she has lived the role of Kashaf Murtaza.

Mother’s invaluable advice often becomes an inner voice……


Kashaf was not witness to a happy marriage while growing up and neither has she savored close bond with her father’s side of the family to know the workings of maintaining relations with her in-laws. Her mother Rafia plays the advisory role in guiding her daughter in the ways of keeping the communication lines open with each member of her new-found family. Kashaf’s phone call to Sara on her birthday was cute and well played making us see a different side to Kashaf. Infact Sara was pleasantly surprised that her brother talks about her so fondly and so often. Sara is easy to please, but her mother-in-law not so much.

Ghazala’s preconceptions about class distinctions have blindsided her to overlook Kashaf’s true qualities. I have to hand it to Kashaf for handling the insult with her head held high and without any dramatics whatsoever. Her self-respect is invaluable to her and when that is questioned, she breaks down but is strong enough not to let it turn her into a disrespectful daughter in law. I hope Ghazala keeps her numerous misconceptions aside and takes a good hard look at her daughter-in-law and gets to know her for what she is. She needs to take a leaf out her son’s insight into a person’s personality.

A special mention to Zaroon for handling the matter sensitively, ask any married man caught between the devil and the deep sea, it is almost impossible to come out unscathed.

Past revisited…..


A simple act of tightly gripping a steering wheel with jaws clenched says a lot about a man’s emotion. Zaroon acted, reacted nonchalantly when he met Asmara on the driveway. Cool as a cucumber on the outside, one could feel his emotions churning inside at the encounter. A visit to the past reveals that their relationship did not end mutually as hinted to Kashaf by Zaroon. It was indeed Asmara who called of the relationship while she threw a grave accusation at him of wanting a puppet instead of a wife. A hard blow to a man’s ego, it is not surprising that the insult still affects Zaroon. Would that revelation be the reason for him to go out of his way to prove once and for all to himself and to others that he is not the person Asmara believed him to be? I would love to know your views on this.

Precap for Episode 22

All bets are off when a man’s gigantic ego is hurt. The charming Zaroon vanishes into thin air when he comes to know about Osama’s proposal to Kashaf and an angry, suspicious, unreasonable (and intolerable according to Kashaf) Zaroon takes his place. Oh the triangle just became a quadrangle with Kashaf confiding in Sir Abrar. Oh the mess we make of our marriages when we involve a third person! Can’t wait to see the sparks (of a different variety) fly in the next episode for Kashaf is not the kind of woman to shyly lower her eyes to the ground when a man raises his voice against her.

Neeraja Unni

Reviewer, Talk Soap

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56 Responses to Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 21 Review: Heaven to Earth in a matter of miles….

  1. Neerja Jain says:

    I am new to your blog , love reading your take n the episode . Zaroon is sometimes behave like child to get Kashaf,s attention, but nothing goes unhidden from his eyes . He is mature and sensible person . Who handles the situations very well ,not going over the top . And now near understanding Kashaf and her insecurities . . Kashaf still is insecure in her relationship with Zaroon as insecurity , trust factor is deep down in her conscious . She is not used to getting attention or should say someone caring for her except her family . So Zaroon,s little gestures sometimes makes her not trusting him . She can not believe that someone can really love her , care for her what she is . Her monologues touch you somewhere . Zaroon is steadily trying to break the shell ,she has imprisoned herself . He is understanding her psyche but not completely . Zaroon comes straight to point where as Kashaf still in her complexes . Yes there is clash of status , class in the real life also . And had shown that through Zaroon,s mother and Zaroon . And it happens in real life where people think that girl will help her family . Not even a single dialogue is seen as wasted . Zaroon knows that Kashaf is person of integrity , self respect and apologized to her on his mother ,s behalf . Any relation takes time to understand each other .
    Rafia is one person who brought up her daughters with dignity , engraved self respect in their personality . But today she very simply made Kashaf understand the little things about relations which makes the bonding strong within family . And i found her always telling very simply how to make your relations strong with small things .
    Both are strong personalities still Zaroon is not egoist person , he might be angry when Kashaf did not receive his calls but he did not let it come into his relations . These small things are making Kashaf fall for him but is insecure to express her feelings . Her writing in Diary was beautiful but could not understand few words . Both the character are strong headed but still get closer to each other . Again the one show where i can see the repeat .
    Its perfect package with perfect story and Actors are brilliant . Just like Zaroon when he is kind of laughing looking at Kashaf when she is embarrassed and while talking to her on the phone ,he knows about her reactions and smiling . Its a mature story where very simply has shown the ways to save marriage . Till now its Zaroon,s efforts to make it work but steadily getting to know Kashaf,s complexities ,Kashaf is changing still feels secure in her shell where none can hurt her .
    Beautiful story , directed well , no nonsense in the name of Romance . Actors are brilliant and Like Fawad Khan who is subtle and stern when it needed. And his laughing eyes when questioning Kashaf , Kashaf,s reluctant smile . Now she is opening up to him but still trust factor is major issue for her .
    This show is relief from the over the top Hindi shows . not in to any show but this one has hooked me and reminds me the early days of DD and other channels .

