Na Bole Tum Ends, but the journey Continues!!


“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” ~ Dr. Seuss 

Colors’ popular show Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 will officially bid adieu on 13th September 2013. While fans are hoping to see their favourite Jodi back on screen with NBT season 3, I, as a viewer am simply happy; happy to have witnessed an unconventional love-story on Indian Television that entertained us across two seasons, with two very inspiring and engaging characters named Mohan and Megha.


Na Bole Tum hit our television screens for the very first time on 9th Jan 2012, which also happens to be my birthday. It was “a perfect gift for the not so perfect me”!!! Didn’t know then that the show would greatly influence my life and take me on a whole new and exciting journey…an experience I shall cherish for life 🙂


NBT made my journey at Rangmunch extraordinary and worthwhile. Every article of mine brought me closer to the NBT family and with every interaction I further strengthened my bond with each of them. That’s not it. I am extremely humbled and feel very blessed with all the love and support that came my way, both from the makers and the viewers who took time out to read my articles and never failed to encourage me with their kind words of appreciation. To love and be loved is a dream and I lived it to the fullest with NBT. 😀

Show making is a team effort and my heartfelt thanks to everyone who have contributed towards the making of NBT Season 1 and 2. However, I would like to extend a special note of thanks to those few who made my NBT journey memorable.

ImageTo start with, thank you Sudhir Sharma and Seema Sharma for bringing Kunal Karan Kapoor and Aakanksha Singh on board to play Mohan and Megha. Yehi tha right choice…aa haannn 😀 Trust me, viewers aapko roz duaaye dete nahi thakte for introducing these two anmol ratans 🙂 I hope Sunshine Productions continue to surprise us with new and exceptional discoveries in the forth coming days.

NBT set to me has always been home away from home, all thanks to Vipin Chaudhary, Pradeep Kumar and Deepak Panth who never denied us the liberty to be on the sets at our own leisure.

ImageSonal Ganatra, no one knows Mohan Bhatnagar better than you. Thank you so much for being impulsive, clumsy and unsocial, because these very traits define Mohan and makes him the most desirable character on screen. You created the man we all WANT 😉

Subrat Sinha, It was a delight to see your work and interview you too. I am yet to come across a more humble and honest soul. Your dialogues played a very important role in establishing the characters, especially in Season 1. 

Amit Mallik, Maan Singh, and Shashank Bharadwaj, thank you for creating some magical moments during Season 1 and Season 2 respectively.

Thank you Abhishek Gandhi and Hrishikesh Gandhi, for making Mohan look even hotter and Megha more ravishing in Season 2 despite the 12 years leap 😉 Aisa kamaal toh sirf Gandhi brothers hi kar sakte hai!!!

ImageAshnoor Kaur meri Nanhi pari, without you there would be no NBT. Thank you for breaking the ice with Kunal Bhaiya off screen to be his best buddy on screen 😀 Long live Chawanni and her Spiderman !! Vesesh Bansal you were awesome too darling 🙂 Loads of Jhappis and Pappis to both!!!

Dushyant Uday Wagh, it’s unfortunate that we did not get to see much of “Guru Gyan” in Season 2, but you will always be fondly remembered as Mohan’s Guru 🙂 Thank you for being the person you are both on and off-screen and wish you all the success in life !! 


Kunal Karan Kapoor and Aakanksha Singh, “It’s all in the Name” was our very first interview together and needless to say I was completely awestruck from the word “GO”. I keep watching our videos over and over again and smile to myself. Despite your long and busy schedule you have always welcomed us with open arms.  Thank you so much for giving me an experience of a lifetime. I love you guys for reasons best known to me and you will always hold a very special place in my heart 🙂

As Mohan and Megha, you have inspired so many lives in the real world and it gives me immense pleasure to see you both high up there, shining bright like a ‘Star’. All your hard work over the last 18 months has indeed paid off. Nevertheless, it is commendable that you don’t let the “star” status overpower your humility 🙂

Kunal Karan Kapoor, thank you for inviting me and letting me be a part of your success celebration. It was overwhelming. And yes if you ever direct a film written by Sonal Ganatra, I will definitely watch it “first day first show” : D 

As an ardent fan and friend, I will follow you both respectively in whatever you do next and will continue to pen down articles on the two nicest people I know. I wish you all the best for your future endeavours and hope you achieve many more milestones in the days to come.

