DUR-E-SHAHWAR – Epitome of Patience and Perseverance! ~ by Swati Ghosh


Thanks to all my online friends who introduced me to Pakistani Dramas and got me hooked on to them. Recently added to the list was “Dur-E-Shahwar”, a drama that was aired on HUM TV in 2012 and highly recommended to me. After viewing it I must admit it was worth all the recommendations J

“Dur-E-Shahwar”, named after its lead protagonist takes you on an extra-ordinary journey of love, patience and perseverance. Its a journey that most women embark post their marriage and hence many would relate to Shahwar’s life struggles. The story beautifully juggles between the ‘present’ and the ‘past’. While present reflects upon the estranged relationship between Sandanah (Dur-e-Shahwar’s daughter) and her husband Haider, past reveals the bitter experiences of Dur-e-Shahwar with her husband Mansoor.

ImageComing from a wealthy and learned family, Samiruddin’s eldest daughter Dur-e-Shahwar had all the love and comfort she desired. She was young, beautiful, talented and vivacious. Though she was close to her mother and sister, she shared a deep bond of love and understanding with her “Abba” and had immense faith in him. Hence when Samiruddin chose Mansoor as her would be groom despite his low financial status, she accepted his decision without an iota of doubt.

Shaadi har ladki ke liye ek behterein haseen khwab hai. Lekin kabhi kabhi iss khwaab ke sach hone par khushi kum aur dard ka ehsaas zyada hota hai. Shahwar’s dreams of a blissful married life turned into a nightmare when Mansoor’s family started ill-treating her. And to make matters worse, she also realised that even Mansoor did not value her. A shattered Shahwar admits to her Abba….“Aap sahi kehte hain Abba, shaadi koi fairy tale nahi hoti. Aur agar hoti bhi hai toh yeh woh fairy tale hai jis main ek jin zaroor hota hai aur uss jin ke saath jung karni padti hai…usske ilawa koi option nahi hai.”

Shahwar ki iss mushkil safar main agar koi uska saath tha toh woh tha uska dewar Saud aur uske Abba ke likhe huye woh chand khat, jo Shahwar ko jeena aur aage badhne ka housla dete.

Image“Meri pyaari beti Dur-E-Shahwar, sifar (zero) ki zaroorat har adad ko hoti hai. Kuch banne ke liye sifar jis adad ke saath lage uski qadar aur keemat kai guna badha deta hai. Toh agar tum apne aap ko sifar samjhti ho tab bhi tum keemti ho, tab bhi tum bekaar nahi ho, tab bhi tum har ginti se pehle aaogi, hur ginti ka aaghaz tumhi se hoga. Aur har nau adad ke baad ek dafa tumhari zaroorat padegi. Agle more par jaane ke liye tabdili jab bhi aayegi, tumse aayegi…sifar se aayegi” ~ Abba

Zindagi ki kadakti dhoop main, uske Abba ke likhe hue har ek khat, Shahwar ko naram chao ka ehsaas karati aur usse yeh vishwas dilati ki “waqt badalta hai….waqt badal jata hai”. Aur bilkul waisa hi hua. After all the trials and tribulations, Shahwar eventually earned her worth in the life of her husband and her in-laws.

Had it not been for her father’s constant love and support, Shahwar would have given up on her life. Shahwar’s relationship with her Abba was the highlight of the show. It was undoubtedly a treasured relationship filled with love, admiration, respect and immense trust in one another.

Lekin dukh ki baat toh yeh thi ki maafi ka path padhane wala ek Pitaah, apne aap ko kabhi maaf na kar saka. Until his dying day, Samiruddin suffered in silence for choosing an unworthy man for his daughter. He was proud of his daughter, but ashamed of himself.

Image“Aurat ek acchi adakara hoti hai!” …Life was never a bed of roses for Shahwar, but she always pretended so to her children. As a result, Sandanah grew up idealising her father and envied her mother for having “Mansoor”, the “perfect” man in her life. Nevertheless, reality struck Sandanah real hard when Shahwar finally revealed the truth in order to save her daughter’s marriage from falling apart. A woman’s heart is indeed a deep ocean of secrets.

“Toh kya aap Papa se mohabbat karti hai?” Sandanah had put forth a very valid question. As a woman I too wanted to know Shahwar’s exact feelings for Mansoor after all these years. Can a woman continue to love a man who has caused her so much pain? Shahwar’s response however left me feeling overwhelmed.

“Miya Biwi ka rishta bada hi ajeeb rishta hota hai beta. Ek bada hi ajeeb sa talluk. Iss rishtey main sirf do log nahi hote beta, bacche bhi hote hain. Aur jo shaks apke baccho ko bepannah mohabbat kar rahe hote hai, aap uss shaks se nafrat kar hi nahi sakte. Jab aap ka shohar aapke aulaad se pyar karta hai na, toh yun lagta hai jaisa woh aapse pyaar karta ho. Shauhar bankar usne jitne zakhm lagaye huye the na, baap bankar ahista ahista unhe heal bhi karta jata hai.” ~ Dur-e-Shahwar

Do you agree with Shahwar’s response? Is it really possible to hate a man and love him at the same time? Do children play an integral role in keeping a marriage intact?

