“Behadd” or Boundless!!! ~ A Telefilm Review by Swati Ghosh



“Duniya ka koi bhi jazba hadh se zyada badh jaye toh nuksan dene lagta hai… chahe woh mohabbat hi kyun na ho.”

Written by Umera Ahmed and Produced by Momina Duraid, Pakistani telefilm “Behadd” portrays this bitter truth with lot of depth and sensitivity. As a story concept it isn’t new to me, but even then the film touched me real deep with its intense emotions and heart-wrenching moments. As a woman and a daughter, I found myself torn between the characters as each of them struggle in their love for one another.

“Behadd” reflects upon the relationship dynamics of a ‘Parent’ and ‘Child’, and how their love for one another becomes the cause of their heartache. It’s a reflection of ‘selflessness’ vs ‘selfishness’ in Love.

The story revolves around Masooma, a working woman and single mother, and her 15 year old daughter Maha. After losing her husband in a fatal road accident, Maha becomes her sole reason for existence. As a mother, Masooma leaves no stone unturned to provide Maha with all the love and comfort she deserves. While her friend Shafaq feels that Masooma is overly protective towards Maha, she pays no heed to her. On the other hand, Maha too loves her mother and is very possessive about her. Both mother and daughter live happily in each other’s company until Jamal Ahmed walks into their lives one day and gives it a new meaning.

ImageJamal Ahmad aka Jo is Masooma’s best friend’s brother, who coincidentally joins the same organisation where she is working. Masooma soon learns that Jo is divorced and like a good friend and well wisher she instantly decides to find him a suitable bride. While Masooma is happy to have an old friend around, she is pleasantly surprised to see Maha bond with Jamaal with great ease and comfort. However, Masooma is completely taken aback when Jamaal proposes her for marriage. Even though she turns down his proposal right away, a determined Jamaal refuses to listen to any of her reasoning. Masooma, left with no choice, decides to talk to Maha and during her conversation she admits…“mujhe lagta hai may be we need someone like him in our lives.” Unknowingly Masooma too develops feelings for Jaamal and is unable to ignore it any further. Nonetheless, to her utter surprise Maha gives her a go ahead putting all her apprehensions to rest. Life was being kind to Masooma and Jamaal, giving them a second chance and the duo could not have asked for more. Lekin kehte hain na, jo dikhta hai woh hota nahin aur jo hota hai woh dikhta nahin. What follows hereafter is very shocking and disturbing too.

Though “Behadd” ends on a happy note, the film does leave behind ‘food for thought’ for its audience without being preachy.

ImageBesides its strong storyline, “Behadd” also stands out for its flawless direction and seamless performances given by Nadia Jamil, Fawad Khan and Sajal Ali. The instance where Masooma tells Maha about Jamal’s proposal, in my opinion, is one of Nadia Jamil’s best performances in the film as she perfectly portrays Masooma’s dilemma and emotional turmoil in that very moment. Every woman, every mother will relate to Masooma in some way or the other. Fawad Khan as the smart, suave and level-headed Jamal Ahmed again is a treat to watch. As an actor, Fawad never disappoints his fans so no complaints for this one either. Jamaal Ahmed is indeed every woman’s dream come true and one can’t help but envy Masooma’s good fortune. You wish there are more of Jamaal Ahmed in the real world. Last but not the least; it is not easy to put up with such brilliant veteran actors but I must admit that Sajal Ali as Maha plays her character perfectly to the T and one can’t help but feel sorry for her. Any girl who is close to her mother will relate to Maha’s side of the story completely.

Haule haule raaton ko

Chup ke se aaja re

Nindiya re, nindiya re

Aakhiyon main sama ja re 

My review will be incomplete if I don’t make a mention of the above title track of “Behadd”. Its soothing tune and soulful lyrics further connects you with the characters and their varied emotions. 

In the film Masooma tells Jamaal, “Pata hai jab acche log kamyaab hote hain na toh neki main mera imaan aur badh jata hai.” However, I would like to say, “jab acche logon ko khushiyan milti hain, toh neki mainmera imaan aur badh jata hai.”


