Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 22 Review: “Koi Rishta ek Ideal Rishta Nahi Hota”


‘Let’s get down to business’, was the entire feel of the latest episode of ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’. Leaving behind the roses and the romance, we were handed a heavy dose of reality with a thud. Smiles made way for frowns while the Charms chilled. Gone were the kasme wade made by Zaroon; at the first hurdle he stumbled and quickly forgot the very rules he set – he stopped communicating and sulked like a spoilt brat nursing a massive dent to his ego.

Kashaf had changed so much post marriage that she could judge her husband’s mood just by hearing his voice. Her world that was limited to her mother and her two sisters has now expanded to include the irresistible Zaroon and slowly his immediate family too. The last few scenes where she is shown bonding with her sister-in-law Sara over the latter’s trousseau shows how far she has come in terms of being social as against her nature of shutting out everyone.

Kashaf successfully received a stamp of approval from her in-laws. It was heartwarming to see Ghazala accept her daughter-in-law’s worth to Junaid and the fact that she came to know of Kashaf’s transfer from Kashaf herself says a lot about the efforts taken by both to get to know each other better. Ghazala finally saw Kashaf for what she was without the cloud of perceptions blinding her. As Zaroon stated, communication is the key to better understanding.


Ah well, that rule of Zaroon’s flew right out of the window when he heard Osama unwittingly mention his proposal to Kashaf. What!? ‘I was not the the only one to propose but was also the second?’ That pricked his over-sized ego and left a gaping hole in his efforts to be a sensitive, understanding, and a supportive husband. Zaroon was quite predictable in his small mindedness. Even Osama pegged his reaction right. Zaroon ended up reacting just the way he feared he would if he knew though he was quick to mask his reaction in front of Osama.

Bechari Kashaf! Phasle mit gaye par dooriyan badd gayi…..Kashaf was in a light hearted mood pulling Zaroon’s leg for a change while the boy was busy sulking and taking digs at Kashaf. Osama’s revelation ate away at his heart, and he reacts childishly.

After the separation, Kashaf must have looked forward to coming back to her charming husband who could not take his eyes off her for a second, who teased her, wooed her over phone calls, and beseeches her to return to him for he could not wait to be with her. Finally, when that moment arrived and she was right where she belonged and wanted to be, her husband refuses to meet her eyes, does not talk to her, and few times she catches his eyes, they are filled with accusation. Ofcourse she blows up when she drags the reason out of him; his continued petulance over a non-issue was something she could not come to terms with.


Try as I might, I am unable to find a plausible excuse for Zaroon’s behavior. So, she did not find Osama’s proposal to be important enough to be revealed to her husband. I might have understood his anger or a sense of betrayal if they were in constant touch with Osama and that too barely. Seeing that Osama, inspite of being Zaroon’s best friend is practically non-existent in the couple’s lives, I wonder how his proposal affected their relationship.

His accusation at Kashaf when he found out that she had left for office early in the morning without out informing him and that too on a Sunday – “tum mujhse jaan chudana chahte they” clearly showed that Asmara’s rejection had hit him hard and was yet to recover from it. Every word that she uttered while throwing his ring at his face weighed him down and had now found a reason to come out in this form. His fears of losing Kashaf, of turning out to be the kind of person Asmara believed him to be has somehow pushed him to react in a way that would turn his fears into reality – how foolish of him!

Why are men who are profuse when it comes to expressing one thing, completely shut off when it comes to others? Zaroon has been overtly expressive in baring his heart to Kashaf. He has repeatedly showered her with affection and love and made her feel special in every way but has a problem communicating when it comes to things that hurt him. He is quick to break the very rule he had set and gives in to double standards at the blink of an eye. On the swing, under the moonlight, when Kashaf brings up the topic of how many girlfriends he had, he laughs basking in her jealousy and assures her that she is the one sitting next to him as his wife not any one of those girlfriends. Janab does not apply the same logic here. While Osama proposed to her, he is the one Kashaf chose to marry. Wonder what his reaction would be if he comes to know that she had actually considered accepting Osama’s proposal but by then Osama was already engaged. Gasp!


