Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 4 Review

Zindagi Gulzar Hai presents yet another episode that builds up our anticipation ten fold to watch Zaroon and Kashaf interact. Other than this little disappointment at my end, the story moved along with few insights into the lead characters. Sameena Pirzada’s effortless portrayal of a woman saddled with immense hurt and the unfairness of her life, once again stole the limelight in this episode.

Dead of the night, when the daughters are asleep, Rafia allows herself to recount the words of her husband that pierces her heart yet again. Having single-handedly raised three beautiful daughters going against the society, suffering insults regularly, and to have her husband turn her efforts and dedication into ash with words is not something a wife and a mother can ever forget. It was heart-wrenching to see her display the raw hurt and for the first time all her struggles were evident on her face. It takes incredible strength to drink down all that pain in the light of day and put on a smile for the sake of her daughters. Truly an incredible woman!

Zaroon may have convinced Asmara that he is studying extra hard only to avoid a C grade in his assignments but Kashaf’ A in the face of the entire class getting a C has him shaken to the point of obsessing over it. Would his reaction have been the same if it was anyone other than Kashaf getting ahead of him; I doubt it. She has riled him up good and proper, and our boy would rather jump off a cliff than admit it even to himself.

Osama was being incredibly sweet when he apologized to Kashaf for calling her chudail. Kashaf lets it slide and almost bites his head off when he further offers his help. Smitten that he is with her, he thinks nothing of it and quickly leaves. Zaroon, on the other hand, does not miss the exchange and cannot fathom why his friend would apologize especially to an arrogant manner less girl like Kashaf. “Pata nahin use Kashaf se kya hamdardi hai…average looks, average personality, average background.”

It is interesting to see the contrast within these trio of friends – A flamboyant and charming Zaroon, mild mannered and quiet Osama and the over bearing Asmara.

Asmara loves Zaroon and wishes to marry him but does she even have a hint of his disinterest in marriage with her? From where I stand, his affection towards her is not evident at all. It is strange that the parents are involved even before the boy in question has proposed marriage to the girl, considering the fact that the parents seem to have just assumed that their friendship would naturally turn to love and marriage. Zaroon’s father is the only one who seems to know better.

In the four episodes of Zindagi Gulzar Hai, the scenes between the siblings have been the most natural – Kashaf and her sisters, and Zaroon and Sara. It was amusing to see Kashaf stand in front of her mirror and examine each and every feature. Hidden inside the stand-offish woman is an insecure and highly sensitive girl who reacts to her friend calling her weird by trying to look at herself through the eyes of the world. Kashaf masks her basic feeling of inadequacy with a wall of attitude and aloofness. She even thinks her sisters are prettier than her. She rather be without a friend than face rejection and hurt, a fact she has lived with her entire life through the abandonment of her father. Sidra tries her level best to put her sister’s fears to rest.

Sanam Saeed without a hint of make-up is a sight to behold. She has nailed the act of a girl in front of a mirror desperately trying to find out what is missing in her; a ritual every girl/woman has gone through. We do share a special bond with the mirror. Kashaf is pretty and she does not see it, which makes her all the more appealing.

Sara o Sara! She does what she wants and her brother Zaroon is rightfully up in arms about her returning home well past midnight with her fiancé. We get a glimpse into the conservative Zaroon, who believes in maintaining images and cares about what the society would say. A subtle way of introducing the various layers of Zaroon to us in bits and pieces, strewn here and there, for us to pick up and string together as we go along the story. Brilliant! Fawad Khan is at his best as the over-protective brother. Am I the only one, or have you all noticed too that his scenes with Sara and one of his best so far in the show. Yes, I do agree that he is good with Kashaf too but we don’t have much to go on that yet, do we?

Highlight of the Episode

Hands down, they have to be the scenes with Sameena Pirzada in it. But I am going to refer to a couple that stands out because of the sheer strength of the woman to stay silent and strike only with minimal words spoken with conviction. She is put in an awkward situation of having to entertain a recommendation from her husband Murtaza to grant admission to his boss’s niece at her school. She firmly refuses, and angers the boss’s brother into revealing that her refusal will affect her husband’s chances at promotion. Hats off to the woman who still tries protect her husband’s honor by saying that Murtaza might not have recommended if he had seen the marks. We all know, and so does she that it would have made no difference.

Kashaf returns home to witness her father insult her mother and steps in, which clearly is taken as a sign of bad upbringing. Angered by his daughter’s words, Murtaza threatens her to sit at home and not go to the university. As Kashaf retaliates and asks her father to leave and never return, her mother is torn between her need to protect her children and allowing herself the luxury of crying her heart out. And as always, her duty towards her daughters wins and she quickly regains her composure and comforts them instead.

Precap for Episode 5

Matchmaking between Asmara and Zaroon heats up and Zaroon is forced to reveal his intentions towards Asmara. Sara and Asmara are surprised and shocked respectively to hear from their mothers that Zaroon has refused to get engaged to Asmara. Zaroon is in a hot soup and it will be interesting to see how he gets out of it.

Murtaza’s son brings the Rafia family (yes I would rather refer to their family as Rafia’s than Murtaza’s) some sweets on passing the metric. Sidra mocks and gives the second family of Murtaza enough rope to make it an issue.

It is endearing to see Kashaf miss her father and his approval when she remarks on his absence for several weeks. I think it has a lot to do with the way her mother has brought her up without maligning the name of the father in front of her daughters.

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