You all will be missed but hoping to see you back on-screen soon. Until then take care and stay blessed everyone 🙂

Direct Dil Se by ~ Swati Ghosh
Talk Soap

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22 Responses to Na Bole Tum Ends, but the journey Continues!!

  1. Lekhya says:

    i want season 3 of nbt i want to see kunal onscreen i want to see him …….i dont know what are all the directors and producers doing without bringing him onscreen……..cant they a refreshing character for which only kunal suits so that USKI JAADO PHIR SE CHAALO HO JAYA!!!!LV U KUNAL LV A LOADS AND MISSING U BADLY

  2. avnish mathur says:

    im waiting for season 3

  3. Pamela Dsa says:

    Beautifully articulated Vote of Thanks! Swati .

  4. shanti swarup says:

    the only soap for which i wait every day 12:30pm and night 9:30pm…and again waiting for season 3…:)

  5. Awesome article swati ji. I always enjoyed ur interview with kunal. He is v much opened to ur questions. I’m felt d same wtever u written in d article. Miiss u kunal lottttt.

  6. What a beautiful write up Swati di. Thank you team Na Bole Tum for bringing us the concept of bachelor Mohan and Mrs Vyas and their dilchasp story. I can YOUTUBE season 1 and playing the pre June 2012 scenes again and again, but the spark and that warm fuzzy feeling still remains..the charm of S1 never wanes. For that I want to thank Kunal-Aankanksha, Sudhir sir for visioning them as THE Mohan and Megha. Thanks to the host of people responsible for creating Mohan and Megha, from the writers, dops, directors and all the nameless faces because of whom the characters of MM, Jiji, Nanhi and Addu, Guru, Papaji, Mummy jis Vyas and Bhatnagar, renu and Sanjay, team Prabhat Leher all hold dear to us even today.

  7. Ardent fan says:

    The most simplest of love stories depicted in the most beautiful manner..
    high time that channels started selling dvd of indian shows..
    I would be great to be able to buy dvd sets of shows the way it is available for english shows like vampire diaries? This will help to cherish the memories of a wonderful story of recent times. Please make it available in online stores like flipkart..

    esp shows with huge internet fan following like na bole tum na maine kuch kaha both seasons..
    but please ensure that unnecessary ads on the screen of jhalak etc the way it is done in the you tube uploads

  8. daredevilgul says:

    Ditto! if u enjoyed doing it all, we have enjoyed reading and watching it all.U have been the bridge between them and us. Thank you, for introducing us to an amazing kunal Karan Kapoor and ever beautiful aakanksha Singh. The serial n everyone in it will be missed, but the characters and the effect they had on us will always be cherished. We were all a part of Vyas and Bhatnagar family sharing every joy and pain…. n now its time to wait for them to comeback with different stories and different roles.All the best guys, with a heavy heart, Thankyou Renu bhabhi for making it all so special 😛

  9. sakshi says:

    finally the journey ends!!!!!me sakshi ardent fan of NBT and KKK..THE ACTOR..MY INSPIRATION….my journey with nbt has been beautiful…sumthing that cannot be expressed in word…i thanks sudhir sir for choosing kunal and aakanksha to play mohan and megha….mohan bhatnagar…a man every girl wants…so rightly said…i luv u monu….swati maam this is the perfect ending of a perfect show having perfect actors and team and ofcourse perfect fans like me and u…!!!god bless eveyone associated to nbt..hope to see them again…if not in ssn3 then sumwhere else…but plz do cum bk kunal…dont take a long break…varna ladkiyon ke dilon mein aakal pad jayega…haha..cum bk sson…!!

  10. Vinita says:

    Great farewell tribute swati , Thank you for also giving us a glimpse of the real people behind the much loved characters of Mohan and Megha .Thank you sunshine for bringing NBT to us and thank you Sonal Ganatra and Subrat Sinha for making Season 1 special with the little touches which made the show and its characters so loved .Kunal and Aakansha have become an iconic pair .We look forward to follow up on their journey through you .Thank you to the entire cast and crew .Nanhi ,Renu Bhabhi ,Jiji Bua ,and of course Guru …loved u too !

  11. Roshni says:

    Farewells are never easy for me and definitely not this one because this show and its characters, especially Mohan Bhatnagar have been an indescribable influence on my life… Kunal Kapoor has epitomised pure, simple and undying love through his portayal so effortlessly… Wish there were men like Mohan in the real world…😄Thank u Swati… For all your writeups, interactions and for just being you!! Please live upto your promise of being updated as to what Kunal is upto as he is such a lowprofile guy, his fans will be desperate to know about his wherabouts…! Thanks again!

