Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 6 Review

After dragging its heels for two straight episodes, Zindagi Gulzar Hai has begun to move in the direction of a storyline, albeit slowly. The episode left me with the memory of a powerful scene and a knockout performance from Sanam Saeed (Kashaf).

Life seems to be a long winding road of troubles for Rafia and her three daughters. These troubles come at the behest of her husband Murtaza and his second family. The kingpin with a bruised ego and an axe to grind happens to be his elder brother who is quick to ask Rafia to vacate their home in matter of days if she is unwilling to get Kashaf married to his son Sajjad *shudder to even think of the union*. For the first time, Rafia lets her despair show instead of masking it with a smile and words of hope. It’s a miracle for a woman who bears emotional scars repeatedly inflicted by an uncaring man to be able to walk with her head held high and live with hopes in her heart.

Kashaf’s breakdown bringing out years of hurt in front of her mother is one of the most moving scenes of the show till date. I couldn’t help but cry with her at her pain for herself as a daughter growing up without knowing father’s love and her anguish over her mother’s plight at having to live through hard circumstances brought on by her father. Sanam Saeed excels in this scene and so does Sameena Pirzada.

The incompatibilities between Zaroon and Asmara continue to stack up forcing Zaroon to wonder (bordering on panic) if Asmara will make an ideal wife for him. Clearly not, though his family feels otherwise and pressurizes him to get engaged to her. Zaroon’s mother Gazala is not a woman comfortable donning the role of a mother, and it is understandable that after hardly spending any time with her children through their growing years, she barely knows them as individuals capable of making their own decisions.

Gazala allows Sara space and rarely interferes with her plans mainly because her daughter is her mirror image. She is confident and secure in Sara’s choices in life because of her own unshakeable confidence in herself. Zaroon, on the other hand, has always questioned his mother’s actions and therefore Gazala feels the need to exercise control over her son’s choices in life, seeing how his genetic make up seems to lean more towards his father than her. Interesting contrast within the family; this was highlighted by Zaroon openly craving his mother’s time and attention while Sara seems to have grown unaffected by her mother’s neglect.

Zaroon’s character has been building through the six episodes by bits and pieces, and the whole that will undoubtedly emerge is of a person caught between his modern values and traditional roots, a contrast gifted to him by his parents who are poles apart in everything that matters.

Zaroon-Sara interactions are one of the best shot moments throughout the show. As we move from one episode to another, it gladdens my heart to see their chemistry grow from strength to strength. Case in point – the scene where Zaroon asks Sara to sew a button on his shirt, totally believable and relatable. *As an aside – Name one man who does his own sewing (besides tailors and the ilk). Shall dedicate this review to the miracle man!*

In this episode, there was couple of aspects that were implied and not shown. While one we can do without (Sajjad’s visit) the other (Kashaf-Zaroon clashes) should have been shown instead of being merely mentioned in passing. This is a serious oversight by the directorial team and rather disappointing for the viewers. Scenes with the main leads were compromised to include some repetitive scenes that were unnecessary.

And last but not the least, Zaroon’s too keen expression to know what Kashaf has said about him to Sir Abrar was an icing on the cake. The precap is an indication of how bad her opinion of him should have been to incite him into plotting to take her down. Am all geared up for the next episode: Zaroon faking friendship…will Kashaf fall for it or be her smart self and look down her long nose at his attempts is worth a watch!!

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