This episode was all about relationships and the compromises one has to make to ensure that it works. Sara has had a major overhaul when it comes to her attitude towards marriage and is willing to go that extra mile to make the second one work. When questioned about it, she quickly points out to her mother that what she thinks as an ideal marriage is not actually one. Ghazala is taken aback and has an honest talk with her husband. “Koi rishta ek ideal rishta nahi hota” is his response to his wife. A relationship is a work in progress – it involves large amounts of give and take, compromises and adjustments, shared laughter and tears, even sacrifices.

There comes a time in every relationship where these questions arise – Who contributes more? Who walks away from fights? Who gives in more? Who understands more? Who is the sensitive one? Who takes the high road? Who has the power to move on without the other? Who is more dependent on the other and for what? With Ghazala and Junaid’s marriage, this talk has come a little late in the day and that too at the instigation of the daughter. I am no one to say if Sara was right in pointing it out or not but I know one thing for sure – While communication is the key to a successful marriage, timely communication is extremely important and sometimes an outsider’s perspective is what a relationship needs. In the case of Kashaf and Zaroon, both of them are letting a trivial matter fester letting a non-issue escalate into bitterness. Prolonged silence is a killer in a marriage. Speaking up on time, speaking your heart out on time can do wonders.

Rafia, Nigar and Hammad! The lady with the blue eye shadow made me laugh out loud at her blatant lies in praising Rafia. Throughout the scene I was focused on her nose waiting for it to grow an inch every time she lied. Other than that, I am not even going to analyze the importance of that scene in the larger scheme of things.

Precap for Episode 23

Junaid’s response to Zaroon’s dilemma has not left my mind- “I shall consider myself lucky that she chose me”. Oh Zaroon, listen to your father, if you cannot come up with this gem on your own. Sometimes I wonder how duffer a person can be taking home the worse option in a situation instead of taking a better one that’s glaringly obvious. Be thankful oh charmer, you have a gem of a wife in Kashaf who married you instead of your best friend. She came close though, which we shall keep it to ourselves 😉

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Neeraja Unni   

Reviewer, Talk Soap

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23 Responses to Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 22 Review: “Koi Rishta ek Ideal Rishta Nahi Hota”

  1. hira says:

    i love this drama

  2. Iqra says:

    this the second drama serial after humsafar which i like most

  3. Khushbakht khan says:

    Right you are Neeru but I don’t know why we keep judging Zaroon for what he did and was in college days. All boys go through this phase Zaroon couldn’t help being good looking and getting all the attention. Girls are equally to be blamed for drooling over him in college. And besides we can’t judge the rest of his life based on how he behaved in college.

  4. Khushbakht khan says:

    Hi Neeru’s absolutely bang on review . I think the episode was very nicely done and I at least didn’t see any loop holes. There was dash of reality and I think some if us can’t Handle it, hence blame it on poor execution and loop holes. Perfect acting, perfect emotions , and I can’t hate Zaroon for being human. Just hoping that he will realise his mistakes and move on. Lets not be too hard on him.

  5. Rehana Kazi says:

    Brilliant one from you di with every single details…. I wouldn’t go into too much details but wud like to point out my POVs on Osama issue….. but before that I would like to share my part on the last epi….

    Episode 21
    Agreed it was not a romantic one…. but man, still you cannot afford to miss the direction, the plot, and the brilliant performance…. for me, I can again watch this episode without using the FF mode….. I deserve a ‘candy’ for trusting my cutie pie betu ‘Zaroon’ 😀 … see I told ya, he would be awesome handling the situation …..on the other hand, Kashaf’s behaviour reminded me of Rafia’s words when she once told her daughters that ‘if she was illiterate then she would have definitely gone to her husband’s house and yell at him & his second wife for messing up with their lives, but now she turned out to be educated, so can’t even take that step’…. this one shows that Kashaf acted like an educated girl without making a drama out of Gazala’s words…. Sanam nailed it down PERFECTLY in the break down scene with her mother….. this girl is totally natural… and YES! I am glad to see her mother-in-law’s guilty face towards the end…..

