Humsafar Episode 19 Review


Always beware of the calm sea that takes in all the sun, the sand, the rain without so much as a ripple. It is bound to rise up in gigantic waves at some point, engulfing all those within reach.

Ashar and Khirad, despite their face offs are yet to confront their deepest emotions when it comes to each other. They have spent enough time around one another as parents of a child who constantly needs utmost care and purest of love. I eagerly await the day when the dam breaks and both recognize the person they fell in love with at the onset.

Despite their hatred for each other, Ashar and Khirad have each excelled in keeping their darker emotions at bay for the sake of their daughter Hareem. Having been raised around people who have shown sincerest of emotions, Hareem soon recognizes her grandmother’s affections for what it was – shallow.

Out of the child’s mouth

While it is true that God made parents, as He cannot personally take care of them, it is more than true that children are His messengers. Hareem unwittingly requests to see her parent’s wedding album and Ashar digs into that very box that has the misplaced unread letter written by Khirad explaining her innocence. Let us hope Ashar gets to finally read it.

Hareem with all her innocence sees through the games people play while the very games go unnoticed by her father. Ashar fails to see what Hareem clearly recognizes about Ashar’s mother. She doesn’t like it and says so to her father.

Evil comes Full Circle

Khizer, an important factor in breaking Khirad’s marriage, comes back to haunt Farida and Sara. Sara, who has been stringing along Khizer for four long years so as not to risk him revealing their ploy to Ashar, now has to face the repulsive prospect of marrying Khizer for the very same reason. I, for one do not understand the logic of marrying someone else to stay in the good books of the one you love.

Khizer, with his butter smooth manipulation, convinces (subtle blackmail) Farida to take his rishta to Sara. This only proves what the tradesmen always say – it is the middlemen who walk away with the best deal. It was fun watching Farida in a Fix though :- )

The other side of Khirad

The story has already established Khirad as one of the strongest protagonist with her simplicity, her practicality, honesty, and inherent strength that comes from being a mother. But in the scene right after she sees the way Farida behaves with her daughter, we get to see her claws come out and forewarn Farida the consequences of hurting her child in any way. We actually saw Khirad threatening to reveal everything to Ashar, which is so against her basic nature. My chin by reflex went up and I felt proud at the way Khirad lashed out at Farida, with her dignity still intact.

Special Mention – Author’s note

I was thrilled to see Sara’s mom, Zarina, finally admitting the fact that what they did to Khirad and Ashar is nothing short of treachery and unforgivable in the eyes of God. Our actions define us in His eyes and there is no escaping from Him. There is no excuse whatsoever for acting in a way that puts an innocent being in harm’s way. No excuse at all. I sincerely hope Sara realizes her folly and moves on with her life leaving Ashar and Khirad to live their life in peace.

Sharing a child creates an unbreakable bond between couples. It surpasses all the problems of a relationship and becomes THE most important thread that connects the parents. And when the life of that very child hangs in balance, you have no one else to turn to but God. During that difficult phase, one thing that can ease your pain is the emotional support from your partner who shares the anguish of watching your child suffer.

The scenes that portray the above are those that touched my heart. The moments when both Ashar and Khirad together mentally prepare Hareem for hospitalization and the way Khirad prays to God breaking down at the end not knowing if she will ever get her daughter back are those that make Humsafar worth the watch.

Ashar’s quiet reassurance to Khirad and her acceptance of his offer of comfort albeit with only words lights a new hope in my heart for them as a family.

Neeraja Unni
Talk Soap

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  1. jeeh@ says:

    So beautifully you have potrayed everything i feel in your review! Mahira was right humsafar is a good nasha to have ♥

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