Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 24 Review ~ by Swati Ghosh


Zindagi Gulzar Hai through its varied characters and relationship dynamics reinforce the fact that it is our “perception” towards life and people that makes all the difference. More than often it is the way we see and interpret things that complicates situations and results in estranged relationships.

Junaid: “Tum apna career chhod rahi ho?”

Gazala – “Nahi chhod kuch nahi rahi, lekin priorities badal rahi hoon.”

Sara’s words have been an eye opener for Gazala who realised how much she has taken her children and husband for granted over the years. Hence she decides to give priority to her family while her career takes a back-seat. As Neeraja rightly said, given to understand her age and lifestyle, its really commendable to see her acknowledge her mistake and further change her priorities for the sake of her loved ones.

ImageJunaid Khan, as a character amazes me and I can’t help but envy Gazala. He is truly  her better-half in the true sense of the word. Very seldom does one find a husband molding himself to accomodate the needs of his wife. Junaid is certainly not a “typical shawhar” who believes in dominating his wife. Rather he is a practical and sensible man, who understands the significance of adjustments and compromises in a marriage. Though Gazala’s ambitions overpowered his expectations, he never tried to stop his wife from pursuing her career and live life on her terms. I still remember the moment where Gazala tells Zaroon, “aaj tak tumhare papa ne bhi mujhse itne saawal nahi karein”… how many of us can really make a statement like this? What’s further commendable about Junaid is that despite the freedom, he never failed to trust his wife, which is very essential to nurture a healthy relationship. 

“Thoda sa waqt mere liye bhi nikal liya karein”…while Junaid was pleasantly surprised at Gazala’s words, I simply smiled. There must have been in numerous times in the past when all he wanted was his wife’s time and attention but nonetheless as it is said “der aaye durust aaye”. 

“Kya shaadi ka rishta har haq har aazadi ko kha jayega? These words of Kashaf mirrors the thought of most women for whom “privacy” is nothing more than being a mere word post their marriage. ‘Marriage’ is in no way a license to encroach your partner’s solitude. Every individual is entitled to his or her space and as adults we should understand and respect it. People often think that the mantra to a successful marriage is to let go off one’s privacy, which is a sheer misconception. Zaroon’s rule book only proves to be futile because there are no set rules for a happy married life. Marriage is all about finding similarities and respecting the differences of your respective partners.

As much as we may disapprove Zaroon’s actions and attitude towards Kashaf, one cannot deny that a child learns his initial lessons on life and relationships from his or her family and Zaroon craved to see a healthy relationship between his parents. In his own words, “luxuries aur facilities kabhi relationships ko replace nahi kar sakte.” Zaroon has always been of the opinion that had his father been a little strict and followed certain protocol at home, he would not have been deprived of his mother’s attention and affection during his growing years. Therefore, unlike his father, Zaroon constantly tries to control and monitor Kashaf which has started to bother her. Infact Kashaf is so right when she tells Zaroon, “Aur yeh sab kuch karke tumhe kya lagta hai, main behtar biwi banungi ya tum zyada taqatwar shawhar banoge?” He does think that by keeping a check on his wife, he will always top her priority list. But what I also like about Zaroon is his self realisation. He does admit to himself that his actions were uncalled for and that spouses should not interfere in each other’s life to the extent of suffocating one another. But as we know Zaroon its easier said than done.

“Maine kabhi nahi socha tha ki Zaroon ki zindagi main koi aisi kami ho sakti hai jisse woh itni shiddat se mehsoos karta ho.” We always tend to think that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Even as Zaroon’s actions hurt Kashaf, she is taken aback to know for the very first time that he too has experienced void in his life. What she ideally thought to be a perfect life for Zaroon was her mere illusion.


The interactions between Kashaf and Zaroon at various juncture of the episode was a visual treat as always.“Mujhe toh lagta hai ke duniya main aane wale har insaan ke saath ek paudha laga dena chahiye taki shuru se uska oxygen ka intezam ho jaye. Jis tarha hum apne baccho ke paida hone par life insurance policy khareedte hai, usi tarha these plants are their life insurance policies. You don’t agree?”  Ofcourse Zaroon itne nek khayal par kaun nahi agree karega bhala. Lekin miya, itni samajhdari ki baatein karne wale aap, na samjhi wale harkatein kyun karte hai? But jokes apart, I loved this thought of contributing towards mother nature and who better to promote it than the hot and happening Fawad Khan 😉

Though I understand why Kashaf does not want to share her problems with Zaroon, I do agree with Sidra, that he could have helped them with a better solution which necessarily does not have to be monetary.  I love the way the makers have shown the stark difference between both these sisters. While life’s hurdles have made Kashaf cynical, Sidra continues to be hopeful and positive.