    Episode 22
    Hmm….. Osama issue….


    Pros: of course, he deserved to know that the girl he was hell bent in making his life partner was once proposed by his “BEST” friend…. and who, other than his wife, would be the best person to mention it especially when his wife already knew that Osama is his best friend? …. I wudn’t give any point for being hurt but he had the right to be a bit upset for the time being….
    I was glad that he didn’t want to mention the tension between them to Sir Abrar…. that was a mature move…. there he earns a point …

    Cons: if he was hurt then it is fine BUT making it an issue to argue or become unresponsive would be the most stupidiest thing ever…. it was past and he should’ve known that if Kashaf was interested in Osama, then she would have never gotten married to Zaroon in the first place anyway …. one minus point for Zaroon …..
    Now, after the confrontation, he acted like a jerk EVER after she clarifies her perspective abt the proposal…. another minus point for Zaroon….


    Pros: She clarified her part PERFECTLY without any useless crappy words like umm, but, I-was, no, if….. blah blah blah…. so there, she earns a point….

    Cons: As I mentioned, she should have told him abt Osama’s proposal FIRST…. no excuse…. he is his best friend, so either today or tomorrow he will get to know about it….. so why not make things clear NOW…. one minus point for Kashaf
    Seriously? Sir Abrar? OK, I get that she considers him as her mentor BUT sharing personal issues with him was unexpected…. and we as human, sometimes do things without thinking for a moment…. it just happens without your knowledge….. although was a natural fact, BUT she earns a minus point for this….

    SO all in all both ends up with -1…. both are at fault….

    Now coming to Sara, I LOVED HER… period, especially the line she said to Zaroon, “please don’t repeat my mistakes with her” …. and the last scene of her with Kashaf was SOOOO sweet and enlighting …. I’m not sure but I think the bgscore was from the drama “Dastaan”, it sounded so familiar and soothing to the ears….

    Another BRILLIANT epi from the team…. Loved it

    • Neeru says:

      Rehanaaa!! What a lovely way to summarize the episodes! Love it 🙂 Yes I love Sara too and that line shows how much she understands her brother.

  6. Rabab Zaka says:

    Great review Neeru!!! I hope you are feeling well now.
    I was so disappointed by all the reviews that I read about this episode, I agree with you this episode was not merely about romance but it focused a lot on relationships. I loved the episode with all it’s loopholes.
    I think people are more disappointed with zaroon’s behaviour and hence are just blaming it on the episode!!!
    I think all males are like that, full of ego. Zaroon has always been like this no matter how much he has matured in other aspects of his character. He does not suspect Kashaf of any infidelity, but he cannot tolerate the fact that his best friend actually proposed to her before him and she didn’t inform him. and I am amazed at his double standards, he set up the rules and he’s not following them, he has a very interesting past and still despite all this Kashaf married him what more does he want.
    poor kashaf how excited she was on coming to Islamabad and being with her husband and in turn woh aik roothay huway bachay ki tarah mun sujha k baitha huwa tha.lol
    But I know although there is no logical justification for zaroon’s behaviour kashaf shouldn’t have involved Sir Ibrar in it, when a third person comes in to the matters of the couple it just adds fule to the fire and it did just that. instead she should just have compromised aur uss ko mana laiti.
    As always this episode had such amazing dialogues
    1) koi bhi relationship ideal nahin hota
    2) maine nikaah naame k naam per koi khuda toh nahin maanga tha jo meri her harkat ko judge keray ( so true i do hope men realise this fact)
    3)mein toh bhudape main tum per do kitabain likh sakti hun.
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode

    • Neeru says:

      Thanks Rabab….we almost got taken in by the last few episodes where Zaroon was shown be THE perfect husband. We quickly forgot what he was before…this episode is just a reminder of how he has changed and yet remained the same in some basic ways. His center of gravity is Kashaf and to imagine she almost was the same to his best friend must have addled his brain too along with the insecurity and the baggage he carries.

      Its amazing how Kashaf takes it on her chin and says …this is one more problem I have to sort out. Yes its imperative to keep a third person out of something so personal. Though I noticed she did not exactly tell Sir Ibrar about the proposal.

