Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 11 Review

As was evident in the precap, this episode proved to be a continuation of the slow pace set by the previous one. If we can, for a moment (the length of the episode), forget the lack of Zaroon and Kashaf’s amazing chemistry that quickens the pace of our heartbeat along with that of the episode; it has been a true reflection of the chauvinistic hypocritical society we live in.

This episode had me seething and gritting my teeth in frustration at the insensitivity of a father who is clueless about his duty towards his daughters. When Rafia, out of desperation, seeks financial help from the father of her daughters to get Sidra married, Murtaza offers nigh a support let alone monetarily. Despite the lack of concern and affection on his part for his family being as obvious as the nose on her face, Rafia once again seeking his help was both heart-wrenching and infuriating to watch.

A man, however undeserving, by default, takes the place of the head of the family in the eyes of the society. Question is who is this society anyway? It is formed by people like you and I, who for reasons best known to us, decide to tow the line without question. As a woman who has repeatedly faced rejection at the hands of her husband and has been a witness to his callous disregard for his daughters, Rafia, walked a thin line between societal expectations and personal preferences on her visit to the Murtaza household to invite them for the wedding. The three daughters were right in raising a question as to why the man has to be invited to the wedding when he has hardly ever contributed in raising them.

What was even more galling was Murtaza’s assumption that he deserves to be treated with the same respect as any father who has unconditionally loved and supported his daughters and family. As long as there are women who attach significance to undeserving men like Murtaza, the society will not only continue to hold them in high regard but also demand the same of everyone. It is immaterial whether the father even deserves to be called as such, but a family is deemed incomplete without his presence and weddings are occasions where this tenet is made glaringly significant.

Kashaf lands a well-paying job at a firm with Sir Abrar’s help. Sir Abrar in turn, requests Zaroon’s father for that recommendation, which gets Kashaf her job. As the older sibling, she once again puts her studies and ambitions on hold to raise enough money to get her younger sister married – a responsibility which is usually taken on by the father. It is painful to watch the sisters face their father’s desertion one more time. As used to it as they are, it is still evident from their anxiousness how a small corner of their hearts, even today, holds a glimmer of hope that their father would someday miraculously come through for them. Sidra’s “Abba ayen hain?” is indication enough of the girl’s misplaced hope.

Zaroon, against the wishes of the women in his life, prepares for CSS and once he gets through decides to take up a job in Lahore. Asmara and Zaroon are a mismatch made in hell. They were never meant to be. Remind me once again why these two are engaged? Each speaks a different language and sings a different tune individually and together. It is just a matter of time before they head for the splitsvilla, next episode hopefully! Zaroon’s expectations from his fiancé are chauvinistic and God help men who continue to hold such notions of the opposite sex in this time and age.

Throughout this episode, if my hands were continually itching to slap some sense into Murtaza and his wife Nigar, it was because of the exemplary performances of the actors who have pulled off the characters to perfection. They have been consistently giving the viewers ample reason to dislike them, portraying characters we love to hate.

Precap for Episode 12:

Sara’s husband Farhan has finally woken up to the fact that he probably might not be able to live with Sara’s independent streak and confides in Zaroon. I am all ears to know what Zaroon’s advice to Farhan would be. Kashaf aces CSS exams and it looks like at last the men in her family have found something about Rafia’s family that pleases/benefits them. Sir Abrar, a father figure in Kashaf’s life, addresses her as beta, an endearment she had craved from her father.

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