Swati Ghosh

Guest Reviewer, Talk Soap

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27 Responses to “Behadd” or Boundless!!! ~ A Telefilm Review by Swati Ghosh

  1. priyanka raj says:

    its awsum….. short movie I have ever watched, & specially for fawad’s fantabulous acting I became more crazy about him as before I was…. 🙂
    & I gonna be love him 🙂 :-)…………

  2. Reena says:

    Watched on Humtv on 5th September, 2015. Awesome! super acting of all three characters.

  3. pratikshya2 says:

    loved the movie…
    best acting…one of the best short scripts i’ve ever watched..


  4. Reshma says:

    I watched this telefilm on Zindagi and it was superb. The story, actors everything was just outstanding. It only revolved mainly around 4 characters…three main but not to forget Shafaq as even that part was played well…

  5. Shly says:

    Awesome Review of Behhad Swati..waiting for 30th Aug to watch this telefilm on zindagi.

  6. Anil Hinduja says:

    A very good review. A must watch film.Waiting to see the film.Thank you for such a good review.

  7. Anil Hinduja says:

    A very good review. A must watch film. Waiting eagerly to see it. Thank you very much so such a good review.

  8. Dhara says:

    swati di,
    what a lovely review to the telefilm. Have to admit that i saw this telefilm just a few days back after watching Fawad Khan on ZGH and couldnt help but notice the maturity with which the show was made. It surprises me to see that pakistani shows are so perfectly made and all the characters completely did justice to their roles. Fawad Khan is an amazing actor and manages to do justice to all the roles he portrays. Nadia jamal was excellent as a sensitive possessive mother and i instantly fell in love with her and what do i say about Sajal Ali, No one could hv portrayed the character of maha better than her. Umaira Ahmed is a brilliant writer and it was a treat to watch another show from her. Overall, a beautiful portrayal of a simple story.

  9. Nita Khandekar says:

    very well wriiten article………… after having read it and the recoomedations of I am blindly following her…………………..Swati’s sums up everything so well and has such a wonderful of articulating it!!!

  10. sabahat says:

    The child does not develop any ‘feelings’ for Jo, she does what she does to retain her mother’s attention solely for herself.

  11. swati ghosh says:

    Hi @Sadaf, thank you so much for reading and leaving your comment behind 🙂 Indeed its a thought provoking story and a must watch for all. Its amazing how Fawad gets into the skin of every fictional character and makes it real!!! As far as he goes the length of the role doesn’t really matter 🙂

  12. swati ghosh says:

    @Shahina, thank you so much for liking my thought 🙂

  13. swati ghosh says:

    @Tazeen….thanks dear and yes you have to watch Behadd coz you will enjoy it even more. Every character and every actor are incredibly good 🙂

  14. swati ghosh says:

    @Asma, thank you so much for reading and liking the review 🙂 You words of appreciation means a lot to me. But Behadd itself was so good that it made my day too 🙂

  15. Asma Malik says:

    Again Swati is here with superb review 🙂 Swati I love you for this.. I couldn’t review Behadd because I left Hum Network but you made my day 🙂 Stay Blessed

  16. Tazeen says:

    Loved your review Swati—it makes me want to jump up and start watching . Fawad is an all time favourite—- so I guess your review and Fawad’s lure are a deadly combo !

  17. swati ghosh says:

    Hi Aimy, thank you for reading and liking the review 🙂 I am sorry to have disappointed you but trust me I loved the portrayal of all the actors. I think everyone played their role with sheer perfection. Apart from Fawad Khan, all the other actors were new to me and I was watching them for the very first time.
    Nadia Afghan as Shafaq was excellent and you wish that every woman has a friend like her. I am sorry for not mentioning her, but I did love her acting. However, as a viewer I thought that Masooma and Maha were the main characters of the film while Jamaal acts as the trigger point in the story.
    Nadia Jamil as Masooma was brilliant and no amount of words can do justice to her portrayal. And if at all i sit to do so, it will definitely exceed another 700 words for sure 🙂 Therefore I tried to highlight the moment which in my opinion was the best of her best.

  18. swati ghosh says:

    @Sam @Anam Hi !!! Thank you so much for reading and liking the review 🙂

  19. swati ghosh says:

    Hi Sarbani, thank you for reading and liking the review 🙂 As mentioned, even though the subject wasn’t new but I did love the way the story was presented. The story, the screenplay, the direction, the acting and the music score all put together makes Behadd a fabulous film. For me it was a complete package.