      As always great to hear your thoughts on this 🙂

  7. Sarbani Chakraborty says:

    Neeraja I am anxiously waiting for your review..U know I have read 4 reviews but I was very disappointed..I know that the episode was not up to the mark if I compare it to the previous episodes.. But still it has its own flavor..because the issue which was highlighted in this episode was “Relationship”..And as always U depicted all the relationship very well.. it’s really awesome..Waiting for your review is really worth..

    After reading my comment don’t consider me as a feminist..It’s my earnest request to everyone..

    Every one including me is very disappointed with Zaroon..Zaroon’s typical male ego hurts when he heard that Osama proposed Kashaf before their marriage…Zaroon always felt insecure when Osama said anything about Kashaf..and this time he couldn’t stand the fact..I think not only Zaroon but maximum men in the world always thinks that he will be the first person of her wife’s life..Man’s male ego hurts when he came to know that he is the second one of his wife’s life…..In maximum cases they reacted the same way as Zaroon has done …In compare to women they couldn’t have the generosity in their character..Women are more reluctant..liberal..and generous in the same issue..Men are very vengeful if their gigantic male ego hurts..That’s why I am not at all surprised with Zaroon’s behavior..The way Zaroon reacted, showing tantrums and indifference to Kashaf is not supportable ..Surprisingly he forgot all the rules setting by himself..Overnight his loving caring attitude vanished..Actually the basic nature of any human being is never changed..You can suppressed it for a time being but can’t be able to win over your basic nature..Zaroon reminds me the another reality of Human Nature..But I still think that we should not judge Zaroon wearing a Black & White glass..Because there is no absolute black and white in real life character..Everyone has a shades of grey..Till now we all appreciated Zaroon for his Flexibility..sensibility….maturity ..and endurance..All the qualities are the white shades of his character..But he also carries some dark shades ( conservativeness..egos..chauvinist attitude) in his character….and till now he can’t able to overcome his dark shades..I think he is not suspecting his wife….”Itne din ho haya ek bar bhi o mujhe mananeki koshish nahi kiya..agar karti shayad main maan jati..bahoot ziddi hai..”This dialog proves that he is not suspecting his wife but when his male ego hurts he overreacts like any other man..I think he is gradually realizing his mistakes..

    “Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate”..I hope Zaroon soon realize the fact..

    In this episode I really impressed by Kashaf..when we loved someone we can easily identify the state of mind of our beloved..That’s why Kashaf easily realized that zaroon was disturbed due to some reason..which surprised zaroon..When she came to Islamabad Zaroon’s indifference sounds weird to her..She constantly trying to know what happens with Zaroon..She broke her hard shell and tolerate his husbands tantrums..After knowing the fact she tried her level best to explain the reality..I think time & patience both are needed in this situation..I have just few complaints against her..In my opinion she should inform or leaves a short note for Zaroon while leaving the house..When the situation is very delicate this small things aggravates a lot and makes the situation worse.. Kashaf should fulfill all her duties maintaining the dignity …I also want to mention her major fault..She should not told about their personal matters to Sir Abrar..If I was in her shoes then I wouldn’t tell any third person about my personal issues….When the third person involves it just complicates the situation..Kashaf is very much familiar with her husband’s inflated ego and she knows that the situation is very delicate….In this condition she should handle the issue more maturely..

    So finally Gazalla realized her faults…It is surely debatable who compromises more in a relationship..In our society the most unwritten rule is that the woman should compromise more..I don’t want to jump into this controversial topic..I think both plays a major role in a successful marriage life..Sara genuinely wants to rectify her mistakes and wants to move on in her life..Kashaf and Sara share an awesome chemistry ..Their bonding remind my bonding with my sister in law which is very special for me..Pre cap is very interesting..and I hope that Zaroon soon realize his dad’s valuable advice..

