Arrow Season 2 Premiere – The City of Heroes

This article comes from a fangirl space, so those who are expecting just a regular review – read it at your own risk, preferably without grumbling.


Season 1 finale of Arrow ended in destruction – Glades exploded, Tommy breathed his last (RIP Tommy, you left behind more than just your brokenImage-hearted friends), Merlyn Senior/Dark Archer met his match, his Creator and maybe his son too (John Barrowman, we miss you more than we miss your screen son), Moira Queen landed in prison for protecting her family instead of thousands of people in the Glades, Oliver and Laurel were left devastated at Tommy’s death as their ‘on now – off again’ relationship hung in the balance.


And we, ardent fans of the show and Stephen Amell (plays The Oliver Queen – just clarifying for those knuckleheads who are reading this without watching the show), were left on an emotional cliffy of how to survive six months without the regular dose of adrenaline rush we got just by sitting on the couch and clutching the remote!


The City of Heroes, the season 2 premiere, more than justified the long mandatory wait for the Hero of Starling City to return with the show and in the show, though he tugged along several more – fake ones. None of them remotely resembled a hero, re-emphasizing the fact that what Stephen Amell does with the hood and his bunch of green arrows as Oliver Queen is irreplicable.


Strictly talking characters of the show, Oliver Queen looked delightfully dapper in a business suit despite looking a tad uncomfortable taking over as the scion of Queen Consolidated (understandable, the man is more comfortable holding an arrow than a pen, refer the last scene if you have any doubts); his Arrow persona trickled in (oh I loved those glimpses) when he butted head (verbally and so very nicely) with the ice-queen, Isabel Rochev, who looked like she was there to have his company for a meal rather than take over. Nicely played by Oliver, when he brought in Walter (We missed your English twang, Mr. Steele, hope to see you more often) to help regain control over his business empire.


ImageThis is dedicated to ‘Olicity’ fans: Is it just me or everyone who has watched the show feels the same – Felicity Smoak is looking smoking hot as she gets blonder and bolder. She is the sexiest geek ever. No, it is not just her looks, or her uber smart brains, but what comes out of her mouth irrespective of the situation that makes her incredibly attractive. ‘You are sweaty’ is the first thing she says when Ollie saves her life (darn fetching rescue that was). Way to go girl, just what you say to a man laying topless on you. Oliver and Felicity shared a chemistry right from the moment they met, but that was nothing compared to the ‘spark’ we saw in this episode of season 2.  ‘Que Sera Sera’ – Whatever will be will be, but I cannot imagine their partnership ever going kaput in the show. Relationship or not, keep that spark, their connection intact, and we may spare you, Arrow creators!


Talking of sparks and lack thereof, much has been said about Oliver’s love of his life, Laurel. I belong to the set of fans who felt they shared little to no chemistry in the previous season. I blame it on sketchy writing. Laurel Lance’s character did not get the attention it needed to in the first season. If the season 2 premiere is anything to go by, then we see Laurel/Katie Cassidy come into her own. Thank God! There is a long way to go, but I believe the distance is no longer daunting. As believed, if she is going to be the black canary we see in the penultimate scene and the not-so-subtle hints of getting in shape, learning self-defense etc., Laurel Lance is on track. But were the hints planted there to mislead us? I am sitting on a fence here wondering if I want her to be Black Canary. If not her, then who?


Diggle! He is rock solid as ever and what a presence he has. The man is impressive in build, strong as a boulder protecting Oliver, and also as a block of wood that occasionally knocks some sense into his boss. Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity make a great team. I absolutely dig the triad. Don’t. Ever. Break. It. Up!


Thea and Roy Harper have a nice chemistry but while I feel Thea’s character has matured and has come a long away, Roy Harper seems stuck in a limbo. I need more. He was brought in with a purpose, but the reason still looks muddled to me.


Stephen Amell. Oliver Queen. Stephen. Oliver. The character fits him like a custom-made glove. He is that good as Oliver Queen/Arrow; I cannot imagine anyone else playing his role. The line blurs dangerously for us fans that religiously follow his facebook page. If he were God, he would have granted me three wishes by now. Not kidding! It is awe-inspiring to see a celeb who wears no mask, no hood, just a friendly beanie from time to time. He is a decent bloke, as Aussies say. His updates, his interactions with fans on a regular basis, his incredible wit, his opinions, facts, photos, videos has a basic thread of dignity and grace that screams – He is a good guy! He is. No one can fake that for so long. Even God!


After a smashing first episode of Season 2 of Arrow, I cannot wait for the rest of the season to unfold. I have never felt the length of a week as badly as I do waiting for the next episode of Arrow.


A big shoutout to the fellow members of Amell’s facebook  page, and the fans of Arrow. I heart thee!


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