Many might find Samiruddin’s approach towards Shahwar and her life’s struggle debatable, but I loved the fact that he did not allow her to give up. Though he always felt that she deserved better, but there was no way he could have guaranteed her happiness, had he chosen another man. It is very easy to break free; the challenge is to hold on. In today’s fast paced life none of us have the time or the patience to work towards building our relationships. We all look for an easy way out, but there aren’t any. One has to work towards strengthening ones relationship with love, respect, understanding and above all adjustments. When things don’t go our way, it is important to take a step back and analyse our actions.

Image“Dur-e-Shahwar” is a thought provoking show that stirs a gamut of emotions, often leaving you with a lump in your throat. It makes you realize that while dreams do come true, it may necessarily not be in the manner you had desired.

Every show is the outcome of team effort which includes the Creatives, the actors and the crew members. Nonetheless, my standing ovation to Sameena Peerzada and Sanam Baloch for playing the older and young Dur-e-Shahwar with such ease and perfection, that you find yourself empathising with her every minute. A special mention to writer Syed Mohammed Ahmed who essayed the character of Samiruddin. You feel the pain and helplessness of a father as you watch him onscreen and wish that God had been kind to his Dur-e-Shahwar.

I highly recommend this Pakistani drama, provided you are not in a vulnerable state, because it’s an intense story that has the power to drain you emotionally. I for one poured my heart out while watching Dur-e-Shahwar and remembered these lines from a song of yesteryear….

Jo humne dastan apni sunayi, aap kyun roye
Tabahi to hamare dil pe aayi, aap kyun roye…

Swati Ghosh

Guest Reviewer, Talk Soap

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11 Responses to DUR-E-SHAHWAR – Epitome of Patience and Perseverance! ~ by Swati Ghosh

  1. Mona says:

    Swati, Yes definately watch Daam, it was very good. It has Sanam Balouch in it, directed by Mehreen Jabbar.

    There is another show, Aunn Zara, It is directed by the director of DeS, Haissam Hussain, written by Faiza Iftikhar. It is a rom-com. The cast is new, but very fresh, good looking & talented. I would highly recommend it. It going on right now on A-Plus.

  2. Anam says:

    Very nice review Swati, I remember watching this drama and crying at the father daughter relationship… If you are taking suggestions, I recommen “Silvatein” and “Talkhiyan”, both very very good dramas!

  3. joinzaheer says:

    Excellent review. I love this show. The letters specially were beautifully written. Everyone is now asking you to watch other shows like ‘Daam’ and ‘Doraha’. I will add another one to it and that is ‘Qaid-e-Tanhai’. Very simple story and very well directed. You will definately like it. It has been selected for Pune institute to teach acting.

  4. swati ghosh says:

    @Maha @Aimy…..Thank you so much for liking the review 🙂 I will surely try and watch Daam and give you my two cents on the same soon !!!!

  5. swati ghosh says:

    @Amal, Mona, Sam…Thank you so much for taking time out and reading the review and leaving your valuable comments behind. I am humbled 😀

  6. Maha Asfand says:

    love ur writeup Swati ❤ very well written and specially i m very happy u r watching pak dramas and writting ur analysis on them 🙂 so if u have time i will recommend u Daam drama of Sanam Baloch u should watch it……… its a very good show and there is a very good msg too

  7. Sam says:

    Swati app ne sub bohut behtreen andaz mein likha .. mein aik line aur likhna chahon ge yeh drama her ladki aur ladke ko dekhna chaye apni zindagi ko aur behtar karne aur aur dosre ki feelings ko qareeb se samjhne ke leye

    samjhna chaho tou sub samjh a jata
    na samjhna chaho tou kuch samjh nahi aata

  8. Mona says:

    Swati, Thanks for writing this beautiful review for this beautiful play. I watched it last year, & multiple times afterwards, but your review has forced me to watch it again.

    The story of DeS was simple but the dialogues are very beautiful & thought provoking. it is directed by Haissam Hussain, one of the very talented young directors of Pakistan. The direction is perfect. The performances of all the actors is excellent.
    This was indeed a masterpiece.

  9. aimy says:

    Well its gud to knw Swati jee aapka/talksoap & humara sath Zgh k sath khatam nahi howa…aur is sath ko continue rakhne k liye DurreShehwar se behtar kia ho skta tha bhala…
    Bohat ache se aapne sum up kia he saare drama ko..
    Sifar (zero) wala letter Abba ka is my fav 1…. Again Umera Ahmed k dialogues…uff!! They r jst unforgtable!
    Its a Master Piece of Umera Ahmed…and ofcourse the whole team starting from Omar Naro (Saud), Maya Ali (Shehwar’s sis), Meekal,Saba Faisal, Sanam Baloach,Samina Peerzada, Muhammad Ahmed, Nadia Jamil &Noman Ijaz..nailed their parts…..and Director sahab Haissam Hussain to jab bhi Sanam Baloach k sath kaam karte hain kuch Kamal hi karte hain…
    Now i think u shld watch ‘Daam’… Again its a Gem by Umera, directed by Mehreen Jabbar (my most fav director) and again Sanam Baloach is in it….and after Daam aapko kuch aur nahin dekhna siwae ‘DORAHA’ k…
    I hope aapka next Pak drama in dono main se hi koi ek ho…aur phir uska review bhi humko perhne ko miley… BTW i miss Neeru jee…Unko bolen jaldi wapis aaiye m waiting…

  10. Amal says:

    Indeed a beautiful play SEATO and an equally nice review.
    Now watch daam by umera Ahmed, aired on ary digital a couple of years back.

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