  12. Nita Khandekar says:

    We love u even more than ever……………….. u have articulated what we all feel so well!!! I’m indebted to u………….. NBT along with the fun filled segments from RM was something we all loved and kept waiting for!!! Both u and Niharika brought us closer to the cast!!! I wish RM was there on the last day of the shoot!!! We did see people from the channel and from Bollywood Royal but we missed RM and maybe if u guys had been there u would have covered about the thank u cake from the fans which was a tribute to the entire cast and crew with a couple of group pics!!! The crew was elated for getting to cut the cake!!! NBT is one of those serial which will never be forgotten and that will remain with us forever!!! We have bonded with people in the virtual world since we all loved what NBT gave us. I have found such wonderful people thought it!!! Thanks once again!!!!

  13. noetymology says:

    Thank you so much Swati for this. This farewell article for nbt was really something I wanted from you. To a very great extent, we fans have seen and known Kunal and Aakanksha through your eyes. So thank you for being our eyes and also our voice to them. Thanks for taking us through your nbt journey through this article. I can only imagine what a great bond you share with Team NBT. Saying good bye is always hard. NBT has given me another life, it’s unimaginable for me to live life without it. But I took my time to realize the fact, in advance. And it’s slowly sync’ing in. NBT, Mohan, Megha and the Magic shall remain immortal. A filmy line, NBT toh ab lahu banke rago me daudta hai. Only one knows how NBT changed one’s life, what it means to one and how much it will remain in one’s memory for lifetime! Dekho chhod ke kis raste woh jate hai, saare raste wapas mere dil ko aate hai. Good wishes and love for one and all. Keep in touch Swati. Kudos.

  14. anky says:

    awesome article…nd pl ask Kunal to return soon

  15. shubham gupta says:

    thank u so much swati mam for this article .and Thanks to the entire team of Na Bole Tum…for this unique has alway been special for me.Thanks for NBT-series, its a very special show for us.our best wishes and prayers will be with u guys nd i shall be highly thankful 2 u to introducing me to this such a wonderful actors on our television nbt always rocks
    bye nbtGonna miss them a lotsss……………………………………………
    we will miss u so much
    Hope to get a new show of Kunal sir n Aakanksha mam very soon…

  16. G. Bose says:

    Superb article! One can only thank you for putting into words the feelings of the fans of the show and the people both behind and in front on the camera. Words not enough to describe what this show gave to us. Thanks Swati!

  17. Thanks for all the NBT related articles, interviews & segments 🙂 it has always been fun watching and reading ur work. To the makers: Thanks for NBT-series, its a very special show for us…Actors: Thanks for being our Megha-Mohan, tnx for keeping us entertained in 2 years…our best wishes and prayers will be with u guys…hamesha!

  18. bhavu says:

    Well Swati Maamm…thank u for this article..Gonna miss them a lotsss


    nice . best show and best actors on television ever. nbt always rocks
    bye nbt

  20. Sharmila Gupta Sen says:

    Thank u Swati for this Fabulous Article…
    and Thanks to the entire team of Na Bole Tum…for this unique show.
    I’m thankful that the show happened in my life and changed it completely..
    Mohan-Megha ..these two characters have become inseparable parts of my life…
    My day starts with their thought in my mind..ends with discussions about them..
    they’re now like family/friend..Awesome execution of Kunal n Aakanksha had made Mohan Megha real human beings..
    I would love to mention Kunal Karan Kapoor is one of the finest actor I’ve ever come across..
    considering Big screen n Small screen both..and The Best on Indian Television at present.
    Thanks ‘Na Bole Tum…’ for introducing me to this Fantabilous actor..

    Hope to get a new show of Kunal n Aakanksha very soon…

  21. K Shanta Nayar says:

    Superbly written as only u can,Swati! Mohan bowled over ppl who were way elder 2 him too. NBT gave me the chance 2 meet 2 iconic characters that have dictated my life earlier at 10.30pm & then at 9.30pm on wk-days. NBT also gave me the chance 2 meet u,Swati,with whom i shared my “expert” comments & also made my undertake the craziest trip i’ve EVER undertaken in all my life.!!!! Thanks 2 all of u & wishing every1 of u the very best in life now & always!!!!

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