Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 8 Review: Hate/Love – two sides of the same coin!

Undoubtedly one of the best episodes till date, Zaroon and Kashaf own this one from frame one. Their chemistry was never in question but this episode proves beyond point what their presence together on screen means to the show. Not to undermine the above- par performances of the supporting cast, but everything and everyone around this lead pair blurs to a mere background when they are in one frame.

This episode had scenes that had me itching to pen down my thoughts even before it ended. Before I get to them, here is an interesting fact about hate and love: Both the feelings are co-dependant and the line between them is wafer-thin – so fragile that a simple act can tip the balance in favor of the other. With Zaroon and Kashaf, we are witness to a slow transition, a back and forth probably, between these two all-consuming emotions and what a treat to be part of something as potent and passionate as love and hate. A person who hates with a passion will love too with nothing less than that. So, we are in for fireworks my dear friends because this Kashaf who now hates with all her heart will be nothing compared to the one who will learn to love with everything she has.

Kashaf’s character is about extremes; she does not recognize middle ground. She is all in or not at all. Zaroon, on the other hand, is a person who is happy to drift along but is in for a major makeover, if he has to handle Kashaf, which he is already finding out. With Kashaf, a person has to have the guts to take a stand, be firm in what he or she believes in. She is already instrumental in bringing out Zaroon’s passionate side, probably why he finds her fascinating enough to hatch a plot to win her over and then dump her. ‘Yeh akalmando wali hansi hai’, he smugly tells Asmara when she questions him about his obsession with Kashaf. Bechara, he has no clue that this ploy of his has already been set on ‘backfire’ mode.

A woman knows when her loved one is drifting away. Call it intuition, a calculated guess, or simply a result of keeping a close-circuit eye on change in behavior patterns, a voice within warns of the impending doom and also points out the reason. It is both a blessing and a curse. Asmara’s antenna was up right from the time Kashaf belittled him in front of the class and is now sending signals to her brain that this uncharacteristic obsession of Zaroon is not something to be taken lightly. Her jealousy was hitting the high notes in this episode, and part of me felt bad for her predicament. It is never easy to see a man you love covet another’s attention.

Their diary writing sessions in every episode revealed a lot about their state of mind, their thoughts, and inner most feelings were laid bare before us. In this episode, I could’nt wait for the scene; I was eager to know what each other felt about their head on collision. No one has challenged him ….forced to feel emotions he had never felt before. He has always had it easy and here is a woman daring him to step up and be different

The scenes between the sisters more than made up for lack of Sara-Zaroon scenes. The trust and the bond Kashaf shares with Sidra is a delight to watch. In more ways than one, Sidra is akin to Kashaf’s diary, one she confides in and shares her inner-most thoughts with, only this one speaks back.

The car journey, which both Kashaf and Zaroon agreed was the worst one of their lives, is one of the most memorable moments of this episode. The tension between them was palpable; it could have been sliced with a butter knife and served to an army. The exact moment that had me gasping in awe was their interaction outside the car when Kashaf refuses to travel alone with him and threatens to take a cab instead, which annoys the heck out of Zaroon. The air around them crackled with an intensity that could have easily sparked a fire, so powerful was the performances of both Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed – two immensely talented artists getting together to produce a goosebumps-inducing moment. Kashaf and Zaroon’s dislike for each other poured out of their pores in abundance, and I cannot but credit the actors for thoroughly nailing the scene.

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I am ending this review on a lovely note of Zaroon crooning to the beautiful lyrics of ‘Wapas kar do’ – a song one must enjoy with their eyes closed and heart open wide.

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7 Responses to Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 8 Review: Hate/Love – two sides of the same coin!

  1. Ashraf Ajmal says:

    either what is true or not, the song was absolutely awesome and i really liked to see many of these kind of centric serials which portrait real life on people with facts not just same thing for 10 episodes…
    thanks to ZGH team ,

  2. Anurag Singh says:

    Intense episode with its feel good moments between Zaroon and Kashaf,h the concert scenes revealed the Brilliant vocals of the protagonist.But the intense ending scene stole the limelight and spoke volumes of the capabilities of the lead pair.

    • Neeru says:

      They were absolutely brilliant. It’s a pleasure to watch them and Fawad Khan is a fantastic singer 🙂

      • Nita Khandekar says:

        Neeru none of the songs in ZGH are sung by Fawad……….. although he is a singer and was in coke studio but I guess his voice was not apt for the 3 nos in the drama Tum kheti ho is by Junaid Jamshed while ZGH male version is by Ali Zafar!! I too had initially asumed that Fawad was the singer but came to know abt the singers in a final live wrap up interview! Infact Sanam Saeed too can sing, but the female version is by Hadiqa Kiani. One should hear the complete song, (it is brilliant)……. as in the drama only few lines are played at a time

        • Neeru says:

          Oh my! I had read somewhere that Fawad himself had sung the song in the show even though the original is by JJ. The songs in ZGH are really good 🙂

  3. Nita Khandekar says:

    Neeraja, I so loved the review………… u have so aptly put it, that one who hates with such intensity will love too with the same!! And yes, the diary reveals each’s inner thoughts. Loved the fact that Kasaf is not fooled by Zaroon’s attention. Since I have seen it, I can’t even remember how many times, I can also add that each look…… each subtle line, (which is normally missed while watching for the first time) speaks volumes of the feelings……….. particularly on Zaroon’s part! The side look he gives while singing on stage………… his comment that it dragged towards the end etc etc clearly shows that he cares about Kasaf’s opinion more than he realizes or is ready to admit!!

    • Neeru says:

      True said Nita. Though he’ll jump to high heaven if anyone points that out to him :-)) He was floored right from the start. I do enjoy the nuances in Fawad Khan’s portrayal of Zaroon, for that matter, any character he has played.

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