In my opinion, both Kashaf and Zaroon are sensitive, emotional, highly volatile and above all burdened with their past. Kashaf constantly trying to gauge Zaroon’s reaction at the mention of a baby girl is heart-wrenching. Her scars are way too deep for anyone to see but I hope Zaroon eventually eases her restless soul and gives her the much needed assurance that he would stand by her through thick and thin.

Asmara’s mysterious re-entry finally manages to create havoc in Kashaf’s and Zaroon’s life and Kashaf saying “maine soch liya” further suggests that the duo might part ways in the upcoming episode.

Kashaf and Zaroon’s relationship reminds me of these beautiful lines penned down by Nida Fazli who rightly said….

kabhi kisi ko mukammal jahaan nahi milta
kahin zami to kahin aasmaa nahi milta

jise bhi dekhiye woh apne aap mein gum hai
zubaa mili hai magar humzubaa nahi milta


Swati Ghosh

Guest Reviewer, Talk Soap

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12 Responses to Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 24 Review ~ by Swati Ghosh

  1. swati ghosh says:

    @Nita, thank you so much…I am humbled 🙂

  2. Nita Khandekar says:

    writing at this juncture since I hadn’t been following the serial when it was being aired………………infact hadn’t been watching any serial except NBT (Which I accidently stumble upon in its season two downloaded S 1 and loved it) Started watching everything related to it and again stumbled on RM and Swati………………… her writings have got me hooked to her page………………. trying to catch up with all that she has written and all that she recommends……………… when I read her review it feels as if she were my mouth piece………… what more can anyone ask……………but someone who can pen down your opinion in an outstading way!!!

  3. swati ghosh says:

    @Sam. thank you so much..I am humbled. That Shayari is my personal favourite 🙂

  4. swati ghosh says:

    @Asma….aap bhi mera salaam qubool karein 🙂 i love urdu language and hence loved reading your comment. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am humbled 🙂 I too am a big fan of Neeraja’s reviews and completely agree with what u have mentioned about her writing. Once again thank you for your words of encouragement.

  5. swati ghosh says:

    @Urmi…thanx a ton for reading and commenting on my review 🙂 Even I am hoping that Zaroon and Kashaf eventually make peace with one another.

  6. swati ghosh says:

    @Tazeen, thank you so much for liking my the reiview 🙂 But this was just one of case.. Infact I enjoy reading Neeru’s review the most !!!

  7. swati ghosh says:

    @zaheer…..thank you so much 🙂

  8. Tazeen says:

    Beautifully penned Swati—-I just love the way that the contrasts and misconceptions or should I say Pre-conceptions are broken down—the entire episode seemed to be a learning process for not only the prtagonists but also their parents as well 🙂 Looking forward to your review on the next episode—–

  9. Urmi says:

    Lovely review Swati.. As always
    Zindagi gulzar hai is such an beautiful show displaying so many emotions that we go thru at some point in our lives.. I love each and every character.. And the narration is awesome..
    Watching ZGH.. Is an treat to eyes and reading your review is a treat to the soul.. I hv so beautifully penned down the emotions that we felt in the show..
    And I love those lines from shayari..
    Hoping that kashaf and zaroon find a common ground to live peacefully… I can’t see them part ways

    Zjndagi main sab miljaye to zindagi ka Matlab hi na rahe
    Khona aur Pana hi to Hume jina sikhate hai..

  10. Asma Malik says:

    Adaab Swati 🙂 Yeh jaan k bht khushi hue k sarhad paar bhi hamary dramy na sirf dekhy jarhy hein balky un py itny khubsurat tabsry bhi keay jarhy hein. Aap ki tamam baton sy mjhy mukammal ittefaq hy aur mjhy bht acha lga k aap ny Neeraja k tarz e tehreer sy hat k alag andaz e tehreer mein itni khubsurti k sath apna andaaz e fikr paish kea. Khususan jis pyary indaz mein aap ny tabsry ka ikhtitaam kea hai yeh parh k tou maza dobala hogaya hai 🙂 Meri naik tamannaen aap k sath hein aur main chahti hun k aap aur Neeraja yunhe likhti rahein aur hamein mauqa deti rahein k ham aap k tabsaron py apni raey dia krein. Zindagi Gulzar Hai k jitny bhi reviews internet py aa rhy hein un mein mera pasandeeda review yhe hota hai aur uski wajah yeh hai k meny Neeraja k ksi bhi review mein criticism for the sake of criticism nhe paya. Neera aap ka chezon ko janchny ka nazrya bht alag aur bht mature hai. Yunhe likhti rahein aur khush rahein! :

    PS: I’m sure you people can understand Urdu as I tried my best to use the most salees (simplest) Urdu today 😛 Looking forward for more from you girls..Keep rocking! Much love..

  11. Sam says:

    Excellent review Swati 🙂 sub kuch keh deya abh hum kya bole 🙂 Khas kar Nida Fazli ki shayri ne khoubsurat sa Ikhtitam ( end ) kar deya 🙂

  12. Zaheer Abbas says:

    Best Review..

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