  2. oun_joun says:

    good drama.

  3. Shahzad Aslam says:

    very nice review…. u didn’t mention the shahneela-hammad scene.

  4. maham says:


  5. Gosh….such lovely write ups you all….and thanks for listening to our radio show 🙂 Hugs to Aimy and Hamna…..thanks for supporting us…and fueling us it go forward 🙂

    • hamnah says:

      it’s our pleasure 😀 but please increase the time Alima! it ends so soon & don’t take me wrong but it’s much better if only you & neeru discuss it, it’s easier to understand the conversation then. 🙂 I guess I’ll also download the link from your twitter account from now on, it’s so hard to wait

      • Neeru says:

        It is absolute pleasure to have Sadaf and Maria join us Hamnah. They are amazing reviewers who have been kind enough to accept our invitation to join our discussions. Time and again they have kept their personal commitments aside to be part of the radio show and the discussions are richer for their invaluable contribution.

        I have always loved their reviews and to be able to hear their thoughts live and talk to them about the episodes, and the characters is an absolute treat 🙂 And i firmly believe in ‘more the merrier’ 😉

        • hamnah says:

          they are wonderful neeru 🙂 I already mentioned that don’t take me wrong. It’s just that “more the merrier” should be applied in the case of duration too, if there are just two of you in 8-10 minutes, we get to listen both point of views in a bit detail about the whole episode but with 4 of you in that limited time, only 2,3 scenes are discussed & the conversation is also a bit difficult to hear because it gets crowded 🙂

  6. Rabab Zaka says:

    Great review Neeru!!! I love how you’ve summed the whole episode up in your title
    “Heaven to Earth in a matter of miles”. I agree with what other people have said,even I was shocked when I read people commenting that this episode was a bore and was not needed. Infact I think it was a very balanced episode and we needed it,we needed to see how this couple faces the transition from the honeymoon period to their normal everyday lives.
    Zaroon has surely matured a lot and he knows how to keep his mom happy and at the same time defend his wife’s reputation.infact he even made his mother realize that she was wrong indeed.But I don’t blame Ghazala, no matter how educated one gets or how civilized, at the end of the day a mother is a mother and it’s really hard for her to digest the fact that now there’s going to be another woman in her son’s life whose going to be his center of attention and not her.But kudos to zaroon for balancing both ends really well.
    I feel so bad for Kashaf, poor girl, after facing so much difficulties she had finally started experiencing true love and happiness and then all this was shattered by the accusation made by her mother in law.Sanam Saeed acted so well in the scene when Kashaf breaks down in front of her mother!I felt like crying for her. and I really appreciated Rafia’s words of wisdom.
    So miss Asmara returned and although she has gotten married , she still wanted to go out with zaroon on a dinner!!! lol. but wow zaroon has seriously become a very obedient husband.
    looking forward to next week!! I really want to kick usama!!! how can one be so ignorant.Telling your best friend so proudly that I had proposed to your wife!!!that’s enough reason to hurt a guy’s ego!!! and zaroon is no exception.
    One of the dialogues that I found really funny was “har smart aurat k peechey aik zaroon junaid ka haath hota hai.” and then kashaf says ” har paraishaan aurat k peechay bhi.”

