Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 7 Review

The show is back with a bang, and I cannot stop smiling 🙂 Am sure there were smiles and chuckles all around while watching the seventh episode of Zindagi Gulzar Hai and rightly so. There was an undercurrent of humor throughout this episode that made it more interesting than the earlier episodes besides the presence of Zaroon and Kashaf scenes.

“This is not fair yaar” I completely agree with Zaroon. Sir Ibrar threw a teaser at us at the end of the previous episode and now we are left wondering about Kashaf’s words to Sir Ibrar about Zaroon. On the other hand, Maria has no qualms about laying it all out in front of Zaroon and his friends about Kashaf’s feelings regarding his highness. This sets Zaroon on his warpath though he chooses to go about it by pretending to extend his friendship to her. It is evident that Zaroon is intrigued by Kashaf and has been waiting for an opportunity to get to know her better ever since he realized that she is the only one in the University still immune to his charms; although, he would rather jump off a cliff than admit it even to himself.

Zaroon has been consumed by her thoughts while the vice versa is true for Kashaf as well. As different as chalk and cheese, these two have one thing in common: both have the habit of penning down their thoughts at the end of the day AND about each other in particular. Zaroon’s absolute confidence in his ability to charm her in less than two weeks earned a chuckle from me. He is after all the most popular boy in the campus and the swarm of girls surrounding him at any point in time gives him the necessary ego boost. (As an aside, Fawad Khan strumming his guitar to sing U2’s ‘mysterious ways’ was a treat to watch; if I were there I would have been part of the circle sitting around him listening raptly to the song – “Let her pale light in to fill up your room…You’ve been living underground eating from a can…You’ve been running away from what you don’t understand – Love” *am listening to the original as I write this*)

Kashaf quickly realizes that dal mein kuch kala hai the minute he apologizes to her and knows that dal hi kaala hai when he pursues her to become her friend. She continues to put a dent in his ego despite his efforts to win her over. It has to be this way between them initially, for both come from completely different places in life; one has to learn to be sincere in his affections while the other has to learn to let go of her insecurities and mistrust. The scenes between them during this journey are the ones we shall absolutely enjoy because of the undeniable chemistry they share.

Surprisingly, I thoroughly enjoyed Hammad’s reporting sessions to his mamma. Seedha bachcha hai majbooran theda banna pad raha hai, maa ke chalte. I recently read a quote that the way we talk to the children becomes their inner voice. It holds true for Hammad, who is constantly asked to snoop and report, which he fails to do to the satisfaction of his mother. It is difficult for a child to think independently and act when all he/she is taught to do is follow instructions. Even Rafia’s kindness towards the boy fails to inspire him to create a real bond with either her or her daughters. Any impressionable boy in his place would have gotten emotionally attached to an aunt like Rafia but sadly, it is hard for the boy’s inner conscience to escape his mother’s negative influence.

What goes around comes around! God willing, the circle completes sooner than later. Murtaza is basically a spineless man who seldom has a thought that he can call his own. If he is not listening to his wife’s rants, he is giving in to his elder brother’s tyrant behavior. There is always someone telling him what to do and how it has to be done. These people are the ones more influenced by negative suggestions than the ones prone to think and act on their own. So it came as no surprise that the couple got cheated out of their money by the older sibling. Duh! How can one expect loyalty from a person who cruelly throws his nieces out of their home at short notice?

Zaroon’s expressions when he watches Kashaf talking to his friend! I cannot write this with a straight face. I have watched and re-watched this scene and every single time I have burst out laughing. Fawad Khan nails this scene with an effortless aplomb which is characteristic of a seasoned actor. Even though coiled like a tight spring at the ease with which Kashaf was conversing with Osama, Zaroon tries to maintain a nonchalant pose when he confronts his friend! CONFRONT! For merely talking to Kashaf! It was hilarious to watch the seriousness with which Zaroon was giving his friend a third degree for a simple random act. The dialogues (Kaafi has haske, chehek chehek ke baatein kar rahi thi tumse), the undercurrent of humor, and the contrast between Osama’s light hearted approach to the conversation as against Zaroon’s dead seriousness lifted the scene several notches higher.

There were other such light hearted and fun moments that made this episode one of the best so far like the way Zaroon sits down beside her to apologize. Kashaf’s surprise, skepticism, and disbelief were evident as also her inability to concentrate on reading her book once Zaroon leaves. Zaroon’s smirk and his confident gait while approaching Kashaf was so good to watch.

At the risk of sounding like a parrot, my review is incomplete without mentioning the sibling scenes. Zaroon-Sara rock in each and every scene they are part of and Ayesha Omar excels as Zaroon’s sister with a mind of her own. The dialogues between the two, the camaraderie they share, and the atmosphere falls into perfect place in their scenes.

Recap for Episode 8:

When the words doesn’t do it, Zaroon tries with gifts to charm Kashaf into accepting his friendship but looks like he has an uphill task ahead of him. There is an intense scene coming up in the next episode that may or may not break the ice between the two but it is sure to get noticed by Kashaf’s mother. Stay tuned!

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