“Pyaar Toh Hona Hi Tha” in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha!!


It has been ages since I last wrote a review on our beloved show, Na Bole Tum; yet, after last night’s episode and the emotions it evoked in me, it feels like I have never been away. So here I am, once again, sharing my thoughts with my fellow fans of this memorable show; this time about Vasu, the new entry in Megha’s and Our lives. I am overwhelmed to have found my long awaited moment.

ImageShuru Ho Gai Kahani Meri
Mere Dil Ne Baat Na Mani Meri
Hadh Se Bhi Aaghe Yeh Guzar Hi Gaya
Khud Bhi Pareshan Hua
Aur Mujhko Bhi Yeh Kar Gaya

Dil Kyun Yeh Mera Shor Kare
Idhar Nahi
Udhar Nahi
Teri Ore Chale

(Movie: Kites)

Loretta Young once said, “Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you”…and this time around ‘IT’ has found Vasu.

ImageStrange are the ways of love isn’t it? The ruthless Vasu Bhau who controlled everyone and everything around him was running from pillar to post, getting restless as he was unable to fathom the ways of his own heart. Megha ek tez hawa ke jhoke ki tarha aai aur Vasu ek sukhe patte ki tarha uske saath udta chala gaya. Woh itna majboor toh na tha…toh phir kyun?

Image“Tujhe pyaar ho gaya hai Bhau”…..Sometimes the answer is right in front of our eyes but we fail to realise it. So when Bala said it aloud and pointed it all out to Vasu, he still wouldn’t believe that it was really happening to him until this moment…“Ho gaya re…ho gaya appun ko”.

ImageIt is believed that the heart leads you to where it belongs, and therefore Vasu finally realises and accepts his feelings for Megha putting his restless soul at ease. Bala was so right in saying, “yeh dil kisiki nahi sunta, sabko iski hi sunni padti hai.”

By the way I am wondering if Bala is really happy for Vasu or is he rejoicing because he now stands a chance with Rukku 😉 Jokes apart, one barely notices a supporting actor in presence of Kunal Karan Kapoor, but I must confess that “Jatin Sharma” as Bala has bowled me over with his brilliant performance.

In my opinion, the best part in the journey of ‘love’ is the moment when one actually stops fearing and fighting one’s own feelings and comes to terms with them. Its only when you accept and acknowledge the facts, do you decide your next course of action. So now that Vasu knows he is in love with Megha, he wastes no time.

As the precap suggests, Vasu is all set to confront Megha. On the other hand, knowing how much Megha still loves her deceased husband, I wonder how she would react on learning about Vasu’s true feelings for her. Will the revelation further jeopardise Vasu’s relationship with Megha? What will Aai do to stop her greatest nightmare from turning to reality? Well, I guess we have to wait for the story to unfold further….

ImageEven though Vasu is the “Rowdy” version of Mohan, both these men share a lot in common with regards to the woman they love. For example: Both Mohan and Vasu gave Megha a nickname. While the former called her “Mirchi Madam”, the latter addresses her as “Mother India”. Both Mohan and Vasu despite their initial differences with Megha, could not stop themselves from fighting the world in order to protect her and her children against all odds. And eventually like Mohan, Vasu too helplessly falls in love with Megha.

ImageDespite the similarities with Mohan and all the mysteries surrounding Vasu’s character, I for one would want to believe that Vasu is NOT “Mohan Bhatnagar” back from the dead. I hope the makers avoid the predictable path. Having witnessed Mohan’s love story, I now wish to see Vasu’s journey towards finding his true self in love. Moreover, Love can happen more than once, hence there is always a possibility of Megha falling in love yet again.

ImageVasu’s romantic dream sequence with Megha towards the end of the episode was magical and I was mesmerised watching Kunal Karan Kapoor and Aakanksha Singh in that moment. 

Kehte hai “Badal jab ghane ho jaate hain tab aisa lagta hai har taraf andhera ho gaya hai aur phir kahin se koi ek halka sa hawa ka jhoka shurwat karta hai aur ek badal hatata hai…neele aasman ka ek tukda dikhai deta hai aur dheere dheere aasman phir khil uthta hai.” Let’s hope that Vasu succeeds in bringing back the much needed love and laughter back in Megha’s and Rimjhim’s life.

So don’t miss the episode of Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha tonight at 9.30pm only on Colors. Needless to say will eagerly wait to read your comments 🙂

PS: As 22nd August is just round the corner, here’s wishing Kunal Karan Kapoor a very Happy Birthday in advance. May God bless him with loads of Love, Luck and Laughter..now and forever 🙂

Swati Ghosh

Reviewer, Talk Soap

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36 Responses to “Pyaar Toh Hona Hi Tha” in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha!!