  7. Khushbakht khan says:

    Hi Neeru
    Once again absolutely wonderful review. Spot on. Can’t really add anything u have said everything wonderfully and I loved Sarbanis take too, I agree Sarbani that some people only see negativity in things and so loose the flavour of positivity. Yes Neeru I do listen to your radio discussions and they are a lot of fun. Do u remember that few points that Sadaf and Maria raised about Kashaf not associating with her in laws , those issues were beautifully tackled in this episode. when after Rafia’s talk with her she makes an effort to talk to her in laws. Tea with mom in law and call to Sarah that was v nice. I think Ghazala was genuinely ashamed at her behaviour.

    • Neeru says:

      Thank you Khushbakht 🙂 Yeah you are right…my first thought was about how Sadaf and Maria had mentioned this. I do hope Ghazala talks to Kashaf about it and clarifies..that would be a nice gesture…

    • hamnah says:

      well I’m also one of the silent listener so when those scenes came, instantly I also thought of those two 🙂 it was like Umera heard them 😉

  8. Sarbani Chakraborty says:

    As always it’s brilliant..you depicted each and every moment of the episode….You right said Heaven to Earth in a matter of miles….Frankly speaking I am anxiously waiting to know your point of views about the episode..I don’t like to criticize but when I read some comments after watching the episode I was shocked….they criticized the episode on the basis of their superficial thinking..don’t take it personally…. it’s my earnest request to everybody.

    Honestly speaking I love the episode because this episode reminds my personal experience after my marriage.When we(girls) marry someone we have to adjust the new family ,the new atmosphere.We try our level best to satisfy each and every member of the family.But sometimes our all efforts go to vain.This is the hardcore reality of our life. Kashaf’s broke down to her mother is the best example of this reality.Though Kashaf is a CSS officer but she belongs to lower middle class family. Gazala reminds her this fact like any other mother in law.Whatever a girl achieved in her professional life when it comes to her personal life she have to face this kind of unpleasant incident..Gazala’s over concerns is the course of her children.She is one of the main reasons of Sara’s divorce.Now she repeats the same history with Zaroon..But the difference is Zaroon is far more sensible and matured than Sara..His handling with issues…sensible tackling with mother and wife simultaneously is really appreciable..In our society very few husbands stands for their wives..Zaroon belongs to this rare category..The way he protest Gazala without showing any dishonor..really hats off to this guy..If Kashaf is over sensitive then Zaroon also a warm hearten & sensitive person.I amazed how easily he can assume the real reason behind Kashaf’s refusal of money..and then immediately he apologizes her to make up his mother’s mess….his sincere and genuine effort to work out his marriage successful…

    I know few of us are feeling bore of Rafia’s advice..but in my opinion she always speak the truth..”sash kabhi ma nahi hoti” the extreme reality of our life..whatever a mother in law can behave with her sister in law…the sister in law have to respect and fulfill her duties to her mother in law willingly or unwillingly…the most unwritten rule of our society..Kashaf’s heart wrenching lines reminds me some unpleasant incident of my life..I can easily access and realize Kashaf’s mental condition..this kind of incident creates a deep scar in our heart but we have to move on life with this scar…this is reality and this is life..

    I think Asmara is very much relevant here..It’s now clear that Asmara left Zaroon..Zaroon’s indifference,tight jaws proves the deep impact of this break up in his life..We all knew that Zaroon never loved or respected Asmara and their compatibility is almost zero….Asmara’s over liberalness,impoliteness,headless arguments made Zaroon angry and impatient.It ‘s fact that he is chauvinist and conservative but Asmara never trying to adjust with him.Her baseless huge ego never allow her to compromise.But when she broke the engagement she completely blamed Zaroon…..We left someone willingly and consciously and someone left us accusingly..there is a huge difference between this two incident..we easily forget the incident in the first case..but we can’t easily forget the incident in the second case..any sensitive person reconcile his faults and genuinely tries to rectify his mistake and not to repeat again…In my opinion this break up made Zaroon more sensible and matured…It’s a blessing for him..Flexibility, maturity , and endurance which now we see in Zaroon’s character is consciously increased by him..Asmara accused him that he need a puppet not a wife..now he married a strong woman like Kashaf ..It’s a challenge for him to prove Asmara wrong….Neeraja it’s completely my assessment over Zaroon..may be I am wrong..