  20. swati ghosh says:

    Hi Zaheer, thank you for reading and liking the review 🙂 Asim Raza has undoubted done a fabulous job as a Director. This was my first encounter with Nadia Jamil, Sajal Ali and Nadia Afgan and they have definitely nailed their character with their superb performances!!

  21. Shahina Armaan says:

    Kaamyabi se badhkar hain khushiyan…
    Hat’s off Swati ji..

  22. Sarbani Chakraborty says:

    Swati great review..another brilliant story of Umera Ahmed…It’s neat heart touching film with a underline message.. it’s also a eyeopening film for the over protective mothers….From the first scene we came to know that Maha was very possessive about her mother..her possessiveness and insecurity made her a very sensitive and selfish character ..she could n’t allow her mother to spend some quality time with her friend…Jamal entered Masooma & Maha’s life as a fresh breeze…Jamal shared a special bonding not only with Masooma but also with Maha..loved the way Jamal talked with her ..played basketball….gave her a kitten..Jamal realized that Maha missed his father badly and he tried to complement her vacuum..even Masooma was surprised that how easily Maha shared her problems with Jamal…His company was a blessing for Maha..but she felt in secured when heard that Jamal proposed her mother..fear of losing her mother made her very selfish..every body was talking about Nadia Jamil but I really impressed by Sajjal Ali who made Maha so real and lively…Maha is the most complex character in the film…the way Sajjal Ali carried Maha’s character is just outstanding……Fawad Khan again proved his talent..I really loved the scene when Fawad torn the tandoor chicken with his two hand..it’s really delight to watch his acting and as always he never disappointed us…He played Jamal so perfectly and shared an awesome chemistry with Sajjal ali and Nadia Jamil….now Nadia Jamil ..I always love her acting.. she brilliantly carried Masoom’s character.. .like many other I loved the scene when she was telling Maha about Jamal’s proposal..loved the way she answered he was impossible to ignore when Maha asked her “do u love him.”.she torn between motherhood and self happiness..at that moment she didn’t know whether Maha gave her the approval or not….the way she portrayed every emotion in this scene is just outstanding..Lastly Asim Raja’s flawless brilliant direction made this film outstanding.. he brilliantly showed each and every delicate bonding in this film …mere words are not enough for him…Hope he will again give us such wonderful films..

  23. Sadaf says:

    Thanks for a great review Swati , nicely done. I really liked this telefilm it was incredibly well made . I think the best part was that they should that while attraction is an important part of any relationship , other things are very important too., like character and personality. I think both Fawad and Nadia Jamil were excellent in their roles . I was not happy with Sajal as much. I hope we see more of these kind of thoughtful and creative dramas with Fawad in more diverse roles . .

  24. Sam says:

    Nice Review Swati 🙂

  25. Anam says:

    It was a beautiful telefilm, and the star of it is Nadia Jamil, loved the scene where Masooma tells Maha about the proposal. Kya scene tha! 🙂 awesome review Swati.

  26. aimy says:

    An excellent review…but i think ‘leads’ ki tarif karne main aapne thori ‘kanjosi’ se kam lia he and Nadia Afghan (Shafaq) ka to zikar hi ghayab he! Did’nt she impressed u with her natural portrayal of a true lovely frnd? And ya m big fan of Nadia Jamil so i was expecting little more praises for her bcuz i think, in many scenes she was beyond perfection…
    FK ,as it was expected, wz Brilliant as Jamal…and diff too (with beard) and all these amazing performances were put together by Director ofcourse..a brilliant piece of work by Asim Raza..
    Lastly..one cant forgt praising Umera…it waz a simple story but again in UA’s style, containing a great msg…

  27. Zaheer Abbas says:

    Lovely Review.
    It was Asim Raza’s directorial debut. He had made videos songs however. Nadia Jamil as usual stunning so as Fawad. Sajjal Ali played well after ‘Sitamgar’, ‘Mohabbat Jaye Bhaar Main’ and ‘Meri Ladli’ and not to forget Nadia Afghan as Shafq.

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