Humsafar Episode 20 Review

Let us not mince words here – this is by far the best episode I have seen of any television show and that’s saying a lot since I watch too many of them.

HumsafarTruth prevails!

Ashar was fed lies and the image of Khirad those lies created in his mind was that of a characterless, heartless, manipulative woman. He had lived with this image that tortured his soul for four and half years. Despite the hatred he felt for his wife, he never let go of her in his heart. Even in hate, he kept her alive within him.

Khirad in her bid to safeguard one thing she considered her own – her self-respect, she let go of the man who had refused to trust her, which was a direct blow to her heart as well as her dignity as a woman. Even in his presence, she maintained a stoic silence regarding their past refusing to dredge up something that was long buried. Her love for Hareem helped her stay focused and gave her the strength to be just a mother.

Living under the same roof with Khirad, no amount of hatred could blind Ashar to her simplicity, her honesty, her goodness of heart, and most importantly her unconditional love and devotion for their daughter. Khirad, just by being herself, was enough to tear away the image falsely and forcibly imbedded in his mind. And that is the way it should be.

Self Respect vs Self destruction

Every woman is born strong from within. Both Khirad and Sara represent that strength. The difference lies in their priorities and the way they have used it. While her self-respect has always been Khirad’s priority in life, Sara let hers take a back seat to her love for Ashar.

Khirad fought through life’s battles to retain her self-respect and dignity, while Sara let herself be manipulated by the self-serving evil designs of another woman for a love of a man who was never hers. She literally ‘fell’ in love while Khirad rose like a phoenix on the strength of love and self-respect.

The episode is replete with memorable moments and it is nigh impossible to pin down one. While Hareem’s operation is in progress, Khirad breaks down in front of Ashar seeking solace and reassurance that her daughter will live the full life she deserves to live. It is heart wrenching to see a broken and helpless Khirad. We did see her break down when she was separated from Ashar but that was nothing compared to the rawness of emotion she displays for her daughter’s life. No man can be blind to the unconditional love of a mother, and it was heartening to see Ashar finally realize the worth of the woman he let go.

The entire team of Humsafar gets a standing ovation for an episode that surpasses extraordinaire with its refined simplicity and honesty of expressions. This, we realize, could not have been possible without Ishtiaq’s crisp writing, Khoosat’s incredible vision, and the actor’s dedication towards their craft. Fawad Khan, Navin Waqar, and Mahira Khan excel with their performance in this episode.

Precap of Episode 21

Heading towards the finale, evil gets to taste its own medicine, when Khizer comes to Fareeda and threatens her with dire consequences if he does not get Sara. Ashar gets agitated to see Khizer walking out of his home and questions Fareeda about his presence in their home. Fareeda determined to cause trouble tells him that Khizer wants him to divorce Khirad.

This is the highlight of the next episode:

Khirad: ‘Main Hareem ko aapke paas chodke jaa rahi hoon, apni poori aamadgi and razamandi ke saath’

Ashar: ‘Main tumhe khud maaf kar raha hoon’

Khirad: ‘Aapki aala zarfi ka shukriya’

It is evident that Ashar is still in the dark about what really happened from the way he proudly albeit pleadingly tells her he has forgiven her. Little does he realize he has offered something too little too late.

Neeraja Unni
Talk Soap

Note: I’m posting my second story, Circle of Trust, chapter wise on a story sharing platform called Wattpad.  Here is the link if you are interested in reading – I’m writing this as part of the NaNoWriMo and JustWriteit a 30 day challenge wherein I write 50,000 words in this month of November. 5 days in, I have barely scraped the surface, but am sure with your encouragement and support I can do it. If you read the story, please leave your feedback in the comments section of the chapter. It’s much appreciated and don’t forget to say hello and introduce yourself 🙂 I would love to meet you there.

~ Neeru

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