    ” Khar itna sakoon se bhi nahin ho,agar hoti to meray na phone karney par tum pagol na ho jati”..my favorite dialog of the episode…Zaroon’s third instinct are giving him signals that his wife is finally missing him..Kashaf’s restlessness,constantly thinking about him,waiting for his call shows how much she is missing her husband..Now she is constantly craving his company,want to hear his voice..but when Zaroon wouldn’t call her .it hurts her deeply..because till now Zaroon pays all his attention to her..she accustomed to it..I loved the way they counters each other when Zaroon calls her next morning..Zaroon knows how to handle his wife’s mood or I can say how to woo her..He overlooks her childish behavior ,couldn’t care his egos,and takes the first step to resolve the issue..Kashaf’s mood swing (while working in the office)before & after Zaroon’s call reminds my personal experience..I relish each and every line of their night call..The way both of are craving each other’s company… Kashaf’s worry about Zaroon’s health ,Zaroon’s pleading for coming to Islamabad is very very realistic. This is the first time when Kashaf admits that she will be upset if Zaroon wouldn’t come. Neeraja u right said Fawad Khan deserves a trophy only because of his voice modulation over phone..Not only Kashaf but I am also blushing when I hear his husky tone of his sexy voice..

    Lastly setting the rule to avoid misunderstanding proves Zaroon’s sincere honest intention to make marriage life successful..I hope Zaroon will also follow the rule. Precap is very interesting.I am anxiously waiting to watch that how Zaroon handle the situation when his typical male ego hurts.

    Neeraja I know it’s too long ….may be little bit boring….so I am sorry yaar..

    • Neeru says:

      Don’t be sorry Sarbani…I enjoy reading your take on the episodes. It is so heartfelt and the show and its team is lucky to have such passionate viewers and fans who relate to it and know each and every detail so clearly. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Sarbani 🙂

      • Sarbani Chakraborty says:

        Neeraja what do u think about my analysis on Zaroon -Asmara break up?? am I right ??
        I eagerly want to know about your point of views..

        • Neeru says:

          I agree Sarbani..it does look like that puppet comment affected him more than he lets on and he is consciously trying to prove to himself and others that he is not like that but only time will tell as the basic nature whatever it might be will always come out…especially during times of stress. But he genuinely cares for and loves Kashaf..there is no doubt about it. He has matured a lot too but as Roh said mightiest of men do break from time to time…so lets see how that unfolds in the coming episode.

    • hamnah says:

      Hi Sarbani, just thought that may be I should let you know that I love your views, literally loved them 🙂 couldn’t understand the relevance of Asmara’s scene & Zaroon’s reaction after that was also a bit mysterious for me, but you explained it so beautifully that I agree with you 100%, your comment just doubled my treat 😀 will be looking forward for more on the reviews of last 4 episodes (according to sanam saeed, 4 are left)

  9. Urwa Kazim says:

    very nice review.. every scene was so gud except that asmara-zaroon scene.. i was lil bit dragged.. n ur review as usual very nice.. i loved it.. u didn’t mention the shahneela-hammad scene, it was also gud lite scene.. 🙂

  10. Roh says:

    My mid-week treat to tide over to the next episode is here. I love your thoughts behind each character and their actions and dialogues. Beautifully written, Neeraja.
    This episode really took the newly weds into the 1st phase of married life. Zaroon, though he was livid at Kashaf’s childish behaviour of disconnecting the phone line and being unreachable, calmed down really quickly and had no ego issues to call her from work and ease things out.
    Every human being falters, no doubt how accommodating or reasonable one might be with issues by and large, in ones life. So maybe Usama’s proposal will hit Zaroon really hard, for the simple reason that he was unaware about it, and it might just blow out of proportions.
    Normally the smallest issues become the biggest ones in exactly this way.
    I just hope that there is something more to the whole story than just this jealousy. If this jealousy leads to something else and some other misunderstanding, it will be interesting to see how it is all resolved.
    I thought Sanam was outstanding in today’s episode. I cannot get over that conversation between her and Zaroon, when she lets him know that she has overheard what his mother said, without saying a word to that effect. What a mature way to handle a situation, and not tattle, but still get the message across. Zaroon, on his part also handled both the ladies in his life very well.
    I am totally with SK (above), that this couple is my most favourite on-screen couple after Ashar and Khirad.
    Friday is almost here. We can now say “day after tomorrow” 🙂 And 1/3rd of the year is gone. Have to say ZGH has played a big role in the time flying 🙂
    Thanks for a superb treat in your review. 🙂

