Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 5 Review: Engagement ka Kashmakash!

Yippeeee! Zaroon Kashaf clash yet again igniting just a spark, but a much needed one after keeping them apart for three long episodes. This was a filler episode with nothing much happening other than Zaroon’s (non-)relationship with Asmara going on a commitment merry-go-round, which poor Zaroon was trying desperately to get off of.

Zaroon-Asmara equation has always confused the heck out of me and this episode which focused more on their interaction left me yawning. I gave up mid way trying to figure out their relationship status…commitment hai, nahi hai, tha, nahi tha…imagine facebook going bonkers over these updates. While the script has favored Zaroon-Sara sibling relationship (which I confess I immensely enjoy), it falls terribly short in defining his bond with Asmara, or for that matter, in establishing his character.

I am going to go out on a limb and ‘guess’ their situation (correct me if am wrong): Zaroon has been portrayed as an easy going guy who loves to go with the flow. He has always considered Asmara as his best friend and he went along with the idea of her as his girlfriend in terms of spending quality time with her (probably pleasant ones besides her annoying the heck out of him at dinners). She fell in love with him and started dreaming of a future with him. Asmara was too confidant in her hold on him that she assumed that he feels the same way about her and committing to her. Things became clear on both sides only when the matter of engagement came up.

It was interesting to witness the glaring differences between mother-son and mother-daughter interaction on the same subject: shaadi. While Zaroon’s chat with his mother on the subject was clinical and to the point, Kashaf’s heart to heart with her mother was like a cuddle under a warm blanket on a cold night. Rafia welcomed her daughter’s questions, worries, fears, with open arms and comforted her with a smile and a story of her own. Zaroon is justified in deferring commitment with Asmara at this stage in his life where education takes precedence. A mother who has always pushed her son to excel in his studies would has ideally thought twice before coercing him to take a vital relationship decision at such a crucial academic juncture.

Relationship is always about give and take and those that maintain this balance are the ones worth cherishing. Kashaf’s constant calculations on how best to contribute towards her home to lessen her mother’s burden speak volumes on the values she was raised with by her mother. The same holds true for the other two daughters too who are pillars of support for their mother and their elder sister Kashaf.

Coming to the epicenter of the episode which is the flare-up between Zaroon and Kashaf, there are no two ways about the fact that Kashaf did single out Zaroon and his (upper) class while he was only placing a general argument. Her rebuttal stemmed more from her own frustrations and perceptions regarding the ‘upper classes’ than the topic being discussed. Zaroon was right in feeling targeted, for how long will he keep quiet and listen to her taking off on him at every opportunity. No wonder Kashaf figures everyday in his nightly rant on the comp. Now both have more fodder to fuel their mutual animosity and keep us even more glued to the television screens in wait for their next fiery meeting.

A quiet request: More Zaroon-Kashaf scenes please. We are starved for fire. Had enough of ice. Zaroon-Asmara scenes leave me cold; they are like a broken record going on and on about how jealous she gets every time he talks to girls. Newsflash: He gets jealous (way less than she does though) too when she talks to guys. They are so even for such an odd couple.

Zaroon’s conservative nature comes to the fore when he sees Asmara walk into the college wearing something which he considers ‘inappropriate’. He says as much to her and she takes affront at being told off in front of everybody. To be fair, she did keep asking him for his opinion.

Precap for Episode 6:

Murtaza wishes to divorce Rafia and his brother’s bruised ego takes this opportunity to evict her and her daughters from their family home. They have a week before they are forced to leave and we have to wait and watch how Rafia and her girls manage to find a home.

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