    • Rabab Zaka says:

      “Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate” couldn’t agree with you more.You’ve summed it up amazingly

    • Neeru says:

      Thanks Sarbani…I love that you mentioned this quote which is very apt – “Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate”

      I agree about the Sir Ibrar issue and most of it. But I don’t see anything wrong in Kashaf going to office for some work. Its not like she skipped town without telling him. And how many of us leave notes? She did not want to wake him up and the servant was informed that she had left for some work. And he was the one who was sulking away throughout when she was present by his side asking every few minutes about what was troubling him..he ignored her mercilessly then not to mention the jibes whenever he did open his mouth and now the minute she steps out of the house to attend to something he has a problem? How justified is that? She is being more dignified than an average wife I feel. Trust me, I would have blown a fuse if I were in her shoes…not dignified at all 😉

      • Sarbani Chakraborty says:

        Neeraja I completely agree with u..I know Kashaf is more dignified than an average wife….and I respect her dignity..U know I had done exactly the same which Kashaf has done in a very stiff situation of my life..And Surprisingly my husband’s reaction was exactly same as Zaroon..While I thought not to disturb him early in the morning his reaction is just opposite of my thoughts..He couldn’t stand when my maid informed him about my where about..He felt very insulted..I don’t know why men can fell insulted so easily..After that incident I am getting little bit careful to avoid complication….I am not at all criticized Kashaf..But now I think that what ever the situation is you always fulfill your duties..So that no one can take chance to complain against you..Sometimes Marriage is just like gambling and then play the game safely..it’s my opinion..

        • Neeru says:

          You are right Sarbani….leave no room for complaints so you can be clear that you have done your part……I know what you mean 🙂

  8. aimy says:

    Thanks to Asma Malik (Hum tv official reviewer) ppl who are confuse keh who is expecting Kashaf or Sidra, for them she has explained that phone call scene b/w Rafia and Kashaf at dramapakistani’s blog… “Rafia: Allah ka laakh laakh shukr hai beta kay wo aulad jesi nemat sy nawaz rha hai tumhein (saaf zahir hai k Kashaf is expecting)
    Kashaf: Aulad jesi ya bety jesi..? (as always biased attitude)
    Rafia: Beta ho ya beti kia farq parhta hai beta.. aulad ko naik hona chaheay farmabardar hona chaheay aur sehatmand hona chaheay..(trying to clear her thoughts) Bs beta meri tou yhe dua hai kay tum jald az jald maa bn jao..(indicating towards that FINALLY maa bn jao means god mein shahzada ya shahzadi ajaey)
    Kashaf: Pehly us bachy ko tou sambhal lun main jo nikah naamy k sath mila hai mjhy..(Zaroon ki waja sy ghussay mein) chaleay ammi is hafty main aur zaroon aengy Sidra sy milny..aap bta dijeay ga k lena kia hai..!(shows sidra pakistan i hue hai aur chunkay yeh aur zaroon islamabad rehty hein isleay usky leay kuch na kuch ly k jaengy jb milny janegy)”…

    • Rabab Zaka says:

      thanks aimy for clarifying it

    • Neeru says:

      Yayyy!! Kashaf is expecting!! 🙂 Thanks for clearing that up Aimy 🙂

      • SK says:

        I think that was sidra expecting as she now had a beta. Kashaf just found out in this weeks episode so no i dont think that phonecall was clear at all!
        Neeru I thought there was no review last week but just saw this…agree regarding most points!

  9. Roh says:

    Neeraja, always good to hear your POV, however late it is. So all is forgiven with love. 🙂
    It was interesting to read your understanding on this episode, which, per se was sorely disappointing for me.
    Most of the scenes brought back more loopholes. The execution, weak character sketches, faulty timelines, lack of continuity along with inane issues becoming so mega, – really let me down. Back to assuming and presuming and imagining and rationalising “why when how where who when”.
    Anyway, I have digested the episode and am now looking forward to tomorrow. 🙂

    • Roh says:

      Just clarifying, that the episode was sorely disappointing for me. Not the review. Lest it is taken in the wrong way! 🙂

    • Neeru says:

      Thanks Roh 🙂 I have seen the worst of them in the initial stages so this was good for me 🙂

      Yep looking forward to the next one!!

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