    • Neeru says:

      Thank you Roh! It is a treat to read your comment 🙂

      Actually pata hi nahi chala kaise kate yeh 1/3rd of the year :-)) Dedicated to Fawad and Sanam i guess.

      I loved that tattle free scene Roh. They had every reason to include dramatics and they din’t. I cannot praise the creatives enough for keeping the entire episode so grounded. What a treat to watch…really truly a pleasure!

  11. SK says:

    Brilliant review Neeru! After Ashar and Khirad, these are my most favorite couple…how beautifully and naturally they act out their scenes!
    You highlighted my most favorite scene, I absolutely loved the money scene too. The way Kashaf shows her hurt and how zaroon feels so embarassed, it was just so naturally done! You seriously feel like like you are intruding…very aptly described. Oh and yes the phone calls are always brilliant, how does Fawad do it every time? Absolutely perfect voice modulation and tone, and this time even the being sick was so cute!
    Sanam was fabulous in the scene with rafia, I felt so bad for her! Her mothers advice was spot on, and Kashaf I am sure will take heed.
    Also loved the phone call tiff, don’t even ask what memories that brings..oh boy!! That must be one of the most common arguments couples have about who should have called and when and why you didn’t call back…just brilliant!
    The last 5 episodes have indeed been excellent and hope it continues!
    Just hoping Osamas proposal is not the only issue, as that seems a pretty weak reason for z to get so upset…I hope kashaf makes him reflect on his double standards seeing as he had so many girlfriends and whenever k brings it up he just laughs it off…something to think about!

    • Neeru says:

      Thank you SK. Am amazed at the way this episode has turned out proving that last few episodes were not great just because of the romance.

      I think Zaroon is already feeling insecure because of Kashaf not coming out right and telling him about her feelings for him. That bit of non communication can hurt the most secure of individuals…yeh tho Zaroon hai 🙂 added to that he is always going to wonder if there was more to the proposal. oh yes I totally think those are double standards but yaar kaunsa mard use pehchanta hai? the men think they have a birthright to it. 🙂

  12. Amal says:

    Beautiful review Neeru. Nothing left to say.
    Btw heard that ZGH will be replaced by another umera Ahmed drama:
    Yeh jo subh ka ik sitara hai

    • Neeru says:

      Thanks Amal 🙂 Is it? Any other news on that show?

      How many more episodes left in ZGH?

      • Amal says:

        In the morning show, I think they said 26. Unless they have cut it down.
        Director of the new play is samina Samo. I have never liked her directions much. But maybe hum tv groomed her skills. But this is all information coming from some blog. Hoping its true though.
        Yeh jo subh ka Ik sitara hai is a good novel.

  13. aimy says:

    As hamnah said i love ur positivity..keeping eyes on +ve things rather than nit picking…esp when it comes to zgh…samaj nahi aata y ppl in this world r so “negative minded” (not talking about kashaf but some real existing characters of this world)..u r brilliant when it comes to expressing inner feelings…love reading ur +ve reviews, waits eagerly after every epi…

    • Neeru says:

      Thank you aimy! I truly don’t plan it that way….i think i exceed the word limit anyways…and there is no space for nit picking 🙂

  14. hamnah says:

    oh, by the way, is there any recording of the radio session for this episode? 🙂 I love those.

    • Neeru says:

      Lol…just when i was beginning to wonder if anyone listens to them ….

