Humsafar Episode 22 Review

Author’s note: In this episode, we see the birth of truth and the death of desperation. We see how all the characters reach their destination solely based on their actions, decisions, and choices.

HumsafarAshar – The awakening!

The fog over his mind finally clears in this episode when he finds the letter Khirad wrote to him years ago. In the letter, she explains the injustice meted out to her by his mother and Khizer. The words of his father on his deathbed that should have ideally made sense to him years ago comes back to haunt him along with the letter, reinforcing Khirad’s innocence. He was blinded by his ego, his insecurities, and his lack of trust in his love. He failed to reach out to his wife when she needed him the most and that is an unforgivable failure of a husband. Khirad, and in retrospect, both Ashar and Hareem, need not have gone through the hell at the hands of his mother if only he had trusted his wife, as a husband should.

Khirad – Sacrifice!

She is THE woman, every worthy man’s dream come true – Strong, resolute, dignified, humble, and brimming with unconditional love for her child. My heart broke into a thousand pieces when Ashar read her letter stating why she left Hareem with him, and I wasn’t aware of the tears streaming down my cheeks at the humility with which Khirad wrote the letter even though Ashar did not deserve it. I cried for the only character in this show that did not deserve even a percent of what was meted out to her at the hands of her husband and her mother in law. She was never at fault. By renouncing her right to the only reason for her survival (Hareem), she shines as an example for all the virtues of a woman, a human being and a mother.

Farida – Dark Soul!

Vitriolic, vile, and vindictive, Farida is anyone’s nightmare. Sweet, pretty on the outside, and loathsome on the inside, even her own son, Ashar was in the dark about his mother’s true self. I wonder if her husband, Baseerat, even had an inkling about her nature. If he dint, he was the lucky one to go before she shed her goodness garb. She hit the pits when she contemplates having made a mistake in not killing Hareem when she was in Khirad’s womb. A woman who can think of such evil cannot be called a woman. I’m waiting for her to get what she deserves at the hands of her son.

Sara – Wasted Life!

I cried! I couldn’t help it, I cried for Sara, for the loss of a beautiful intelligent woman whose soul was tainted by unrequited love, misplaced trust, unjustified hatred, and lack of self worth. If one closely follows the journey of Sara in Humsafar, under the guise of a self-confident, independent minded, modern girl resided an insecure, dependant, and angry child who had mindlessly clung to the image of Ashar as her soul mate and refused to believe otherwise. As a result, she was a tormented soul who neither lived nor died peacefully.

Zarina – Repentance!

I cannot fathom a mother’s loss. It is too profound for words. My heart goes out to Zarina for losing her only daughter, Sara to circumstances that could have been altered. She woke up a little too late to a reality that was already killing her daughter. Despite her initial insistence that Sara cut off all ties with Ashar, a married man, she did later on give in to her daughter’s adamancy and her sister, Farida’s schemes to do away with an innocent Khirad.

Khizer – Vile!

Khizer once again proved to be a spineless man, who Sara was right to reject right from the start. A person sincerely repenting for his misdeeds would stay put and state the truth instead of rushing off at the first sign of trouble. Ashar slaps Khizer and throws him out of his office when the latter comes to visit wanting to explain everything to Ashar in a bid to get even with Farida for failing to convince Sara to marry him.

Hareem – Innocence!

An innocent bystander to this entire drama, and a victim nevertheless, it was heart wrenching to see her stand so desolately on her bed wanting to know where her mother was. As a mother, I still feel it is not a prudent choice to leave a child behind that too without an explanation. One can only imagine the trauma a child will go through knowing her mother abandoned her however noble the cause maybe.

The scene in which Ashar reads Khirad’s letter to him that was written when she was mercilessly thrown out would remain one of my favorite scenes of Humsafar. Am glad the contents of the letter were revealed towards the end of the show. As you listen to Khirad’s cry for help and trust, along with the scenes of her humiliation being played out on the screen, images of her helplessness, hurt, and ultimately the death of Khirad who was in love with Ashar flashes through your mind.

She warned him that she would die if he dint trust her and get her back. So she did. Khirad who blindly loved and trusted Ashar died the day her daughter was born without Ashar by her side and in her place the mother who unconditionally and devoutly loved only her daughter was born.

Ashar’s emotional upheaval while reading the letter is nothing compared to hearing his mother confirm what the letter states. It must be gut wrenching to hear his mother, the only person he had implicitly trusted till date, confess that she should have killed his daughter while in her mother’s womb. Ashar’s guilt at mistrusting his wife, hurt at losing her love, and shock at his mother’s role in destroying his life, leaves him speechless and grieving.

Precap for Episode 23 (final episode)

Ashar after the shattering revelation of his mother’s misdeeds comes face to face with the woman who single handedly destroyed the very life she gave him. Farida refuses to accept her sins and tries to tarnish Khirad when Ashar stops her and asks his mother a question no child should ever ask a mother.

Neeraja Unni
Talk Soap

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  1. Mariam says:

    I eagerly wait for your reviews Neeraja, Very well written and almost as if mirroring my thoughts.

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