  1. koyel says:

    well…i am nt mch fond f daily soaps as mst f thm seem sem to me….melodramatic! evn if thy mk a gd strt, mst f thm deviate frm the subjct bt nbtnmkk s an xception. its always managed to keep its…” na bole tum na maine kuch kaha, magar na jane aisa kyun laga,,,” concept. i ws nt a regular viewer f season 1 bt i liked megha or aakangsha thn, bt kkk in season2 touched me… n i irrecoverably fell in love wd mohan . n nw i nd to cnfess… i am a NBTain as well. Meghan simply rocks…. n evryhtng thy do thy say seem so real always. the show is an inseparable part f my evenings n cnt thnk hw thy r goin to be nce the shw ends. i cannot smply imagine a day without na bole…evn the weekend break seems dffclt.. neway, will miss d show badly…….:(

    n yesshhhhhhhh………, HBD kunalKkapoor.. love u ^_^

  2. kashif qazi says:

    kunal karan lapoor is not only an actor he is our life and without life we can’t live

  3. Nisha says:

    Hey Swati, Hope u r doing gud.

    Thanx for d lovely article dear but yes my opinion differs from urs, falling in love for d third time is indeed gud but getting married is not. Its not dat m against her getting married but m very doubtful dat she’ll marry Vasu for whom he is n I will certainly b disliking it if she changes Vasu to Mohan. I’ll hate agar Vasu bhi Mohan ki tarah hi banke reh jaye, always dere for Megha but she falling in n out of luv according to her convinience. Bt m luving d track completely, Kunal toh hai hi King of expressions n indeed his eyes speak volumes but Akanksha too is luking soo pretty n acting more beautifully after d revamp. Fell in love d moment I saw him, Mohan se bhi pyaar hua but Vasu just swept me off my feet. Everything about him is soo Charismatic n Mesmerizing. Spellbounded by Vasu :).

    N u Dear as always speak d minds of v Nbtians, luv u for dat. Thanx once again for sharing d article :).

    Wish to c another article soon n if possible convey loads of luv n best wishes to Kunal for his Birthday n otherwise 🙂

  4. Oh! my.. Well said Swati. The journey of true love indeed!! I agree with you, that the writers should not take the old formula of bringing Mohan back from the dead, but make Vasu like Megha for her qualities and She liking Vasu for his own unique qualities. This logic will seem a bit rattling because of the way the story has developed over the past two seasons — So megha & mohan falling in love a third time will seem difficult to digest 🙂 ..

    But awesome post !!

    • swatighosh76 says:

      Aruna, thanks for the comment and I completely agree with what u mentioned “make Vasu like Megha for her qualities and She liking Vasu for his own unique qualities. ” And yes I also agree to this bit “So megha & mohan falling in love a third time will seem difficult to digest 🙂 ..”

  5. zandu says:

    Swati ki bolcho !! You are suggesting that Vasu should not be Mohan which means that Vasu will be her third husband !!!!

    • swatighosh76 says:

      Hi Zandu, firstly thank you for reading and commenting on the article. Well I have not mentioned marriage anywhere in my article, I only said Megha can fall in love again. And even if she was to marry Vasu, why can’t she do so the third time? Being a woman, i don’t see any harm in it, but again that’s me…you might not share the same views as mine 🙂

  6. Urmi says:

    Hi Swati,
    Yet another beautiful write up for our show and our fav actor.
    Yes mohan and vasu are so different and yet so similar on their own wars. So true love manages to find you.. And yes vasu the heartless has gone all helpless in front of his own heart.. The turmoil that vasu went thru was Nicky depicted by the cv’s and greatly elected by Kunal as always..
    How will Megha react.. I am sure she will be offended but more important is that vasu has accepted his feelings and decided to express it…
    Vasu is mohan or not and how .. All that questions can go aside and I am excited to see the start if a new love story..

    You as always have said it all.. Loved you article.. Keep writing more. And yes mohan is precious but vasu is also leaving his mark on our hearts with every passing day

    Mohabbat kisi ki ki mohataj nahi hoti
    Pyaar ko pana.. Hi to aakhri manzil nahi hoti..
    Saath Rehna Shayad kismat ki baat hai
    Par kismat dil se chahat Mita nahi sakti

    Hoping that destiny brings vasu and Megha together but irrespective of the future , the truth is that.. Ho Gaya.. Vasu ko pyaar ho hi Gaya

    Wishing Kunal a veryHappy birthday. Wish all your dreams come true.. Rep smiling always..

    • swatighosh76 says:

      Hi Urmi, thank you for liking the article. But what I loved the most in your comment are these lines coz this is exactly defines Vasu and Megha’s relationship 🙂
      Mohabbat kisi ki ki mohataj nahi hoti
      Pyaar ko pana.. Hi to aakhri manzil nahi hoti..
      Saath Rehna Shayad kismat ki baat hai
      Par kismat dil se chahat Mita nahi sakti

  7. Madiha Munawar says:

    awesomely written Swati di love u loads…only u r the one frm the industry who mirrors all the NBTians’ thought process on watching kunalaakanksha together…we r still sooo much mesmerised by kunal n his yesterday’s performance that its beyond words….ahhhhh kunal n aakanksha just nailed it with every moment n every expression of their skills….hats off to them really 🙂 hats off to vaasu…awww he is too too too cute that one can imagine all credit goesto the one n only KUNAL KARAN KAPOOR the great :)n as Kunal saidin interview k “ab vaasu megha k pyaar mai pagal hone wala hai itna mjhe pta hai….” loving that pagalpan….:)

    thnks alot for this article:)


  8. anupurna says:

    Like always its so touching ….:)

  9. Richa says:

    I don’t want Vasu to be Mohan either. Can’t imagine Mohan brutally injuring anyone, even in the garb of amnesia something similar. No. And I also don’t want Megha to fall for Vasu. It just doesn’t go with her character! Right around this time in both the seasons the story writers of Na Bole Tum have managed to put themselves in tight corners and muddled up the stories completely.