      This time it was just Alima and I doing our bit on the show with ZGH…shall upload soon. Thanks for asking 🙂

      • aimy says:

        Arey neeru jee hum to us radio show keh itne bare fan he keh alima jee keh twitter account per ja ker sunday ko hi provided link se download ker lete hain…..aap dono ki chemistry is awsm ..bohat maza aata he…bss ek request he plz plz plz ZGH ko aakhir keh 15 mints se ziada time de dia karen..and say my salam to Alima jee…i jst love her eng/urdu mix lang…and her accent too..

      • hamnah says:

        no, thank you for uploading! 🙂 & I’m really glad that only you two were doing, the discussion is more good with less people otherwise the voices mostly overlap each other

        • Neeru says:

          Actually I beg to differ 🙂 I sorely missed the girls. It is more fun to have different view points and going back and forth on the episode. With two the views are limited.

          It is like having so many people comment under this review. My review wouldn’t be the same without all of your contribution. Each one of you has taken invaluable time to write down your thoughts, feedback, views on the episode, characters etc. Just imagine if I had only four or five of these…oh my God I dread the day when I will not have any feedback for I take pleasure in reading different points of views. It helps widen my perspective and it is always interesting to look at things from different angles 🙂

  15. Zaheer Abbas says:

    Lovely review as always. What to read after final episode of ZGH and only three to go. Life will be empty.

  16. hamnah says:

    Brilliant, excellent review like always, Neeru! I think there’s no need to tell here that I’ve been waiting for it desperately 🙂 visiting this site after every couple of hours…. 🙂 BUT YOU DIDN”T DISAPPOINT ME, I’m going to read it four or five times more because it’s the best one, don’t have enough words to praise you for this, I wish some day I do find those unique words which are suitable for this review.

    • Neeru says:

      Thank you so much hamnah….am glad you liked the review 🙂

      • hamnah says:

        oh & neeru, you know what, I’m really believing in telepathy now, because believe it or not, you wrote each & everything which I felt but I couldn’t express, a BIG thanks to you for that, your review is very very important to me & also in coded words I’d like to say that I love your positivity, there are some whose negativity even surpasses kashaf’s when it comes to this play, just criticism for the sake of criticism, spoiling the fun of everyone, I would never say this but some responses after this episode hit me hard. your review is literally a ray of sunshine among all. I don’t know what I’d feel otherwise

        • Neeru says:

          🙂 I have my moments of negativity but i guess it does not reflect on ZGH simply because there is too much good stuff to take away from this show. but aren’t we all still watching it because we love it. And if we do love it so much, it just follows that we won’t give too much importance to all the negative things in the show.

          With television shows the funda is simple. My time is precious and I would’nt watch anything I don’t feel good about. If it irks me so much that I begin to criticize it more than enjoy then I just move on to a better one. There are after all too many to choose from.

          Having said that, I just read something on Wattpad (check it out if you haven’t already – it’s a great community for aspiring writers and book enthusiasts) that will probably stay with me for the rest of my life. An author said, “I don’t allow rude comments on my board, because once I do, people think they can get away by saying anything they want and i won’t allow that” I feel this applies to everything in our life.

          Oh my i just overshot the comment limit too i guess 😉

          • hamnah says:

            yes, you’re absolutely right…. nothing can be perfect, so why just go around searching for the tiny tiny flaws rather than focusing on the excellent messages ZGH showers us with, & well I’m glad that you overshot the limit 😀 because this comment like healed my wounds which I got from being hit. 🙂

    • hamnah says:

      umm…. can’t express my detailed thoughts for this episode because this episode has shaken me from inside, I’m at a loss for words & well I don’t need words now because you have perfectly depicted what I felt throughout this episode. A roller coaster ride of emotions… That scene between Zaroon & kashaf when she tells him that she will not take the money was the best one, simply marvelous in terms of everything, be it dialogues or expressions or screenplay, rest were fantastic too but like I said, I literally felt the emotional turmoil which kashaf went through & I don’t know how to express it. but yes, I’d mention one thing here, the transition from romance to reality was very smooth & there wasn’t any loophole, it was so realistic that it’s hard to believe that it’s just a drama, of course the credit goes to director, writer & both leads.

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