    • swatighosh76 says:

      Hey Richa thank you for the comment 🙂 To be honest , ideally I too don’t want Megha to fall in love with Vasu. But unfortunately majority of the audience still look for happy endings in love stories 🙂

  10. mayur says:

    Swati mam is it true that nbt-2 is going to off-air?…..

  11. G. Bose says:

    Lovely write up and Kunal is just phenomenal in whichever mould they put him in. If they had the time, Vasu’s journey would be perfection to watch, but I want to believe that season 2 was and is the story of Mohan and Megha Bhatnagar so for me, the ghisa pita memory loss route is the route I want the show to take, and the cynic in me can’t believe that when you’ve been loved by perfection, one can fall in love again! Mohan is the epitome of pure love and Megha falling in love again would be an abomination to the pure love she experienced from Mohan.
    Jatin Sharma is a true find just like Manish was pre-revamp!

  12. K Shanta Nayar says:

    Swati! Written as only u can! What a portrayal by KUNAL !!! He made us fall in love with his MOHAN BHATNAGAR & while we have found love again with VASU, we all surely hope we’ll soon have Megha in our midst!!!

  13. Habika says:

    Swati ghosh again u did a great job,beautifully penned all the thoughts which are coming in mind after watching last episode.kunal is a brilliant actor,he did a great job.hope we get ssn3 with kunaksha.and ya happy birthday to kunal Karan kapoor.may god bless you.

  14. Polly says:

    swati : lovely writeup !

    since the news of NBT-2 being taken off-air has been already confirmed by the PH and Channel on several sites, i’m afraid they are going to take the usual route of ” Vasu= an amnesic Mohan Bhatnagar returned from the dead” to give the story a logical closure in the face of time constraints. although, it would have been a total treat to watch Vasu’s journey of love unfold on the screen taking the time it deserves.

    about Jatin Sharma, he is indeed a fabulous actor. if Manish Gandhi has been the find of Season 2 pre-revamp, then Jatin is the best find post-revamp.. a treat to watch onscreen !

    and Vasu’s day-dream sequence where he imagines Megha to reciprocate his love was truly magical .. all thanx to Kunal and Akanksha’s wonderful performance ..it was so dreamy !

  15. Lakshmi M says:

    Lovely article Swati, Nice to read your write up on NBT after such a long time,but we want Vasu to be Mohan only as this is Mohan and Megha’s love story..and dont want to see megha falling in love for the third time…even vasu is mohan look alike…. and yes Kunal Karan Kapoor and Aakanksha Singh Rockzzzz….awsum pair, and equally brilliant portrayal of Mohan/Vasu and Megha by them.. will miss NBT after 13th September and we want SSN3 with them a lead pair and a brand new dilchasp love story at any cost…

  16. nalini says:

    Beautifully written about love.. And Bala’s dialogue to Rukku was the best one..

  17. Muneea says:

    Nice read, thank you, although I’m not following this show, but I kept reading your review. Listen I wanted to recommend you a Pakistani show, AUNN ZARA. Its a really sweet, wonderful drama with comedic highlights. It’s about a very average, joint family, with middle class values. Does not have any scheming mother Inlaws or aunts with agendas. You can catch Aunn Zara on A Plus channel, You Tube ( although print on YouTube is not good), or if you’re on Facebook, you can watch all the previous episodes on their FB page. They’ve uploaded them. It has had 9 episodes so far. Beware, there are several Aunn Zara Facebook pages so go to the real one, which has 23,000 or 24,000 fans on it. I would love to read your take on it. Thanks, Muneea.

    Sent from my iPad

  18. Roshni says:

    As usual Swati u have managed to put all of our thoughts into words so beautifully.. Kunal is an actor beyond compare and Vasu has made his way into my heart even faster than Mohan did…. That itself is a huge feat because Mohan Bhatnagar was not only a tv serial character for me. He symbolises love in its purest and truest form… Kunal has done a phenomenal job and i just pray that they dont axe this simple show and come back with season 3… It has become an integral part of my life to watch Kunal on screen bowling even a much married woman like me over with his intense eyes😉 Please keep writing and do convey our feelings to Kunal….

  19. PashoRani says:

    KKK,MEGHAN and NBT are something for all the NBTIANS beyond descriptions,KKK is not only an actor,he is someone who became the most
    important part of our life,MEGHAN is not only an on screen jhori but a couple with whom we laugh when they laugh and when they weep we also weep with them,NBT not only a daily show but the unique world which become the part of our life on daily basis.We can’t imagine our evening without NBT,.
    Meghasu is also out of the world.woow.

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